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What are the features of silicone coin purses?

Silicone coin purses

For those who know more about silicone products, silicone coin purses should not be unfamiliar, more or less all have heard of them. The silicone coin purse is more convenient to use, simple and fashionable appearance, and indeed attracts a lot of consumers. In recent years, with the development of silicone products, science and technology, domestic silicone products production technology is also progressing, a variety of patterns, colours, and shapes of silicone coin purse production out. So, what are the features of silicone coin purses? Why are silicone coin purses so popular? How do you clean a silicone coin purse after use? Today OYIGIFTS will provide you with a comprehensive introduction.

silicone coin purses

What are the features of silicone coin purses?

Silicone coin purses mainly to exquisite, innovative, aesthetic appearance to attract consumers, and brand bags and women’s purses are different, silicone coin purses are small and convenient, exquisite and beautiful, storage items mainly, so as a decoration and brand compared to it does not take the upper hand, and as a gift promotion products is indeed a good product, there are several advantages to make it in recent years in sales not inferior to other products.

Price: the price of products in the silicone rubber products industry has not been too high and compared to other high-end, precision, rare products industry, the price is incomparable, so it is the most popular place is cheap, everyone can afford to use, especially students to consider the problem is the appearance of attraction!

silicone purse with bobbles toys 1 POP silicone bag

Material: environmental protection is an important factor in global development, so we all advocate green, advocate safety-oriented, silicone products material is not exactly as you wish? In recent years, in addition to silicone small wallet, silicone within consumer goods as well as daily necessities have increased very well, the amount is not bad as other wallet jewelry, so colorless and tasteless environmentally friendly materials is the direction of its development, silicone coin purse is this category!

Process innovation: silicone bag is mainly made of rubber, hardware, as well as zips, sewing and other combinations of several processes, innovative technology is the main core technology of the coin purse, the current technology of silicone bag can achieve dozens of hundreds of processes, hardware bags, silicone zip bag, magnetic bags, structural modelling, etc., the surface treatment process and colour patterns can be customized in a comprehensive manner, so it will not be worse than the reputation of other products, is poorly innovative things!

Now most of the coin purses are aimed at the younger generation, so the pattern must be improved on top to keep up with the current trend of the times, and we silicone coin purses above the common surface treatment is divided into, screen printing, pad printing, spot glue, vulcanization of one molding and so on process. There is a wide range of coin purses on the market and it is clear how many are sold. It is not only a fashion accessory, but also a very good choice as a promotional gift, and now the silicone coin purse has gone to the international arena and has a very high popularity at home and abroad!

Cute silicone purse

What are the characteristics of silicone coin purses? The above is a summary of the silicone coin purse for you. The material of the silicone coin purse is, as the name suggests, made from environmentally safe, non-toxic silicone, and the shape is cartoonish and suitable for teenage girls. The silicone coin purse itself is heat and wear-resistant, small and practical, and easy to maintain. This small wallet is perfect for holding change, keys, bus cards, student ID cards, headphones, data cables, and other miscellaneous items.

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