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Why are silicone gifts becoming more and more popular among the public?

Nowadays, the market of silicone products has been opened and silicone gifts are favored by more and more people. Among the silicone gifts, the proportion of bracelets, stationery, kitchenware, etc. is getting bigger and bigger. Silicone gifts have become a new favorite for people to buy and sell. On the market, there are many silicone gift manufacturers, which has a little trouble for people to purchase; do not know how to choose, and even some do not know which silicone gift manufacturers, so why silicone products are more and more popular with the public? Today OYIGIFTS will give you a comprehensive introduction.

silicone gifts

The advantages of silicone gifts

1, silicone is natural rubber (also called silicone), the first advantage of this material is non-toxic and harmless, and does not produce any substances in the human body.

2, silicone gifts are often made in the production process after high-temperature vulcanization, so their high-temperature resistance is up to 220 degrees.

3, silicone materials have many advantages, such as low-temperature resistance -40 degrees, insulation, environmental protection, etc.! The above two points are mainly reflected in the production of gifts.

OYI Gifts silicone gifts show

Silicone gifts are items that come with our leisure and entertainment, long time use must be cleaned, silicone gifts can be washed and effectively disinfected using boiling water, do not have to worry about the gift itself will deteriorate. Silicone gifts have bright colors and beautiful tones, which I believe we have all seen. Many silicone products on the market are brightly colored and very durable, such as silicone bags and silicone bumper pads. With its long life, silicone rubber has the property of being anti-itching and non-volatile in the air and long life.

Silicone ticking is strong, with no harm to children’s skin. For example, the same gift is made of two materials: silicone and plastic. There may be a bit of raw edge on the gift, but the edges of the silicone material won’t hurt the baby, and the plastic is usually hard so it can cut into the baby. There are a variety of colors to choose from, many babies are curious about the world, babies at this time will like a variety of colors, as the baby slowly grows up, maybe the only favorite color is so many. Therefore, the choice of a variety of colors is also good.

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In the 21st century, more and more countries are aware of the need and importance of environmental protection.

Compared with other materials such as leather and metal, the traditional popular gifts, silicone gifts are more economically efficient. Thanks to the low price of silicone raw materials, high plasticity, and increasingly diversified production process, the appearance of silicone gifts is extremely exquisite and beautiful, which can bring both visual aesthetic enjoyment and longer cycle use, and bring both practical value and high-cost performance, which can bring both visual aesthetic enjoyment, and bring both practical value and longer cycle use value, which can Save costs and also bring economic benefits.

The modern concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Everyone is also aware of the necessity and importance of health and environmental protection. Silicone gifts are made of high quality and environmentally friendly silicone refining rubber as raw material, which response to the development needs of environmental protection and therefore will be so popular.


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