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What’s Cell phone shell?

Cell phone shell

Cell phone shell refers to the shell of the cell phone, cell phone shell commonly used plastic materials are mainly PC, ABS, and PC + ABS three categories – Japanese cell phones mostly use PC + ABS, and even use ABS to do cell phone shell.

Chinese name

Cell phone case



Mainly refers to

The shell of the cell phone

plastic cell phone shell


  1. 1 Material used
  2. 2 Technology production
  3. 3 Mobile phone case carcinogenic
  4. 4 Material classification
  5. 5 Advantages and disadvantages

Material used

Several Korean cell phone manufacturers were the first to use pure PC material. The main use of PC + ABs material, but in the last year or two also introduced suitable for cell phone shell Pc material. In recent years, the proportion of major cell phone manufacturers using Pc materials for cell phone cases is gradually increasing.

PC 69 120 130 non-toxic, light-transmitting, low-temperature characteristics are better

ABS 43 100 60

Good characteristics of color matching, spraying, plating, etc.

PC+ABS 56 110 120 Medium performance, good processing, and fluidity.

Technology production

New technology can also make cell phone shells, using 3d printing technology to make cell phone shells. 1]

Cell phone cases cause cancer.

The news that “cell phone covers contain super carcinogenic substances” is a bit outrageous; cell phone users should be more concerned about the long-term use of cell phone covers that will carry many bacteria.

Cell phone covers do not have carcinogenic substances, but we should pay attention to try to avoid counterfeit cell phone covers when buying these products.

Material classification

Whether in terms of mold design, injection technology or coating performance, there has been a great breakthrough in the use of Pc materials for cell phone outer

The proportion of mobile phone shells is increasing. Preliminary estimates of the balance of cell phone shell using Pc materials has exceeded 50%. And there is a cell phone shell to do

There is a great improvement in the appearance of the film treatment. The use of plastic can be divided into standard grade, temperature resistance grade, impact resistance grade, flame retardant grade, electroplating grade, etc.

1PC scientific name for polycarbonate. The performance characteristics of the material.

①High strength, the tensile strength of 69MPa, bending strength of 96MPa.

②High temperature resistance, long-term use can withstand 130 degrees Celsius temperature environment.

③Good transparency, non-toxic.

④Material color matching and surface coating are not as good as ABS.

⑤Pc should be selected as a high fluidity grade. Suitable for flip-top machines and cell phones used in harsh environments.

2 ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer) material performance characteristics.

①Low strength, tensile strength 43MPa, bending strength 79MPa.

② Not temperature resistant, long-term use temperature shall not be higher than 60 degrees Celsius.

③Fluidity, coloring and surface spraying, and plating performance are good.

3 Pc and ABs synthetic materials, taking the characteristics of the previous two

Pc+ABS material is mainly used for straight plate machines and flip-top machines with high general appearance and color requirements but no special needs for the environment.

plastic cell phone shell

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of piano baking paint

Early cell phones are mostly made of ordinary engineering plastics, and their appearance is usually unadorned, with a simple anti-slip pattern or spray paint. Although it was practical, it could not meet the consumer’s psychology of admiring beauty. In the latter, many cell phones use gorgeous materials to decorate the appearance of the phone. Among them, piano baking lacquer has been welcomed by the public. The piano lacquer process, a baking paint process, is very complicated; mechanized piano baking paint is still very fast. Some cell phone manufacturers use the piano lacquer process to manufacture, while some use ordinary polyurethane lacquer spray paint, which is much worse in terms of process and durability. The piano-baking lacquer process gives a high-grade and gorgeous aesthetic in appearance, highlighting the texture of the phone and bringing an excellent feel to the hand. This technology is very mature, but use over a long time will appear off or paint phenomenon, and easy to stain fingerprints affect the phone’s aesthetics, and wear resistance still needs to be improved. So, it depends on the consumer’s attitude to choose or give up.

Frosting process advantages and disadvantages

Designers may have thought that the surface of the phone shell to get any process is not as good as the actual color, and comfort. Then spray paint on the original cover. Spray on wear-resistant paint, both wear-resistant and non-slip; good texture does not leave fingerprints of color. Spread on the phone wear-resistant anti-slip frosted paint makes the phone more texture and will not appear severe wear and tear phenomenon. Of course, even if there is wear and tear, most phones have the same base color as the paint, so it will not be obvious. But the only place where the frosted paint process looks a little inadequate is that it does not look so upscale.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic coating

Like the piano paint process or mirror, the phone’s process is too easy to dirty, and although beautiful, but requires too much energy to take care of. The plastic coating process solves this situation. Using this process, the phone looks very textured and has non-stick fingerprints, and a non-slip feel is good. Simply put, the plastic spraying process is to spray a particular layer of paint on the surface of the shell; to dry, it will achieve the function of dirt, anti-fingerprint. However, the ability to adhere will decay over time. The plastic coating process brings excellent texture at the same time but also to enhances the phone’s grade. However, the plastic coating process is not perfect; many cell phones, after some time, often appear “peeling” phenomenon, that is, the plastic will fall off the whole block, seriously affecting the appearance of the phone.

Water Decals plastic cell phone shell

Metal advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the use of engineering plastics as the primary material for cell phone cases, metal has also been introduced into the shell of cell phones. Usually, metal cell phone shells are mainly made of aircraft aluminum. Of course, if a phone is made entirely of metal, it is not a phone; it is a scale. Because that will be very heavy, holding it in hand will also be very cumbersome. So the so-called metal phone, but also only in some critical parts of the metal used. Most of the metal cases are installed in essential elements to resist accidental impacts that may occur at any time. It has been proven that the impact resistance of the phone using metal as a shell is significantly higher than that of ordinary telephones. However, the attendant drawbacks are also apparent, the phone is heavier, and wear and tear after the phone is aesthetically reduced. Metal cell phone shells from the top of the texture to give users a secure high-grade experience, cell phone shells can generally be divided into two categories: one is the shell of the phone itself; the other for the protection of the phone shell and protective case (usually commonly known as metal phone case).

Mirror surface advantages and disadvantages

Suppose you think the piano baking lacquer process of the shell has been cool enough, bright enough, and full of texture. Mirror material makes the phone more mysterious, and more style. Mirror material is mainly used in fashionable cell phones or high-end cell phones; intense radiation will make the phone looks like a shining mirror. Not only do girls like it very much, but men also love this kind of cell phone. The mirror phone with its unique advantages from the beginning of the market to gain consumers’ love, but the mirror phone also has shortcomings of the face, “fingerprint collector” is its unique title. As long as the hand touched the place will leave traces, seriously affecting their own aesthetic, and the mirror surface of the abrasion resistance is not high, a little carelessness will leave scratches, regrettable. Consumers are also resistant to mirrored phones.

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