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The benefits of using silicone water bottle in outdoor

Using silicone water bottles in outdoor

The utility model provides a foldable silicone water bottle, said foldable silicone water bottle includes a bottle body and a cap device, the bottle body is made of soft material, and the bottle body is provided with a crease circle, said crease circle on one side of the bottle caliber is smaller than the other side of the bottle caliber, said bottle body can be folded inward along said crease circle is located on one side of the bottle caliber smaller part of the crease circle into the bottle caliber located on the other side of the crease circle larger part. Said bottle cap device includes a top cap, a sealing ring, a suction nozzle, and an annular kit; a ring-shaped opening is provided on the upper end of the bottle, said annular kit is set on said annular opening, said sealing ring is set on the upper end of the said suction tube; said bottle body can be folded inward along said crease ring on the bottle body part of the bottle into the other part of the bottle body, making the bottle body volume variable, reducing the bottle body volume when it is vacant or when the amount of liquid in the bottle is small and Easy to carry and use.foldable silicone water bottle

This plastic water bottle looks very ordinary, in addition to being able to stretch and fold, its most important feature is made of medical-grade silicone, environmentally friendly, tasteless, non-toxic, and antibacterial. The bottle has a spiral design, a soft texture, and heat resistance is quite good, so it seems to be a good choice to take it with you when you go out.

Silicone water bottles, silicone water bottles, and many other silicone products are very widely used in people’s lives and loved by consumers. So what are the benefits of silicone water bottles and water bottles? Why are so many people using them now?

foldable silicone water bottle

The benefits of silicone water bottles

Silicone water bottle manufacturers feel that we should pay attention to the following elements when choosing a silicone water bottle, an item that comes into direct contact with the human body.

1, The degree of environmental protection of the silicone water bottle

The degree of environmental protection is also whether there is toxicity, because of direct contact with the human body, so whether it will volatilize toxic substances, is the main concern of factors, the current high environmental protection silicone products can already be used directly without harming the human body. Compared to the high pollution of plastic material, silicone is still very popular.

2, The price of the water bottle

After investigation, the price of silicone water bottles is very cheap and affordable, compared to glass, and ceramic cups.

3, whether easy to carry

Often seen in sports, cycling sports people are carrying silicone water bottles, mainly is very easy to carry, foldable soft. Compared to the hard water bottle, it can be a lot more convenient.

Of course, everyone has their own selection criteria, but the benefits of silicone water bottles are also really loved by the majority of consumers, cheap and affordable and good, I want to remind you that silicone water bottles in the purchase must be selected with the test certification Oh.

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Is travel folding silicone electric kettle safe?

Is safe silicone kettle toxic? Specifically as follows.

No poison. The electric kettle is only heated with resistance wire E, silicone will not decompose at 100 degrees.

After buying the kettle, read the manual carefully to understand its maximum power to configure the corresponding plug-in board, and try to use it in a place where children are not easily touched to avoid burns.

Check the switch of the electric kettle, and make sure that the switch of the power supply is in the off position before powering on, so as not to damage the body of the shock current, affecting the service life.

When adding water, look at the water level line tips, do not exceed the maximum water level line, so as not to cause damage.

Electric kettle in operation when boiling water, must be supervised to avoid overflowing boiling water, the body of the short circuit caused by safety hazards, and placed in a position out of reach of children to ensure safety.

The silicone used in electric kettles on the market today is safe, odorless, and corrosion-resistant, and is also a special material for baby pacifiers and spoons. In the range of -60 ℃ to 200 ℃ can be used for a long time, and will not produce bisphenol and other harmful substances. And travel, the most important thing is light and portable, silicone has good ductility, light, and other characteristics, often used as a travel peripheral product, such as silicone folding electric kettles, silicone folding water bottles, etc. Recommended U.S. Chorang, Nepal, and other brands, good quality, and high security!

If you are interested in the silicone water bottle, welcome to contact us, thanks in advance!


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