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Ordering promotional products from China: Cost-effective quality always assured

Ordering promotional products |corporate gifts from China

For decades now, China has established itself as a source for a broad array of manufactured goods. But when it comes to corporate gifts from China or other promotional products, the manufacturing prowess of Chinese entrepreneurs remains unrivaled. Whether it’s fashion accessories or corporate giveaways made from silicone; or plastic gift items or electronic products, the high quality and unbelievable prices from manufacturers like OYI Gifts are unrivaled.

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The art of corporate gift-giving

Corporate gift-giving is a great way to promote one’s brand and publicize your company’s identity. But, choosing what gifts to include in any corporate marketing program can sometimes be challenging:

  • The gifts require careful selection to ensure they’re in line with company values. For instance, if you are in the automotive business, it might seem out of sync to try and market your business by promoting alternate modes of transportation – such as walking or bicycling!
  • You also must give considerable thought to your choice of gift manufacturing partner. Should you go for low-quality and low-cost manufacturers, or choose the higher-quality promotional products of China-based manufacturers? While the former might appeal to some companies, image-sensitive businesses undoubtedly prefer quality over cost. Still, the choice is a tough one to make in some instances.
  • And then, there’s the issue of how to strategically leverage corporate promo items within a well-defined sales and marketing strategy. Once again, corporate image and values play a big part in such decisions. For instance, a manufacturer of clean energy products could, possibly, distribute corporate giveaways at an oil producer’s seminar – but will that clash with corporate values?

Balancing these, sometimes, divergent priorities can make corporate gift-giving a bit of a challenge.  However, that doesn’t mean company marketing executives can’t make informed decisions about their gift-giving strategies. In some respects, even though company managers accumulate lots of data when making these decisions, corporate gift-giving can be a mix of art and science.

For instance, judging purely from a scientific (i.e. data-driven) perspective, choosing corporate gifts made in China makes a lot of sense (as we’ll explain next!). That’s because of the high-quality and reasonable pricing value propositions offered by Chinese promotional item manufacturers. On the other hand, the art of corporate gift-giving involves making creative decisions about what materials to create the gifts from, and what shape and form those items will take.

Corporate gift-giving strategies range from seasonal gift ideas (like festivals and corporate anniversaries) to product launches and marketing event giveaways. Working with the gift manufacturer, marketing managers may come up with creative and unique gift-giving strategies. The sky is the limit!

Regardless of how you approach your own company gift-giving strategy, as science or as art, the one element that must remain the central focus is Value for investment. Choosing the right products, and identifying the most appropriate global manufacturer of those products, can provide an unrivaled value proposition that none of your competitors can match.

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Affordable corporate gift-giving 

Whoever said that launching a marketing drive, using promotional gifts, is an expensive idea, is wrong! And those that say, the only way that corporate gift-giving makes sense is if you offer large quantities of low-quality products as giveaways, is also wrong. In fact, when it comes to the quality of corporate promotional merchandise, low quality might harm your reputation and forever tarnish your brand.

Interestingly, Chinese gift item manufacturers have managed a happy medium between price and quality: By producing promotional products in China, these ingenious entrepreneurs not only deliver to the highest of international standards, but they also offer those gift items at amazingly low costs. So, how do they do that?

Well, there are several factors that go into establishing a reputation as the “go-to” gift manufacturer for the world’s largest multinational corporations:

  • Embracing international quality standards: Because the corporate gift-giving market is extensive in scale, and spans the globe, gift manufacturers like OYI Gifts understand the importance of adopting international standards. Regardless of what type of gift you choose, you may rest assured that they comply with some of the strictest of global standards
  • Standardized processes: Many companies in the gift-making business don’t appreciate or understand the importance of standardized processes. This is especially true for most online companies that maintain glamorous internet storefronts. Typically, these internationally-based companies simply order takers, with no manufacturing facilities of their own.

Standards don’t just serve to make things simple and easy – they also help to lower costs and improve competitiveness. Most importantly, by following tried and tested processes, corporations are assured that they’ll always receive a consistent level of service.

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And that’s what differentiates corporate gifts from China from those from the rest of the world. Guangdong Province, China-based OYI Gift is a prime example. Our tried and tested process makes everything simple and straightforward. It also helps us and our customers navigate the entire process of gift-making, from ordering and design to production, shipment, and post-shipment services.

While corporate gift-makers in other jurisdictions of the world struggle to communicate with clients in a timely manner; fail to document client requirements accurately, or never execute client shipping orders precisely, gift manufacturers from China offer a different value proposition: Quality and price competitiveness. They’re able to do so because of the standardized process they’ve perfected over decades!

  • Putting clients first: At OYI Gift, customer satisfaction is front and center of our manufacturing process. Every critical decision-making step involves the client. In fact, as you can see from our Manufacture Procedure diagram above, 40% (4 out of 10) of the steps involve client interaction. When you order promotional products from China, that’s the kind of power and control you have on your products!

Chinese gift-makers understand that there’s a lot associated with the promotion products gifts clients order. Client brand recognition, image perception, and reputation depend on the quality and excellence of the gifts they hand out to clients and prospective clients. As such, it’s only fair to expect client inputs into the manufacturing process. And that’s precisely what you’ll receive.

  • Choice of products: Unlike many other of its global peers, who typically specialize in just one – or a few – gift items, China-based gift manufacturers offer a wide range of gift items. That’s because they have gained a broad range of gift-making experience over many decades, and are now able to offer those skills to their international clientele.

So, how does this wide-ranging experience help clients looking to source corporate gifts from China? Well, what this broad-based gift-manufacturing experience gives clients is the ability to single-source their entire corporate gift-giving strategy to a single manufacturer. That, in turn, translates to dependability of service and simplicity of supplier relationship management. In short, it means cost-savings and operational efficiency for companies implementing gift-giving strategies.

When you put all these benefits together, into a comprehensive marketing strategy involving gift-giving, it makes the entire process simple, easy to manage, and less costly than other alternates. And, given that items made by China-based gift-manufacturing companies have served global corporations well through the years, betting on corporate gifts made by Chinese manufacturers offers excellent value for money!

Using promotional products judiciously

Promotional products from China come in a variety of shapes, forms, patterns, and sizes – such as cartoon characters; everyday wearable items, like watches and wristbands; electronic gift items, including USB storage devices and power chargers. And, depending on what the corporate gift-giving objective might be, you can even customize your gifts to make them more appealing to the intended audience.

One example of personalizing gifts might be to work with a gift manufacturer like OYI Gifts to produce a range of custom gifts:

  • You could make a strategic decision, for example, to have your gifts include your corporate colors in their designs
  • Having your gift manufacturer produce gift items that resemble your products or represent your services, maybe a great idea
  • Produce everyday items, such as notepads, iPhone cases, and ear-buds, and have your gift maker add your marketing message to them

Promo items, with company logos and marketing slogans, are a great method of introducing prospective clients to your company. They are also a novel way to say Thank You to loyal customers for all the business they send your way.

And, while you work with your preferred manufacturer of Corporate gifts from China, don’t forget the most important asset in your company: Your employees! What better way to use promo items as giveaways to hardworking members of your team? Offer them iPod cases, printed with messages of thanks. Give them silicone coffee mugs with your company logo on them. Or hand out customized items for special occasions – like Christmas, New Year, or the company founding anniversary.

These gift items send a powerful message to your staff, that you value and appreciate their contribution to company success. It’ll not only motivate them to work harder to promote your company, its products, and services – but will also serve to introduce your brand to each employee’s personal network of friends, family, and acquaintances. Now, isn’t that a great promotional and marketing idea?

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