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How to distinguish the quality of silicone kitchenware

Distinguish the quality of silicone kitchenware from Silicone products manufacturer

How to distinguish the quality of silicone kitchenware, with the continuous improvement of the economy now, silicone products are slowly appearing in our lives, and with the continuous progress of the silicone tableware industry, silicone products are more and more, which also makes consumers unable to identify how to choose quality silicone kitchenware, how should you choose?

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Safety is certainly an important issue, it is about the safety of children’s diet, so in the purchase must ensure that it belongs to the safety protection materials, otherwise caused the consequences are unimaginable, for safety you should judge from the following points!

1. Analysis of raw materials

The raw materials are currently in the source manufacturers’ outflow, but the distribution to the hands of different large and small suppliers are different formulations, each material will have certain differences, such as hardness differences, rebound tolerance, silicon molecular fineness differences, as well as raw material color differences, etc., and silicone raw materials are divided into ordinary rubber, vapor phase rubber (food grade), medical rubber and other special rubber, usually silicone food bowl selection with food-grade silicone can be, can do completely not white, good rebound, no smell and other effects, so choose silicone tableware should choose to understand the standards of silicone products manufacturers materials.

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2. vulcanizing agent

Silicone kitchenware molding whether it will emit a pungent odor, molding, resulting in an increased deformation rate of the product, and so on, the common vulcanizing agent on the market for ordinary grade and platinum grade two, the difference between the two is the ordinary curing molding cycle is higher, will produce a certain smell of rubber, the cost is low, the platinum vulcanizing agent is low-temperature molding, the processing time is shorter, no smell, liquidity words, good aging resistance, the cost is high, must be low-temperature molding.

3. smell and color

Silicone cookware is the most important thing to personally touch to see, in order to save this cost, whether the manufacturer deals with the processing of gas, or food-grade silicone products, the standard is silicone tableware molding must be processed after the direct reduction of this step, although the product is available for normal use.

How to distinguish the quality of silicone kitchenware, we can go to touch, look and even smell when buying silicone kitchenware. Genuine products that encounter high and low temperatures will not emit a pungent odor

Is silicone cookware safe?

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