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A promotional gift is a hot concept that has attracted people’s attention in recent years. The background of it is mainly that when price reduction has become a habit, all kinds of merchants go out of their way to find ways to win the market except “price war” The use of some “atypical” means of promotion is to win the media attention and consumer attention.

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Method of Implementation

1, the purchase of products will be given corresponding gifts (can be bought large to give small, buy the main products to give peripheral gifts, give a special novel gift, etc.)2, after the purchase of products to participate in a lucky draw, the lucky draw will be given a valuable gift;

3. Add a small amount of money to the purchase of the product to get the matching products associated with the purchase. The broad masses of consumers are stepping into an era of rational consumption. Some strange sales promotion methods can attract the attention of the market and consumers for a while, but when consumers choose consumer goods, they will not necessarily choose such products. Suitable promotion means together with the product itself quality, service, and so on is the key to winning the market.

Gift Recommendations

1. Do Promotion First to choose promotional gifts, choose a good promotional gifts requirements is the target audience like novel products, meets the target audience’s curiosity, with practical value, take back will not be thrown away.

2. Can Bring convenience to the target audience’s life or family, to the company’s product storage or edible help gift, but the price is cheap, but also to satisfy the scarcity of expensive, more intensified target audience purchasing psychology

3. There are four reasons why food companies, beverage companies, and other fast-moving consumer goods companies can now use the Food Butler as a promotional tool:

A. Novel and Peculiar Products, which are granted patent certificates by the National Patent Office, are not currently available on the market.

B. Target audience likes, to buy food and drink, condiments people are home store a series of food, your food back target audience will also store, so you give one or more Food Butler to your target audience to help him to manage the purchase of food and drink, eat within the shelf-life, so that your food is safe to drink every time, so it is very suitable. You give it to him, and he never throws it away, because it helps him manage the food, and every time he opens it and opens it, he sees the Food Steward that your company gave him, so he builds customer loyalty

C. The price is cheap and suitable for promotion, Food Butler is a patented product, but the price is very cheap, as long as a dollar more money can be ordered to buy. Let a patent product promote you, as a value-added gift to return to your target audience, and better enhance the value of your company’s products.

D. Now on the market promotional gifts or value-added gifts, cheap is very common, can not patent products, so these promotional gifts can be processed everywhere, can be bought everywhere, and can not meet people’s curiosity. So promotional gifts or value-added gifts are also more and more ignored, and more and more attention is to playing price war. The price war became the dead-end object, letting the enterprise profit lower and lower, and the investment bigger and bigger.

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With the baptism of the financial crisis, the gift industry has gradually reversed itself from the narrow state of self-government and mutual earnest elbow, taking the road of a division of Labor, Cooperation and specialization, joint vertical and horizontal, and constantly opening up detailed and diversified marketing channels Update the marketing concept. Traditional Wholesale, agent needs to further improve and scientific, with other industries, integrated marketing, as many as possible production plants, and suppliers advantage together, through a wide range of marketing channels to occupy market share. This also gradually makes those services in place, the service level is high, the specialized degree is strong, and has the strength Gift Company to highlight.

Market demand is also changing faster and faster, leading to rapid changes in the production of gift producers. Therefore, who can quickly launch products, who can get ahead of the market, and win customers? In the traditional enterprise, the entire production cycle and circulation cycle is long, which means not only that the corresponding market can not be quick, but also means that the whole cycle of large occupancy of resources. And using information technology can solve at the same time meet market demand and reduce the cost of time two issues.

The production of gift suppliers should be determined according to market demand. The products produced (for the intermediary, it is “service”) should be taken to the market to realize their commercial value. Without the market, the enterprise has no reason to exist Therefore, information related to the market is vital to the survival of enterprises. The use of information technology and distributors, retailers, and even end-consumers to establish close contact to shorten the distance between production and sales to quickly capture changes in market demand. This new relationship between the enterprise and the market, established through the use of information technology, is a new area of the rapid development of the gift industry

Industry Market Information

The current state of the Industry

In recent years, the promotion of gifts gradually becomes a hot concept which that people pay attention to. Giving gifts with the company’s brand logo or promotional message is an effective way for enterprises to enhance brand awareness. Because promotional gifts are often given away with the product, they need to have a distinctive feature of the product or enterprise and are usually produced for Oem. The supplier makes the product according to the demand of the buyer.

