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What to know about customized silicone products and what to look out for

As people’s awareness of silicone products deepens, the silicone industry has emerged and more and more silicone products are entering our lives, and the variety of silicone products is getting richer. Nowadays, there are many companies and manufacturing plants that demand customized silicone products, and many companies are optimistic about the silicone products market and have started to enter the silicone products industry. However, when it comes to customizing silicone products, the lack of in-depth knowledge of the industry has led to a number of problems in the selection of silicone product manufacturers and communication with them. The following is a brief introduction to the issues to be understood before customizing silicone products and the matters to be noted during the customization process.

customized silicone products silicone hand grips strengthenerCustomized silicone products before to understand the problem

1, Silicone products and other plastic products to distinguish: Customized Silicone products and other plastic products for not professionals are difficult to identify. In this case, you can ask the manufacturer to understand.

2, The requirements of the customized products should be clear: The requirements are mainly about the use of the product, the use of the environment, and the product’s related properties. If the silicone products manufacturers cannot even confirm this most basic information, it will lead to the manufacturers providing production at ordinary standards, and cannot meet the production needs of the characteristics. Therefore, only if you let the manufacturer know this information, you will be able to choose the appropriate silicone material, take a reasonable production process, and produce products that meet your custom requirements.

3, Silicone products process to understand: Silicone product customization ensures the uniqueness of the product, so manufacturers need to develop a separate mold, and choose the appropriate materials, with LOGO and packaging, so as to meet the targeted use of the product. Some customers will doubt the need for manufacturers to charge mold fees, so when manufacturers charge mold fees, they will clearly indicate the price and inform the relevant processing process in detail, so that customers can really feel at ease and understand the transparent processing and customization services of silicone products factories.

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Matters needing attention when customized silicone products

First. Review drawings: Silicone product customization is generally based on the needs of assembly, or modeling structure of the need for separate mold production, so the integrity and accuracy of the drawings are very important, it directly determines whether the molded prototype out of the silicone product can be a test fit qualified. The design of the assembled silicone product must take into account the fit, tightness, and size of the assembly. If the silicone keys are designed to be too large, the keys will be stuck; silicone sleeves are designed to have negative tolerances because silicone is elastic and the size is too large for the assembly to be too loose and easy to fall off. Especially industrial customized silicone products, if the size of the design is not reasonable, it directly affects the assembly effect and product performance.

Second, choose the matching silicone products factory: Now there are many domestic manufacturers of silicone products, large and small, professional silicone gifts, silicone multi-colored products, but also professional silicone keys, each customized silicone products factory has its own advantages and characteristics. Different manufacturers are targeted differently, each with its own advantages, so we need to choose the right silicone products factory to cooperate with according to their own customized products and choose the right factory, not just by all sides of the offer to choose low-cost manufacturers, only to choose a professional, reasonable price to make good quality products and enjoy the quality and reliable after-sales service.

Third, the process needed as well as the processing method: Some consumers in addition to the main body of silicone, also require the appearance of silicone products, as well as functional, are expected to achieve the effect, which will have certain requirements on the external process, such as sewing, transfer, wrapping and coating and other ways, this type of product production and processing more need to have the strength of the manufacturers, familiar with all aspects of the process and processing procedures, or looking for part of the supplier cannot reach the desired goal.

Fourth, there are no special requirements.:Usually the larger silicone products manufacturers for more requirements, the product is more process of a class is more focused, and small and medium-sized silicone foundries for the requirements of a more special class of products will depend on whether their own professional class, there is no grasp of the product and so on, but the advantage of small and medium-sized silicone manufacturers is better responsiveness, for customers to respond quickly to the requirements put forward, and to deal with a more unique, mainly It still depends on the requirements put forward by the customer to determine.

Five, sign a contract to agree on the rights and obligations of both sides: After finding a suitable silicone products factory to implement the details of cooperation between the two sides, the two sides need to agree on the acceptance criteria for silicone products, talk about the price, mold cycle, sample delivery, mass production cycle, payment methods, etc., must be written to the contract, not verbally agreed, which is also to protect the rights and interests of both sides, we do it in good faith.

customized silicone products

From the above we can see that the customization of silicone products seems simple, the actual operation process, there are still many problems that need to understand, to pay attention to. Therefore, it is recommended that when you customized silicone products, to complete the production successfully and reduce the company’s costs you need to understand these issues above. In addition, when choosing a manufacturer, you must choose the design, production technology, and other aspects of excellent, reliable manufacturers.

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