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Beginner’s Guide To Silicone Case Manufacturing: Top Advantages To Manufacturing Silicone Cases

Guide To custom silicone case Manufacturing

Smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives – we use them to contact our friends, relatives, and acquaintances. We rely on mobile phones to get things done and use them in every part of our lives. Our reliability on mobile phones makes them susceptible to falls, scratches, and other forms of damage. The best way to protect a phone is to purchase a phone case and there are manufacturers who can produce thousands of cases per day.

This guide will focus on the custom silicone case as the primary example of a high-quality case that can be mass-produced for the protection market. Silicone cases can be customized in factories for every phone model and these cases are used on even the most expensive Apple and Samsung phones.

If you’re looking to manufacture phone cases, investing in OYI Gift’s custom silicone cases is your best bet: We’re affordable, use high-grade silicone, and can manufacture them for every phone model. In our beginner’s guide, we’ll break down the differences between different phone cases, how they’re made, and how you can manufacture silicone cases in China.

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Top 3 Most Popular Phone Cases: Custom Silicone case, Plastic & Alternative

Silicone cases can come in various shapes and sizes. The main difference is the phone model they’re being used on. For instance, a custom silicone case manufacturer can produce cases for the new Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone 11 Pro – sometimes thousands of pieces per day.

However, you can also imprint custom designs on silicone cases. Custom Silicone cases are some of the most popular cases on the market. Other popular cases include plastic cases, wooden cases, leather cases, and metal cases. Let’s have a look at the differences between the most popular phone cases:

  • Silicone Cases

Custom Silicone cases are made of silicone – a material that has a rubber-like, soft surface and is very bendable. In some cases, the silicone may be mixed with liquids or gels to make it sturdier. The custom silicone case will protect the phone from scratches and falls using shock-absorption systems. The silicone cases can also be bent and twisted without losing their original shape. Custom Silicone cases don’t break upon falling, which makes them the most durable cases for long-term use. These cases are also the most lightweight and wrap around the body of the phone. These cases can also be imprinted with a custom design on the back.

  • Plastic Cases

Plastic cases cover the back of the phone and protect the structural integrity of the phone by blocking out the impact from drops and/or scratches. These cases can be made from a single layer of plastic or multiple layers of plastic. They are available for most phones and can be laser-printed with custom designs. Manufacturing them is affordable and we can manufacture plastic cases at OYI gift. The downside is that they tend to break during falls, which means the user will have to replace the case.

  • Alternative Cases (Wood, Leather, Metal)

Cases made from materials such as leather, wood, and metal tend to be less popular than plastic and silicone cases. These cases are mostly designed for aesthetic appeal and/or a higher degree of protection. The downside is that these materials take longer to mass-produce and they are more expensive than plastic or custom silicone cases. In some cases, the manufacturers provide customization options to the end-user for these types of cases.

Note: There are other types of phone cases aside from the ones mentioned above. For instance, the design in some cases also differs. There’s a new trend of wallet cases that can cover up the entire phone and also leave other spaces for essentials like credit cards, business cards, etc. There are also other full-cover cases that can be water-resistant and provide maximum shock resistance to the phones. However, these are not as widespread as the cases mentioned above.

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Why Use Silicone Cases? Top Advantages

If you were to decide between producing silicone cases and other popular cases such as plastic cases, what would prompt you to do that? The following is a list of the top advantages of manufacturing silicone cases. We should note that we can customize and design silicone cases at OYI Gift for all our customers.

  • Affordable. Silicone is extracted from the Earth and is the #2nd most abundant material in the Earth’s core. This means manufacturing silicone phone covers are affordable even if you produce thousands of pieces. Silicone phone covers are some of the most cost-effective covers for both end-users and custom silicone case manufacturers.
  • Heat-Resistant. The main advantage of silicone material is that it’s highly heat-resistant. For instance, silicone is used for cables and industrial welding. This means silicone cases cause less damage to the phone with longer use. The phone’s battery life can decrease if the user charges the phone while the case is on with plastic cases (due to overheating) while this isn’t the case with custom silicone cases.
  • Shock-Proof. The silicone cases can secure the phone to the degree of the hardest plastic and/or metal cases. If you want to preserve your phone, a silicone case can provide the protection you need against all forms of scratches and drops. The custom silicone case wraps comfortably around the phone and doesn’t interfere with the natural usage of the phone.
  • Lightweight Factor. The silicone case is arguably the most lightweight case you could get (excluding certain forms of plastic). The phone is barely affected by the weight of the case and this makes it easy to carry in the pocket – almost as having no case at all. The weight it adds to the phone is minimal, and this allows for flawless phone use over the long term.
  • Aesthetic. Custom Silicone cases are among the best-looking cases because they wrap around the shape of the phone and integrate the phone fully inside the case. They are mostly transparent and users can see the back of the phone as it was originally made. This is why custom silicone cases are the most in-demand for premium phones.
  • Easy Fit. The custom silicone case has to only be put on once and it provides a perfect grip around the phone without any movement. Users won’t have to re-fit the case after a month of use. The case also provides easy access to all the side buttons of the phone (which are sometimes harder to reach on plastic cases). What’s more, removing the case is just as easy as putting it on due to the soft rubber-like texture of the case.
  • Drop-Resistant. The Custom silicone case can absorb abrupt shock due to its rubber-like material and protect your phone from falls and scratches. Silicone is also water-resistant. It protects the phone from all possible scratches and falls. Silicone is equally as effective as plastic, but it doesn’t break when you drop the phone.

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How We Produce Silicone Cases At OYI Gift

OYI Gift, a top custom silicone case manufacturer, manufactures silicone cases according to international standards. The manufacturing process of silicone phone cases is similar to that of plastic phone cases, but with slightly different materials. We have machines for compression molding at our factory that allows us to take raw silicone and convert it into a phone case. The best way to produce custom silicone cases is by using the compression molding model.

Compression molding starts by taking a soft silicone material and compressing it until it becomes hard. Imagine compression molding as making cookies with a cookie cutter: You have one sharp edge that cuts through the cookie material and is pressed on the soft dough. This dough is then converted to a cookie. Using a similar technique, factories are able to manufacture thousands of silicone phone covers.

At our factory, we possess much more advanced manufacturing machines that allow us to slice up silicone from different edges and create 3D objects with custom details imprinted from both sides. For instance, if we have to manufacture a custom silicone case for the new Samsung Galaxy we use the compression mold to put the silicone under enormous pressure (for several minutes at a time) and then allow it to shape the mold according to the design of the phone model.

We Can Manufacture Your Phone Cases

We customize silicone cases based on the phone model and our customer’s individual needs. We ensure each case is fitted securely on the phone model – covering the entire phone except the screen and the buttons/inputs. We can also design openings/closings at the bottom of the phone for battery charging. This way the phone can be fully protected and the case opened up periodically. Our custom silicone cases consist of a single piece of silicone that wraps around the phone-like skin.

Once the shape is removed from the mold in our machines, we carry out post-processing activities such as trimming the hedges, painting, and packaging until the case is ready to go. We possess the ability to produce thousands of cases per day for our clients and we’ve built millions of silicone covers according to our customer’s needs. Contact OYI Gifts custom silicone case manufacturer now to design your own custom case!

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