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Custom silicone bracelet – A gift that’ll charm the receiver!

A gift that’ll charm the receiver

Gift-giving and gift-receiving are age-old traditions that sadly, in today’s busy “connected” world, are losing their efficacy. That’s why something even as small as rubber or custom silicone bracelets can make all the difference to the receiver. It makes one feel appreciated, and the receiver is bound to use their new gift to charm and amaze people that see them wear the wristbands.

Thankfully, OYI Gifts is in a position to produce and supply some of the best custom-designed and manufactured wristbands and custom bracelets made from rubber, silicone, and plastic. Read on to learn why these tiny bands, worn around the wrists of millions around the world, have so much power and sway in our lives.

custom silicone bracelets

Gifts that bedazzle and charm  custom silicone bracelets

So, what does a simple, flexible band, made from rubber or silicone, have to do with charming and delighting someone? Well, to find out why, we must understand the meaning of the word “charm”.

According to Names.Org:

“…Charm is of English origin and means ‘To be blessed with luck and beauty”

The Cambridge dictionary, that Mother of all English words, defines a charm, which might include silicone and rubber bracelets, as an object:

“…that is believed to bring good luck”

Other reliable sources of the English lexicon describe bracelets and wristbands, which are part of the “charm” family, as things that have magical powers that can persuade someone to do whatever they want. Bangles, bracelets, wristwear, wristbands – these are all various names by which wrist charms go.

People of all ages, young, old, and middle-aged, take very fondly to wearing them for reasons of their own. When someone receives them as a gift, however, there’s a great sense of appreciation and gratitude to the giver. The truth, of course, is that charms do have a bedazzling impact on the onlooker. So, anyone receiving a charm as a gift, treasures not only the bracelet or wristband itself, but also the friendship, affection, and fondness demonstrated by the giver.

Men and women that wear bracelets or wristbands made from rubber or silicone somehow seem to accentuate their beauty and personalities, So, perhaps that’s what “charms” the people around them.

And that would be no surprise at all! Bracelets and wristbands have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Famous personalities of that era, notably famed queen Cleopatra, loved to adorn her arms and wrists with decorative bracelets. Of course, back then you wouldn’t see a monarch wearing a custom silicone wristband!

Those ornaments were custom-made from the purest of gold…nothing else could do for the mother of all things beautiful! How else would queens and ladies show their charm and bedazzle their followers back then?

And not much has changed since those days, with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Prince, Lady Diana and even Madonna covering their hands with bracelets and bands. Men, like Jackson and Prince, typically charmed their audiences with a single bracelet or wristband. Women, however, typically wear multiple bracelets around their wrists and arms to bedazzle their ardent followers.

Appealing as the metal bangles and bracelets are, times have gradually changed. More people, especially among the under-50 age group, are taking to wearing bands made from other materials, such as plastic, rubber, and silicone, around their wrists. And that’s one of the main reasons that there’s such a demand for bulk rubber bracelets made by OYI Gifts.

Custom silicone bracelet

The allure of rubber and silicone wristwear     

It’s not that bracelets made from metal are unattractive, or that gold has lost its shine for wristband lovers. Those are still viable choices even today. However, materials like silicone and rubber have become favorite alternates due to several factors, including:

1)      Silicone and rubber wristwear are significantly lighter than their metal cousins, which means they don’t weigh so heavily on the hand. In today’s world, when you are using one hand to text a message, and another to hold your coffee, you need a wristband that is light and nearly weightless

2)      Because of their soft and non-metallic qualities, rubber and silicone bands don’t create a lot of noise when they bang together – as copper or silver wristbands do. Most people today don’t like to attract attention, and wearing multiple rubber or silicone bands on a single wrist helps them do just that – not draw attention to themselves!

3)      A custom silicone bracelet, as well as its rubber cousin, is light as a feather. Because of the quality of the materials used in manufacturing them, they are also soft, supple, and flexible. This makes them easily transportable, unlike their stainless steel or brass counterparts that can add considerable weight when carried in bulk

4)      Silicone and rubber also have another unique characteristic that adds to their allure. Both these materials are very hardy and dirt resistant. Unlike gold or silver, which lose their luster when exposed to sunlight or moisture, rubber and silicone wristwear don’t have those challenges. That’s why they are becoming so popular

5)      If you own a silver bracelet, chances are that you must maintain it very carefully. If it’s not polished and shined after every three or four wears, the shine starts to dim. And shining costs money and takes time and effort. Men’s rubber bracelets, or even silicone wristwear for women, are low-maintenance pieces of personal accessories. All you need is to wash them now and again – and they’re as good as new!

6)      Have you ever forgotten to take off your brass or copper wristband before going to bed, and woken up with a swollen or bruised wrist? Sometimes, especially if you have thick arms and wrists, metallic wristbands can ride high during sleep and constrict blood flow to the arm, which can be dangerous.

With silicone and rubber wristbands, you’ll never have that issue, to begin with. Because OYI Gifts rubber and silicone bands are made from flexible materials, they’ll comfortably expand and contract to the size and shape of your arms. No pain or discomfort!