Promotional items often give the impression of being cheap, but many companies are willing to use high-end materials and new technology to improve the quality of their products to attract customers. The price of raw materials on the promotion of the gift industry as a whole has a strong impact. The price of oil, textile materials, metals, and plastics all affect the cost of promotional gifts. Wearable promotional gifts account for the largest share of all promotional items, so the price fluctuation of textile materials is more concern for the industry. Since the end of 2008, cotton prices continued to rise, China’s cotton spot prices reached 14,913 yuan per ton at the end of 2009, and in March 2010 closed at 16,048 yuan. At the end of 2009, the prices of viscose staple fiber and polyester staple fiber were RMB18,850 and RMB9,600 per ton respectively, up 62.5% and 33.33% from the beginning of the year.

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The United States, the European Union, and Japan are China’s main export markets for promotional gifts. Coastal Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian is currently the largest export promotion gift production center. Jiangsu is the main cotton processing area in China. Relying on regional advantages, Jiangsu produces mid-end hats and t-shirts and others wearing promotional gifts-based. The mainland is mainly steel and plastic-based, Anhui Plastic Cups and Steel Cups more popular.

There are about 1,000 manufacturers of wearable promotional gifts in Guangdong Province. Their products are mainly middle-and high-end promotional t-shirts and Polo shirts. They also include promotional umbrellas, promotional key chains, and promotional USB accessories. Wenzhou, in Zhejiang Province, has 1,500 suppliers of promotional packages and exports 800 million promotional packages annually, accounting for 70 percent of China’s total exports.  a major producer of promotional pens, exports about 6bn pens a year, accounting for 40 percent of China’s total exports. Fujian is the main production center of footwear products in China, suppliers can provide a wide range of innovative design promotional shoes. Affected by the financial crisis, overseas enterprises cut costs, and reduce promotional expenses, and promotional gifts in the 2008 export performance downturn. As the gift industry itself has a strong dependency, the overall reduction in product sales indirectly leads to a reduction in the demand for promotional gifts. Some export-dependent gift enterprises received less than 30 percent of their previous overseas orders at the end of 2008.

To reduce the impact of the financial crisis, on the one hand, suppliers began to significantly reduce the validity period of quotations, from the original six months to adjust to 2-4 weeks, some enterprises adjusted the validity period of quotations to 7 days. On the other hand, suppliers set out to develop potential emerging markets such as the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Promoting communication with buyers is also an important measure for suppliers to improve their export status. Only to achieve real-time communication and communication with foreign buyers, to dig into the real needs of buyers, make to meet the needs of buyers of new products.

Development Trend

According to Shanghai 2010 Gift Trend Forecast Analysis, environmental protection, low-carbon gifts will become the innovation trend of research and development, through scientific and technological means to achieve the application of ecological and environmental protection materials, and gradually reduce natural resource consumption. On the other hand, in the future, functional products such as two-in-one or three-in-one key chains, and multi-function desk calendars with radio and USB accessories, will be developed by leaps and bounds. At the same time, the use of the latest design of promotional gifts will able to high-value image for more business buyers welcome.

Technology is no longer an issue for Chinese companies, as most have some R & D capabilities and weak companies can source components from Japan and Hong Kong for Assembly and production. Moreover, China’s promotional gifts in price also have a considerable advantage. If you incorporate more creativity and inspiration into your design, you’ll be more competitive. For Chinese Manufacturers of promotional gifts, establishing brand awareness, independent innovation, and constantly upgrading their products have become the top priority for the whole industry, and they also need to overcome the pressure of rising prices for raw materials Shifting raw material procurement to the local market to reduce production costs.

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Market Opportunity

Promotional gifts are a carrier of emotional expression between enterprises and consumers. To build emotional bridges with consumers, companies will put more effort into promoting the purchase and use of gifts. Compared with the high prices of advertising media, even keep up the trend, promotional gifts low cost, good results, quick results, promotional effect and easy to calculate, is one of the most cost-effective promotional measures. The increase in the demand for advertising promotional gifts has become an inevitable trend.


1. Business Gifts. This is when a company gives a promotional gift, such as a video card, on a special day to promote the product or to let customers know more about the brand, the product, or the latest news.

