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Creative gifts

What are creative gifts? Is a more special gift, its own is a very creative gift, a very unique design, but also very interesting. The most important thing is that these creative gifts can surprise others.


The creative gift is the carrier of feelings, is the bridge of communication between people. Creative gifts are more thoughtful and expressive than ordinary gifts. Creative gifts are tailor-made for the giver and are integrated into the thoughts and feelings.
Creative gifts are dedicated to the commemorative aspects of gifts and specially tailored gifts, ingenuity, and unconventional. The different creative gift is a different emotional expression, the creative gift itself is precious, is different, and is tailored.
An ideal creative gift for the giver and recipient, can express a special desire, and convey a special message. Creative gifts are given to a wide range of objects, which can be friends, couples, couples, teachers, parents, children, and so on.


“gifts are a passport to human contact, ” said Elizabeth, a renowned Spanish etiquette expert
Indeed, gifts in our daily life and work contacts have a position that can not be ignored. China is also a country of etiquette, every New Year festival, relatives, friends, and colleagues will give gifts to each other. To communicate and connect. In the material and spiritual civilizations that are highly developed today, a good gift will undoubtedly play its role as a pass. Creative gifts are also getting more and more attention. Creative gifts, that is, creative gifts into the idea, gift selection, and gift-giving, and so on throughout the process. Makes the whole process more beautiful and meaningful.
Creative gifts, generally refer to the gift itself as very creative, or the gift is unique, or the gift is very designed aesthetic sense, or the gift is very strange and can give the recipient of a gift surprise. In short, good creative gifts, not only can let the recipient receive good affection. It also shows the giver’s unique taste and Heart.

In a broad sense, creative gifts should also include gift ideas, gift selection, gift-giving, and other creatures throughout the process. For example, the idea in the gift idea: giving money to the rich is not as good as giving rice to the poor. We should act according to our ability, and be reasonable, reasonable, and legal. Give them what they want and wait. In short, a good creative idea. Will be half the success of being a gift. Also, when choosing gifts: features, quirks, beauty, design, novelty, good packaging, reprocessing and so on these are the product choice of creativity. Unintentionally more profound and meaningful than ordinary gifts.
In short, if the gift is the Interpersonal Communication Pass. Then the creative gifts let our daily intercourse become more beautiful, more harmonious!


Each gift represents your heart, can not be too ordinary, and can not be too casual, otherwise, it appears that you have no sincerity! Every time you give a gift you want to see them happy, satisfied smile, you must be very happy to hear the evaluation “unique”, everyone more or less does not like it and others have the same gift.

First of all, warmth is very important, your choice of gifts must have a warm feeling, with Deja Vu in the hands of the feelings. Most come from a warm heart, do not complain that all the streets and alleys have no suitable gifts, sometimes “broken iron shoes without looking for, to come without any effort. “. Don’t you think it’s nice to have something like a pillow, a cup of tea, a gift that represents care, and your blessing or photo?

Creative gifts have become a trend, is your gift choice can not be ignored, DIY gifts, besides, to let you get a happy design experience, but also the recipient of a surprise. Drag the mouse graffiti a calendar, design a few aesthetically pleasing greeting cards, and a Polo shirt will receive gifts from friends who feel happy and happy!
Besides, the gift is also to pay attention to creativity, creative gifts show the charm of life can ease some of the pressure, and add to the fun of life and work. Your gift must be creative, and stand in a unique position if you are a person who does not want to be forgotten. Pick up the mouse in your hand to start your creative road, lets you easily play with creative gifts, apple crystal, colorful life, will talk t-shirt, printed with your photo mouse pad, want to forget you hard!
Finally, don’t forget the word “fashion”, add some new elements, magic Color Cup, warm pillow, Mahogany pen holder, sometimes the Popular Health Cup, and so on. It such a gift is such a gift that is both thoughtful and creative. While feeling the infinite touch of Ta, you also have an infinite sense of accomplishment, of course, to give yourself a “creative gift, creative gifts” award!

Gift customization

Custom creative gifts are generally customized through some personalized gift website, the site is configured with personalized design software, and then consumers can do as they like, according to their requirements design gifts not all gifts are designed by themselves, but after choosing a gift, they print their favorite photos, patterns, words, graffiti and so on creatively on the gift, For example, Water Cup, pillow quilt, Y shirt, crystal, desk calendar, the photo album is more popular, creative gifts with design aesthetic feeling, can be a surprise gift recipient.

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Development Trend

Personality, as explained in psychology, is the total of psychological characteristics that are distinct from others, that emerge in different environments, that are relatively stable, and that affect both explicit and implicit patterns of behavior. There is also a kind of personality to speak, that is, advocate self-respect, not blindly following the current trend of the masses. The biggest characteristic of a creative gift is exclusive and full of an individual color. For example, a couple of shirts, that are similar in color, style, or pattern, you buy him to buy, it is entirely possible to “clashing shirts”, and personalized tailor-made couple shirts have a strong exclusivity and specificity, only this set, never the same. At the end of the day, creative gifts are about unique ideas. While creative gift shops are popping up all over the market, their creativity is more or less the same as their individuality. Oyi GIFTS believes that although the creative gifts market is an attractive piece of cake, it is not easy to share a piece. Businesses are also racking their brains to compete for ideas, who is more creative means who is more likely to seize business opportunities. And creativity must focus on personality, fashion, and reflect its technological content and value, and continue to understand the potential needs of consumers, to promote creative gifts customized extension services, to a higher level. Only in this way, the creative gifts market can truly enter a period of prosperity.

