custom pvc fun ideas gifts coaster

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English: COASTAL. Generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other public eating places can be used as advertising accessories to improve the image. Colorful plastic coasters added companies, enterprises more prominent LOGO, closer to people’s lives, strong friction to prevent glass, Porcelain Cup slide. Can also protect the desktop from being scalded.

custom pvc fun ideas gifts coasters


Coasters fall into the following categories by material:

Paper coasters, which can not be washed with water due to their fragile nature, are usually disposable;

2, wooden coasters, wooden coasters more practical, but also more durable, but the color and type is too monotonous;

  1. Plastic coasters made of PVC plastic coasters, plastic coasters, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation model, and so on, plus the company, Enterprise LOGO more prominent, not only practical, and can play very good visual effect and advertising effect. Besides, the use of PP material manufacturing coasters, as well as PP top and Eva bottom combination of coasters in foreign countries are also relatively popular.

4, metal coasters, mainly tinplate-based, the same light, durable.

5、 pick the Flower Cup Mat, pick the flowers blooming in nature, after finishing, processing, use special tools to dehydrate, make it keep its original color, and then through the author’s idea, design, paste and make a new shape and give it new life.

About coasters

Coasters, maybe just a name, in fact, coasters are very useful, especially the kind of basin-shaped coasters, said to be coasters, but the shape resembles a melon-seed candy dish, many families sometimes use coasters and melon-seed candy dishes together It’s not that you can’t tell them apart, it’s that they overlap and add to the fun. Many people use wooden coasters as saucers, while many people use plastic coasters as mousepads, and paper coasters are more humane.

custom pvc promotiion coasters

How to use a coaster

There is no formal or standard way to use a coaster, the key is safety and practicality, but sometimes a coaster is a foil, such as when drinking coffee, you need to add a coaster, otherwise there is no modern and elegant feeling. So at ordinary times what knowledge and attention to use coasters?

  1. coasters are best used only as coasters, which are used for many occasions and may not be as much fun

2, the protection of coasters, no matter what kind of material coasters, can not often fall touch;

3, the cleaning of coasters, in addition to the paper coasters, others can be cleaned with water, you can also scrub.

custom fruit design pvc promotiion coasters

Making of coasters

The coasters are simple and individual

  1. Make a paper coaster, choose the material and cut it according to your specifications.
  2. Make plastic coasters, but also choose good materials and cut them yourself.

3, metal coasters, the specific aesthetic requirements, if it is not much of a request, you can buy some cheap and easy to handle aluminum sheet can be cut.

4, wooden coasters, but also relatively simple, a little bit of sawing technology can be done.

5, pressed flower coasters, do with the drop of plastic pressed flower crafts is the most beautiful. The key chains, pendants and so on are all unique and delicate, just like amber, crystal clear, colorful flowers and plants in full bloom inside. It is not difficult to make such a handicraft. First, the flowers and plants should be placed in a fixed position. Then, A and B glue should be mixed evenly in a ratio of 1:3 Then drop it on the flowers and plants, and when it dries naturally, it has successfully frozen the beautiful, the whole handicraft is so delicate that you can not see any traces of handiwork. The most amazing thing is that it can not only freeze the original shape of the flowers and plants but also make different patterns by cutting and pasting the flowers and plants. If you can cut and paste morning glory into a little girl’s flying skirt, cut leaves into pieces of grapes, snapdragons into soft willow branches… the most pleasant thing is, you can still rely on their preferences, the freedom to put them together into different pieces, and then put them in a frame to hang, it becomes a unique work of art.

Of course, the number of manufacturers specializing in the production of coasters, coasters is a fast consumer good, the market is in short supply, just domestic demand has exceeded the expectations of many enterprises, so vigorously increasing production is the only strategy of enterprises.

custom pvc promotiion coasters

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