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Cell phone cases

In the mid to late 1990s, the mobile phone holster took advantage of the opportunity to slim down the size of the mobile phone. With the increase of mobile phone brands and functions, the variety is diversified, according to the texture of leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, cashmere, silk products, etc. Depending on the model, the case will be available in different categories. Straight Board machines can use mobile phone case covers of all sorts normally, and slide-type fold types can choose leather covers only often.

pen design silicone phone cases

History of development

Mobile phone cases are no longer just a practical commodity. With the popularity of mobile phones among young people, almost every young person who pursues fashion wants to own a unique mobile phone. Grooming mobile phones have become a way for them to show their personality. To cater to this trend, manufacturers of mobile phone protection cover introduced a lot of better workmanship, color patterns more chic products. This allows for a more diverse range of cell phone case covers.

All kinds of high-end mobile phone users of the universality, and popularization. Seeing the global development prospect of mobile phone cases, the manufacturers of mobile phone cases emerge like mushrooms after a spring rain. These companies produce the case in a variety of materials, but also focus on the case’s beauty, personality, and quality. In the case of diversification, diversification is endless, it is surprising that some mobile phone cases’ price is far more expensive than the phone. There are some companies to create luxury series of mobile phone sets, appearance of mobile phone sets inlaid with diamonds — Ketaili series, inlaid agate — Cotelli series, inlaid with gold — KTL series, and more series of high-end, high-luxury exquisite mobile phone sets.

Water Decals plastic-phone-case

Disputed information

Is it true that “mobile phone cases Causes Cancer”?

Experts believe that the “mobile phone cover contains super carcinogens” some of the news is crazy, mobile phone users should be more concerned about the long-term use of mobile phone case covers will carry a lot of bacteria, there is no carcinogen cell phone cover.


1. Protect your phone from hard objects that might scratch the screen or body of your phone.

2, the mobile phone case cover can be printed in a variety of colors, a role in beauty!

3, silicone cover can prevent nails and keys from contact scratching, wear, and protect the screen, and the role of the keys.

4. Silicone sleeves are non-slip.

5. The iPhone cases also work as a signal enhancer, because some cell phone cases create a magnetic field that interferes with the signal when it comes in contact with the metal.

6. Protect your phone from accidental drops.

7. Stylized phone case covers can be used to personalize your phone’s appearance.


According to the quality, there are leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic sets, cashmere, silk, and so on.

The model has a straight board, which can be used; flip can only use the leather coat and cloth bag, a few models have a hard plastic cover (Samsung’s more) sliding can only have a cloth bag and leather cover.

1. The silicone cover is the most well-known type of mobile phone cover. It is soft and slightly slippery and has been in fashion for many years. The market share has always been in the lead, from poorly made street stalls to well-made individual brands. Because of its excellent cost-effectiveness, silicone sets in MP3, and iPod boom, are also popular, in many people’s favor.

Silicone Sleeve

2. Leather cases in all kinds of mobile phone protection, the leather case is also very popular. Compared to a single-style silicone case, business people in the workplace prefer to use a decent leather case, and advocating leisure young people different from the appearance of a single-color mobile phone for them is undignified. Like the silicone case, there are two types of leather cases for mobile phones. One is the waist belt leather case, which has been popular for many years. The other is the pocket-sized leather case for high-end smartphones like the N97 and the iPhone. Although the two look different, the manufacturing process is much the same.

3. The Crystal Shell, the Silica Gel cover, and the leather cover each have merit, also each has insufficiency, in order to realize comprehensive protection, another kind of cell phone, the protection cover arises at the historic moment. This is the crystal Shell that is so popular with women. It is made of plexiglass and has a thick, solid appearance with a crystal-clear Shell. Not only can effectively protect the mobile phone but also does not affect the appearance, it can be said that the length of silicone and leather. However, the crystal shell purchase is also more test vision. Although the crystal shell cost is not high, the process is also relatively simple, but some businesses in order to earn higher profits, in the processing and materials can save. First of all, the appearance of the crystal Shell largely depends on the abrasives, abrasives are good, and the quality of the crystal Shell is made only too hard.

4. Clearwater cover, clear water cover is not what the concept of innovation, it is a mix of crystal Shell and silicone cover, is a kind of transparent silicone made of soft and hard moderate cell phone case cover, also because like crystal shell transparent, so named clear water. The disadvantage of the silicone case is that it will be used for a long time, the body and the body will inevitably be “like glue and paint”, sometimes the phone has to “fly out of the cage” to breathe, while the crystal Shell is Brittle and hard, easy to collapse, may lead to frequent replacement. The water jacket is not easily deflated, and the size is appropriate, can be said to have both the advantages of a Silica Gel jacket and a crystal Shell, at the same time, in order to have a beautiful appearance, the back of the water jacket is usually printed with exquisite patterns, no longer the dull colors of silicone sleeves and crystal shells.

5. Reticulated cell phone reticulated Shell is a subspecies of softshell, named for the fact that the shell body is covered with reticulated air holes. After the rise of the iPhone, many users preferred the phone’s reticulated Shell. There is no other reason, the structure of strong cooling fast, at a glance mobile phone seems clean and simple. Of course, the disadvantages of the net shell is also very obvious, that is, can not effectively dust and waterproof. Wear it for a long time, there will be a lot of dirt deposition in the hole, not conducive to the phone aesthetic, so pay attention to timely cleaning. Now the market began to stick skin reticulated Shell, that is, the main shell covered by a leather jacket, only to maintain the key part of the Mesh design.

Nursing method


Reticulated shell

Leather cases can become more beautiful with age according to the following instructions:

1. Avoid damp or direct heat (heater).

2. Avoid exposure to the Sun or light for long periods of time.

3. Avoid any contact with alcohol (perfume, solvent, etc.) and oily substances (cosmetics, etc.).

4. Avoid contact with harsh or corrosive materials.

5. Avoid friction of metal parts, otherwise, the surface will fall off; clean with a soft dry cloth.

6, pay special attention to avoid making white or light-colored leather set contamination stains, stained in light-colored leather set on the stain will be more difficult to clean up.


Clean your leather case with a light-colored, non-abrasive, soft dry cloth.

If the jacket is wet with water, do not dry it vigorously, the applicant of light-colored dry cloth and gently pat, to absorb water.

If the stain, you can use a soft wet cloth gently pressed, and then air-dry, and then in a circular manner gently coated with a transparent leather cream.


1. First of all, with a wet rag to clean the phone shell under the dust.

2. Metal phone case gap in the dust can be used toothbrush plus soap to clean, metal phone case is easy to clean out the dust, so do not need too much strength to brush, as long as a light brush once, you can achieve the effect.

3. If there are a very strong viscosity and stubborn stains, you can use alcohol or a cleaning agent to clean, alcohol and cleaning agents to paint, pigments, and building materials coatings have a good cleaning effect. Relative to the alcohol said cleaning agent is not easy to burn, is colorless odorless, and is more comfortable to use.

4. If there is rust then the suggestion uses 2% acid grass solvent to dissolve it, sprays in the rust place, and passe 2-3 minutes with a paper towel or a rag to be able to wipe it clean.

5. Finally, use a dry rag to the cell phone case on the water and liquid wipe clean.

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