7)      And, we can’t ignore the cost factor when trying to determine the reasons behind the allure of rubber or silicone-made bracelets. When companies buy and ship rubber bracelets in bulk, there is yet another advantage – cost! Firstly, the cost per bracelet is low when you order and ship 1,000 pieces. But if you order 10,000 of them, even if you pay the same unit cost – your landed cost is significantly lower.

Why? Because you’ll pay less in freight and shipping charges for rubber or plastic bands compared to shipping 10,000 heavy copper bracelets. And if you compare those costs with more expensive metals – like gold, platinum, or silver – you’ll likely spend even more than you typically would if you ordered bulk rubber bracelets or those made from silicone.


And add to that the higher cost of insurance – because gold, platinum, or silver are more susceptible to pillage and theft in transit – you can easily see the cost attractiveness of bracelets and wristbands made from rubber or silicone. 

It is because of these reasons, and a myriad of others, that more and more people are choosing to prefer wearing non-metallic wrist accessories.

cusotm silicone slap bracelet

Ideas to gift silicone and custom rubber bracelets

Whether you are a small business owner looking to drum up some business, or a large company looking to popularize your corporate brand; you can use customized rubber and silicone wristwear to do so. Here are some ways that can help you accomplish your objectives:

1)      Do you have a milestone date coming up – an anniversary of your founding, or the date when you opened your first overseas office? Well, why not have your sales and marketing teams give customized bracelets to your customers and staff commemorating those milestones?

2)      What about showing solidarity with a favorite corporate cause or charity? There are so many worthy causes that companies like being associated with. You too can show your support to one of them by having a unique wristband made, with your company name printed, and handing them to customers, employees, and visitors to your businesses.

You can order Pink custom silicone bracelets wholesale to commemorate Breast Cancer, Teal ones to support autism, Orange for Leukemia, or Pearl for lung cancer. There’s a whole array of worthy causes that you can support by giving away colorful bracelets and wristbands made from rubber or silicone.

3)      If you are in the retail gift-selling business, you’ll love the fact that rubber and silicone wristwear and bands are a rage today – especially among younger shoppers. If you have a range of chains, necklaces or headwear gift items, you can easily add an assortment of silicone or rubber bracelets to your inventory. 

These colorful personal accessories will sell by themselves! Just place them in an aisle next to the costume jewelry, and watch them fly off the shelves. Every time a customer buys one of your other gift items – like a men’s chain or woman’s earrings, they’ll want to complement the gift with a matching set of wristwear – guaranteed!

4)      You can even gift a unique custom silicone bracelet made for your clients and present them at customer appreciation events every year!

5)      Customized bracelets also make for great sales and marketing ideas. Just have them produced in your corporate colors, with your company slogan and contact details printed or embossed on them. If you order a set of them and hand them out at trade shows or marketing seminars and workshops, you become the darling of the session.

When you buy and distribute rubber bracelets wholesale, not only can these free handouts draw crowds to your booth or sales station; but they also serve as powerful 3rd-party marketing tools. Recipients of the gift will proudly show them off to their friends and colleagues, who will of course notice your company details. As a result, perhaps they may decide to try your product/service. It’s called Network Marketing! 

6)      Some corporations use multi-colored bracelets as an employee motivational tool. You can have them produced in bulk with unique slogans or titles on them: Gold for “Guru”, Silver for “Expert”, White for “Beginner”, Red for “Exceeded Target”, and Orange for “Consistent Performer”.

custom silicone bracelet

Then, each time an employee (or groups of employees) meets specific corporate criteria – for example exceeding their sales quotas, or solving the highest number of support tickets – you can award them the appropriate band. Imagine the impact that’ll have on employee morale. When newbies join the company and see a colleague with four Red bracelets on their wrists, they’ll aspire to work hard to get their own Orange or Gold ones!

The beauty of working with OYI Gifts is that you can buy silicone or rubber bracelets cheap, and then use them for any purpose conceivable, be it marketing-oriented, charitable, staff appreciation, or customer recognition. If there’s an event or cause that’s worth supporting, recognizing, or celebrating, chances are that you can do so with uniquely customized rubber and silicone wristwear accessories.

Making your move

It doesn’t matter whether you want your bracelets and wristbands imprinted, debossed, embossed, or just plain. It’s time for you to make your move and take that first step in joining thousands of businesses that gift a silicone wristband, and millions of individuals who wear one.

If you have an idea for a specific bracelet or wristwear, why not contact OYI Gifts and discuss it with us? If your idea is functional, then we’ll be happy to manufacture your personalized bracelets to the highest standards. And if we can offer suggestions for improvements, our wristwear experts will gladly share some of their own ideas with you. Perhaps, working together, we can come up with a more workable solution.

And don’t worry about quantity. If you order rubber bracelets in bulk, the unit and shipping costs will certainly be lower than ordering smaller lots. However, we pride ourselves in fulfilling all types of orders – bulk, large, medium, or small. At OYI Gifts, no order is too large for us to handle, and none is so small that it won’t receive the highest priority.

What matters is that, regardless of the size of your order, you’ll receive the same level of commitment to quality and perfection – that’s our guarantee!  


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