custom silicone wallets

What should pay attention to in a custom silicone wallets

About Custom silicone wallets

Custom Silicone wallets are made from solid silicone and are comfortable to the touch, brightly colored, and beautiful to look at. Silicone wallets are heat resistant, easy to clean, come in a variety of colors, are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and are durable. Custom Silicone wallets can be made beautiful because they can be produced in different colors and printed patterns as required during the production process. Silicone wallets are small and delicate and are mainly used for storing small items and are highly practical.

custom silicone wallets

Although not as decorative as other high-end products, Custom silicone wallets have a considerable advantage in terms of price. It is because of its cheap price, beautiful appearance, and practicality that it has become popular with many young people, especially students. Over the years silicone wallets have also become popular with many people and sales are gradually increasing. So, what do you need to pay attention to when customizing a silicone wallet?

1, product design is the core. After the drawings are copied and designed, multiple audits are needed to see if they meet the standards. In the case of not being able to take the stability of product design, open a set of sample molds to reduce the risk; make the hand board meet the requirements or standards of large goods, and then open the large production mold, according to the number and delivery date to determine the number of holes in the mold.

2、The softness and hardness of the product. The hardness and softness of the material is not only related to the configuration of other additives but also related to the finished product after the market consumer experience such as the feel and other issues. Different products have different hardness requirements, an appropriate softness can meet the common needs of businesses, manufacturers, and consumers, to bring users a better touch experience and comfortable psychology, especially silicone coin purses, silicone pencil bags,s and other daily manual supplies, the requirements of the feel of the hand or need to be carefully considered.

3, input budget and cost. Estimating their own input costs and funding, you can understand the market price of raw materials and the weight of your products, in the knowledge of the actual production of silicone products manufacturers, combined with the price of raw materials for the product to project the cost of the product price!

custom silicone wallets

The above is the custom silicone wallet notes, in the customization process, to customize to meet their own requirements of the product, it is necessary to understand clearly this information. In addition, there are many manufacturers that provide custom silicone products, so when we choose a manufacturer, we should follow the requirements of the product to find a manufacturer with the relevant qualifications to avoid problems with the quality of the product material.

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