2. Staff Incentive Scheme. Using gifts to reward employees for being proactive and getting results can increase their loyalty to the company. This is most often used in the human resources department.


1. Has the expressive force or the persuasiveness, can fully display the brand idea accurately;

2. Can make the target consumer identity, the potential consumer favor;

3. Has the shock strength, is novel but not ordinary;

4. Has good emotionality;

5. Good consistency.

Selection factor

1. Target Audience: Cultural Background, age, preferences, habits, consumption capacity, etc.

2. Enterprise internal conditions: Enterprise Concept and brand concept, promotion objectives, management status, proposed investment funds, personnel conditions, etc.

3. Market factors: Sales Channels, product entry period, mature status, regional characteristics, etc.

4. The promotion itself factors appearance, material, technology level, quality of work, performance, etc.

5. Time factors: Promotion Timing, design cycle, production cycle, transportation cycle, seasonal characteristics, etc.

6. State policies, laws, and regulations.

Selection principle

Hold promotional activities, in which the choice of promotional gifts is particularly important, promotional activities, the choice of promotional gifts, depending on the audience and time factors, such as different promotional gifts will be chosen. But on the whole, there are a few principles to follow

1. The principle of practicality

Whether a promotional gift is practical depends on the consumer’s satisfaction with the gift to judge, generally speaking, the gift that has practical value to consumers, is practical. For example, if consumers who want to buy mobile phones, then promotional gifts can choose to send headphones, batteries, and other supplies. Consumers want to buy home appliances, kitchen supplies can be given away. This allows consumers to better appreciate the practicality of promotional gifts

2. The value sensibility principle. The principle of the sense of value needs to grasp just right, the value of gifts is too low to attract consumers, and can not reach the real role of promotion. Too high a sense of value, increase the cost of consumption, but also let consumers have doubts.

3. Good emotionality. Good emotional gifts, the general use of easy-to-carry gifts, and general gifts volume is not easy to cause an unnecessary burden. Choose these emotional promotional products, so that consumers feel the business is everywhere for the sake of customers, to leave a good impression on consumers.

4. The creative novelty principle. Creative and novel promotional gifts can always attract the attention of consumers, in the selection of these promotional gifts, we must grasp the creativity of the product, and consumers can mobilize the desire to buy.

5. The quality principle. The quality principle generally causes the majority of consumers to approve and lets the consumer in favor. Such promotional products must avoid the choice of counterfeit products, because these promotional products will directly damage the image of the enterprise in the minds of consumers, resulting in the corporate brand image of devaluation. For example, Amway products generally choose brand quality clearance products, can well attract the most stable customers, thus bringing a certain degree of consumer satisfaction, and can fully and accurately show the brand concept.

6. Seasonal principles. The seasonal principle is generally to pay attention to seasonal changes while buying promotional materials. Promotional materials that are in line with the seasonal nature can bring sensory attraction to consumers, otherwise, they will bore consumers with promotional materials That these giveaways were superfluous.

7. The principle of repetition. It is only when consumers are constantly exposed to promotional items and the words and phrases in the advertisements that they can make a lasting impression. Therefore, when choosing promotional items, you should take into account how the consumer will use them. The higher the frequency of use or contact, the greater the effect of repetition.

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Purchasing requirement

Application Requirements

(1) the gift purchase must first do the application, the reason is substantial, and conforms to the brand promotion demand.

(2) the brand manager of the marketing department is responsible for the selection of promotional gifts.

(3) the purchasing department of the company negotiates and procures with the supplier.

Purchase Price

Strictly following the principle of price comparison procurement, good procurement price is the first hurdle, the selection of a high trust price ratio of dealers.

Based on the market price dynamics, reference materials, labor, design, manufacturing, quality testing, logistics, tax, and other costs, reasonable pricing is.

3 from the company’s interests, from the cost savings funds, and ensure that the quality of gifts enhances the brand image.

Basic value

Value One: greatly enhance the company’s brand and reputation.

Value Two: Unique Business Card, to leave a good impression on customers.

Value Three: then “gold” is more valuable, more valuable targeted advertising.

Value Four: improve customer stability, and increase the probability of customer referrals.

Value Five: In the peer more and more fierce competition, for more business, faster transaction speed, efficiency.

If you are interested in the promotional gifts or have any questions, please contact us directly or leave a message, thanks in advance.

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