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What is the role of silicone coasters?

Silicone coasters

Silicone coasters are commonly used in home life, made of food-grade silicone material, have strong thermal insulation properties, can protect the desktop from burns, a beautiful appearance, and creative decoration, but also get a lot of family love, so how much do you know about silicone coasters? The following OYIGIFTS to tell you.

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Silicone coasters are generally used in home life supplies, heat insulation, non-slip, and creative decoration, are made of food-grade silicone material and can be made with all kinds of cup mats; super insulation function can effectively protect the desktop from burns, and their beautiful appearance can not only embellish the colorful life but there are also heat insulation and insulation effect; using oil press high-temperature vulcanization molding, high-temperature resistance, environmental protection and non-toxic, is nowadays society It is a more advantageous product in line with the concept of environmental protection.

Silicone coaster, fashionable and generous, flip at will to change different shapes, can expand the use of a variety of cup diameter, enjoy hot drinks can be placed on the table, heat-resistant temperature -40 degrees ~ 230 degrees, silicone material does not hurt the desktop! Silicone coaster with honeycomb pattern design, so that the heat is distributed faster.

Silicone coasters are generally larger than silicone coasters, mostly with honeycomb hollow or grid, which plays a good role in shock absorption. Other properties are the same as coasters.

What is a tea coaster?

Tea coasters are generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other public eating places, and can be used as advertising accessories to improve the image. But now with the increase of tea lovers, tea coasters have become every day, and can be seen in ordinary homes, used to decorate the home or protect the desktop.

With the development of technology. Tea coasters are available in more and more materials and have more functions.

Paper Tea Coasters

Usually, due to its own fragile nature, it cannot be washed with water and is disposable. Mostly used in hotels or restaurants, where there is a large flow of customers. Its price is also cheaper. Some families often have this paper tea coaster at home during the Spring Festival when friends and relatives visit.

Wooden tea coasters

Wooden coasters are more practical and durable, but the colors and types are more monotonous. However, many wooden tea coasters are now beautifully carved, and some even have edging, making them more suitable for tea lovers with a calm personalities.

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Why should I use a tea coaster?

One is to protect the desktop.

The tea is usually hot, but many tea cups only in the hand grip heat insulation treatment, or add a handle, the bottom of the tea cup is not heat insulation, long-term damage to the desktop, so the tea coaster can help tea lovers protect the desktop.

The second is to prevent the tea from splashing on the desktop.

Tea lovers must have had the experience of spilling out when pouring tea, the mouth of the teapot always has its own ideas, always spill out so few drops, tea cup pad area is larger than the mouth of the tea cup, to avoid tea water falling low on the desktop to form tea stains.

Three is to prevent wear and tear on the desktop.

Tea cups picked up and put down will always wear the desktop, tea coasters can effectively prevent.

Fourth is to decorate.

Tea coasters with a good match can be integrated with the tea set or even the room environment, and the beautiful tea coasters are also pleasing to the eye.

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What is the role of silicone coasters? In summary, silicone coasters can protect the desktop from burns, can also play a good role in shock absorption, and its beautiful appearance can also give a beautiful embellishment of life. The above is about the silicone coaster content, I believe that after reading this article for silicone coasters have been understood.

Do you know more information about coasters?

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