Personal creativity

Personalized creative gifts customization, also known as Gift Diy, DIY is short for doing it yourself Refers to the user can be customized gifts (such as mugs, pillows, t-shirts, mousepads, crystal, and other items) printed on their favorite patterns and text. Users only need to select gifts and upload their photos or add text and confirm the order, there are some websites that can be designed by users to create a personalized gift effect map of finished products, and according to user requirements to the designated location distribution of new online shopping activities.
It’s a wonderful idea
Personalized creative gifts, with fashion unique appearance, durable and eye-catching, and the idea is also very wonderful, wonderful work.
USB electronic cigarette lighter, designed for the pursuit of fashion personality of the people. U-SHAPED, built-in battery-driven resistance wire heating principle, which can play, the role of smoking. Here’s what everyone loves about it: 1. You can light a cigarette (no air, no open flame, and you can take it on the plane)

2, can be lighting or money 3, USB interface, 3, can be charged in computers or mobile phones and other digital products 4, built-in 250MA battery, a full charge can be used for more than 7 days or about 150 cigarettes.

Market Information

The current state of the industry
Since 2008, the promotion of gifts gradually becomes a hot concept which that people pay attention to. Giving gifts with the company’s brand logo or promotional message is an effective way for enterprises to enhance brand awareness. Because promotional gifts are often given away with the product, they need to have a distinctive feature of the product or enterprise and are usually produced for OEM. The supplier makes the product according to the demand of the buyer. Promotional items often give the impression of being cheap, but many companies are willing to use high-end materials and new technology to improve the quality of their products to attract customers. The price of raw materials on the promotion of the gift industry as a whole has a strong impact. The price of oil, textile materials, metals, and plastics all affect the cost of promotional gifts. Wearable promotional gifts account for the largest share of all promotional items, so the price fluctuation of textile materials is more concern for the industry. Since the end of 2008, cotton prices continued to rise, China’s cotton spot prices reached 14,913 yuan per ton at the end of 2009, and in March 2010 closed at 16,048 yuan. At the end of 2009, the prices of viscose staple fiber and polyester staple fiber were RMB18,850 and RMB9,600 per ton respectively, up 62.5% and 33.33% from the beginning of the year.
At present, creative gifts have not only been limited to traditional small gifts, have been extended to daily necessities, such as people use a daily mouse, MP3, mobile phone shell, earphones, etc., but the prospects are also quite good to add a little warmth to the busy people.

Status of exports

The United States, the European Union, and Japan are China’s main export markets for promotional gifts. Coastal Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian is currently the largest export promotion gift production center. Jiangsu is the main cotton processing area in China. Relying on regional advantages, Jiangsu produces mid-end hats and t-shirts and others wearing promotional gifts-based. There are about 1,000 manufacturers of wearable promotional gifts in Guangdong Province. Their products are mainly middle-and high-end promotional t-shirts and Polo shirts. They also include promotional umbrellas, promotional key chains, and promotional USB accessories. Wenzhou, in Zhejiang Province, has 1,500 suppliers of promotional packages and exports 800 million promotional packages annually, accounting for 70 percent of China’s total exports. Tonglu, a major producer of promotional pens, exports about 6bn pens a year, accounting for 40 percent of China’s total exports. Fujian is the main production center of footwear products in China, suppliers can provide a wide range of innovative design promotional shoes. Affected by the financial crisis, overseas enterprises cut costs, and reduce promotional expenses, and promotional gifts in the 2008 export performance downturn. As the gift industry itself has a strong dependency, the overall reduction in product sales indirectly leads to a reduction in the demand for promotional gifts. Some export-dependent gift enterprises received less than 30 percent of their previous overseas orders at the end of 2008. To reduce the impact of the financial crisis, on the one hand, suppliers began to significantly reduce the validity period of quotations, from the original six months to adjust to 2-4 weeks, some enterprises adjust the validity period of quotations to 7 days. On the other hand, suppliers set out to develop potential emerging markets such as the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Promoting communication with buyers is also an important measure for suppliers to improve their export status. Only to achieve real-time communication and communication with foreign buyers, to dig into the real needs of buyers, make to meet the needs of buyers of new products.

Development Trend

According to Shanghai 2010 Gift Trend Forecast Analysis, environmental protection, low-carbon gifts will become the innovation trend of research and development, through scientific and technological means to achieve the application of ecological and environmental protection materials, and gradually reduce natural resource consumption. On the other hand, in the future, functional products such as two-in-one or three-in-one key chains, and multi-function desk calendars with radio and USB accessories, will be developed by leaps and bounds. At the same time, the use of the latest design of promotional gifts will able to high-value image for more business buyers welcome. Technology is no longer an issue for Chinese companies, as most have some R & D capabilities and weak companies can source components from Japan and Hong Kong for Assembly and production. Moreover, China’s promotional gifts in price also have a considerable advantage. If you incorporate more creativity and inspiration into your design, you’ll be more competitive. For Chinese Manufacturers of promotional gifts, establishing brand awareness, independent innovation, and constantly upgrading their products have become the top priority for the whole industry, and they also need to overcome the pressure of rising prices for raw materials Shifting raw material procurement to the local market to reduce production costs.

Market Opportunity

Promotional gifts are a carrier of emotional expression between enterprises and consumers. To build emotional bridges with consumers, companies will put more effort into promoting the purchase and use of gifts. Compared with the high prices of advertising media, which even keep rising, promotional gifts cost-effective, effective, effective, and easy to calculate, is one of the most cost-effective promotion measures. The increase in the demand for advertising promotional gifts has become an inevitable trend.

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