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Do you know more information about refrigerator magnets?

Refrigerator magnets introduction

The traditional refrigerator magnets are mainly used to decorate the refrigerator, and have the function of post-it Notes, recording the changes in the refrigerator food and purchase requirements. You can also write down what you need to tell your family on a piece of paper and stick it in the fridge so it’s easier for them to notice.

CUSTOM PVC Refrigerator magnets

The refrigerator magnets

Now the cute shape of the refrigerator paste can also be used for the refrigerator or bookshelves and other decorations.

As a home decoration, decoration in the refrigerator can also be displayed on the desk, wine cabinet, Bar, and any place you like.

Built-in magnet refrigerator paste does not affect the overall appearance, can be adsorbed on any magnet can be adsorbed on household items.

Shop display, photographic background, video props, three-dimensional Menu, Hobby Collection.

There are important items, convenient for you to put a note in the refrigerator to remind the family to leave some warm quotes that are also very romantic oh.

CUSTOM PVC Refrigerator magnets

Classification of refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator pastes are divided into 2 categories: one is magnetic pastes, the other is self-adhesive pastes, magnetic pastes can be reused and self-adhesive pastes are disposable, it’s used for decoration, but it’s also used to keep track of what’s in the fridge and as a reminder. It’s a lot of things.

The categories of magnetic products are:

1) magnetic refrigerator paste: The use of the following soft glue magnet + above coated paper made of Color Printing peritoneum.

2) thermometer refrigerator paste: The use of the following soft glue magnet + above-coated paper four-color printing laminating film + thermometer.

3) magnetic bookmark: Use the following soft glue magnet (magnetic) + above coated paper four-color Printing peritoneum folded.

4) magnetic message board, White Board: Use soft glue magnet (or paperboard) + coated paper four-color laminating film + erasable pen.

5) magnetic photo frame: It is made of soft glue magnet, coated paper, color printing peritoneum, punching and cutting photo frame in the middle, or it is made of double-layer photo frame, PVC photo frame, cardboard photo frame and so on.

6) magnetic NOTEPAD: use the following soft glue magnet + above copperplate paper four-color Printing laminating film + NOTEPAD, or separate notepad, notepad.

7) magnetic puzzle (board puzzle): The use of the following soft glue magnet (or cardboard, greyboard) + the upper coated paper four-color printing laminating film, in the middle of the design of the puzzle pieces to cut.

8) PVC soft glue refrigerator magnets: PVC soft glue refrigerator paste is made of PVC soft glue on the front, soft refrigerator magnets, or magnets on the back.

9) tinplate refrigerator sticker: made of four-color Printing paper wrapping process and plastic magnetic film.

10) EVA DART board: Using the following EVA + medium iron + above copperplate paper four-color printing lamination + DART head.

11) glass refrigerator paste: made of the following soft glue magnet + coated paper color printing + semicircle glass window peritoneum.

12) Glue Refrigerator Paste: The use of the following soft glue magnet + above-coated paper color printing + drip made of plastic peritoneum.

13) ceramic refrigerator paste: The use of the following soft glue magnet + ceramic plate above fired from the color glaze, green health, and environmental protection

CUSTOM PVC Refrigerator magnets

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