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How about the custom production of silicone products

I believe that we all understand the production process of silicone products, most silicone products in the production process will use the mold, for the production of different products, thus using different silicone molds, if you want to not have problems in the production process, we must pay attention to some production considerations, then the production of silicone products to pay attention to which aspects? The following OYIGIFTS tell you.

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Several aspects need to be ensured when customizing the production of silicone products

1、Structure analysis

Simple silicone products are fine, but some complex or very complex silicone products need engineers to carefully observe the structure of the product, sometimes engineers can not think of some units for further discussion, and now many silicone products factory does not engineer this position of the staff, so the uncertainty of this structural analysis sometimes can only be secretly complained. Structural analysis is not good to make out what may not be good quality things.

2、Whether it can be done

Here said whether you can do is to say that you get a sample or drawing file, you at least have to first think about how it should be produced, a lot of silicone rubber products factories to get something to look at, or did not look carefully at the offer hands ready to produce, and ignore certain details of the thing, resulting in direct production is not out, which is a very serious problem, which must be considered before production.

3、Production site

The production of silicone products is a complex process, the quality of good or bad in addition to the machine and human factors. Intermediate inspection is the key to finding and solving major product quality problems. This is well understood, that is when everything is normal if suddenly all the back of the bad products how to do? This will need to be re-commissioning, this uncertainty is mainly for the delivery date of the progress of the problem.

4, Can’t take off the mold:

Compared to the previous few this problem is a bit serious, generally, silicone mold has a great relationship, which may cause a mold scrap situation to have. Of course, it may also be in the production of silicone products without adding mold release water, with the operation of the production staff also related.

5, Burst edge:

Burst edge commonly known as burning edge, this is a small problem, and a very good solution to the problem, generally caused by this problem is improper operation, maybe time, the temperature not being well controlled, and other issues.

6, Power failure:

This is generally a big problem, either really a power outage, or the machine is broken leading to direct interruption of production, to exclude the possibility of power failure, in ordinary times pay more attention to the maintenance of the machine and maintenance.

After getting the drawing file or sample, we should discuss with the engineer or the mold department in advance, what uncertainties there are in the mold problem, how to solve these factors if they appear, etc. We should think ahead!

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To sum up, silicone products production should pay attention to structural analysis, production site, can not take off the mold, burst edge, power off, and other related considerations.


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