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Can silicone cups be used?

Silicone cups knowledge popularization

I believe this problem is a lot of families worry about the problem because with the development of the times, silicone cups technology is more and more perfect, a variety of silicone products into everyone’s eyes, there is a lot of can worry, this silicone can be used after high-temperature resistance, so silicone cups can be high-temperature resistance? The following OYIGIFTS tell you.

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Silicone cups are made of food-grade silicone, usually safe, with cold resistance of -40 ℃, high-temperature resistance of up to 220 ℃, durable, not easy to deform, soft material, and can be stored and folded into the pocket.

Food grade silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloidal material made of silicic acid condensation, the main component is SiO2-nH2O, and its content is above 98%, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, in addition to caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid in the normal state, does not react with any acid and alkali salt. Food-grade silicone is usually used for products with high safety requirements, such as baby pacifiers and baby bottles.

Silicone cups characteristics

Food silicone is an inorganic polymeric colloidal material made of silicic acid condensation, the main component of which is mSiO2-nH2O, and is chemically stable and does not react with any acid or alkali except under two very special circumstances, namely caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid. It is commonly used in baby teats, bottles, and other products with high safety requirements.

Non-toxic and tasteless: the composition is silica and water, safe and stable.

High and low-temperature resistance: The raw material of silica gel has a temperature resistance range of -40℃-220℃, far more than plastic products for food, and does not dissolve over 100℃. It is safe to use, even when it is burnt, it will only decompose into silica and water vapor, which is non-toxic and harmless.

Aging resistance, no fading: oxidation decomposition temperature far exceeds that of similar plastic products. It does not fade under daily temperature and has a service life of up to 10 years.

Easy to clean, oil-resistant, no water seepage, dishwasher safe, easy to use, and a good helper for housewives.

Soft, non-slip, good hand feeling, like baby’s skin, warm and considerate. Material selection, processing, and quality control: the selection of materials strictly according to food-grade silicone U.S. FDA standards.

Silicone cups using food-grade liquid silicone + plastic PP do not contain BPA (Bisphenol A) product material for food-grade silicone material, safe and non-toxic, the same material as the baby pacifier.

Silicone Cups residual odor is due to the production process, silicone left by the oven after high-temperature baking, and the product directly from the production line to the hands of consumers.

It is recommended to wash with detergent before use, and then boil in a pot for 6-7 minutes to disinfect and remove odor, the size can be folded, with hooks.

WP017 silicone cups foldable coffee cup

Silicone cups usage

When cleaning the cup, the cup mouth, cup body, cup bottom, and cup wall should be cleaned. A special reminder to women, lipstick not only contains chemical ingredients, and very easy to adsorb harmful substances in the air and pathogens, drinking water will bring harmful substances into the body, so the cup residue lipstick must be cleaned.

It is best to use a brush to clean the cup. You can also squeeze toothpaste on the brush, scrubbing back and forth in the cup, toothpaste is both a decontaminant, but also a very fine friction agent, it is easy to wipe away the residual material without damaging the cup.

The color of silicone rubber is white and opaque, amorphous, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, and does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. High adsorption performance, good thermal stability, and chemical stability

Silicone can be heated at high temperatures in a microwave oven without deformation or release of toxic substances because of its good stability and special resistance to high and low temperatures, and can also be refrigerated in a freezer.

Silicone is closer to human skin because of its texture, and non-toxic and odorless, so children who use silicone pacifiers are also very healthy, and good silicone has automatic disinfection, is non-staining, easy to clean, and now many fashionable families are using silicone cookware, because it can be cooked completely in the microwave oven, saving time, and more importantly, does not produce fumes.

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