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Custom Silicone Watches: It’s time to give a timeless and ageless gift

Custom Silicone Watches

Remember the days, back in the 1970s and ’80s, when quartz watches were the fad? Everyone had them on their wrists – especially kids. Back in the day, the quartz watch was mainly plastic and leather – with some metallic parts. And they were drab-looking, usually black- or silver-colored devices. Today, the flashing new silicone watch changes all the “boringness” of wristwatches. In this age of digital (internet-based) time display, custom silicone watches have made wearing wristwatches hip again!

The Glory of Wearing Wrist Watches

Not everyone carries their smartphones, tablets, or laptops everywhere they go. You might be out in your backyard, taking a break. You could be walking back to your office after seeing guests out of your corporate building, or you could be cleaning the insides of your car. Your “smart devices” will likely not be on you! It’s in times like these that a silicone watch band can save the day.

custom silicone watches

There are a number of situations where keeping track of time is of the essence – not because it’s life or death, but because it’s just essential:

  • You may be talking to a friend at the grocery store;
  • You might be chatting with a prospective client at a seminar;
  • A valued contact is giving you some advice
  • An employee is discussing a critical business problem during a team meeting

It’s usually considered rude and impolite to visibly check the time during a conversation with others. Reaching into a pocket, or staring frequently and consistently at a wall-mounted clock or the screen of your computer, maybe a sign that you are being rude. It is in times like these, that Silicone sports watches prove how graceful and discrete they are. Instead of reaching for a cell phone or tablet to check the time – and probably offend people whom you are talking with, discretely glancing at your wrist brings you up to speed on where you stand on time.

Firmly strapping a time-displaying device on your wrist allows you to discretely and conveniently tell the time. You won’t need to reach into your breast pocket, get out your smartphone, and check the time. The glory of wearing a wristwatch is convenience. Neither will you need to fire up your favorite tablet or laptop app to tell what time it is.  Sport silicone watches make time-telling simple, convenient, and discrete.

The Glamour of Silicone Wrist Watches

But wristwatches aren’t just functional devices that you can use to quickly, conveniently, and discretely tell the time. In fact, many glamour-conscious women might agree that a wristwatch has as much to do with fashion as it does with time telling! They use their women’s silicone watch more as a fashion accessory than a time display device.

custom silicone watches

And that’s yet another area where watches made from silicone serve better than leather or plastic strapped devices;

  • They’re multicolored, so match every outfit or clothing ensemble fashion-conscious men and women wear
  • They’re soft and easy to wear, making them comfortable, regardless of whether you’re playing sports or attending an office meeting
  • Because of its inherent qualities, the Silicone watch is scratch-proof and not easy to dent or bend – making it longer-lasting than the plastic or metallic versions

These watches offer the same glamour that you might expect from wearing well-designed bracelets, bangles or wristbands. So, in addition to helping you keep track of the time, the watch, and its uniquely customized wrist straps, serve as a useful fashion accessory. And it’s not just adults that are swayed by these multi-designed, multi-colored accessories!

custom silicone watches

Just as in the 70s and 80s, when quartz watches were all the rage with kids, adolescents, and young adults, custom silicone watches hold a special fashion attraction for kids too. In fact, because these are cost-effective devices, you can target them for various kid-related fashion opportunities:

  • School
  • Sports
  • Social events
  • Birthday and anniversary present
  • Casual wear

Because Sport silicone watches are so much more resilient than conventional watches, they’re ideal for enticing kids to wear them for active lifestyle events, such as soccer, hockey, and other indoor and outdoor sporting events.

Time-tested Custom Gift Ideas

We’ve talked about the functional and fashion uses of these unique devices. However, what many business owners, marketing leaders, and entrepreneurs might also appreciate, is the enormous marketing power these products possess. Many businesses today use corporate gift-giving as an effective marketing and branding strategy. Working with an experienced custom gift manufacturer like OYI Gifts is a great way to unleash the power of silicone gift products.

  • Have Silicone sports watches designed in your company’s products, so you can use them as giveaways
  • Work with your custom gift maker and include your company’s contact details on the face of the watch, or on the silicone band. That way, whenever the gift receiver wears his/her watch, others will also see those details and can contact your marketing team if they need your services
  • If you are in the women’s fashion product line business, a custom made women’s silicone watch might be a great way to promote your products and services

So, how can these watches become part of a highly effective corporate marketing and brand management strategy? Well, there are many approaches marketers use to leverage gift-giving in their marketing programs. Some of these include:

  • Create a ‘buy 2 get one gift FREE’ program, and offer a customized watch as the gift. Of course, the idea is that you will work the cost of that “free” gift into your product price. However, the optics is that you are offering something free of cost to your audience
  • Have a stall at local marketing events, where you provide gift bags to all your visitors. These goodie bags may contain lots of your corporate marketing materials, sales brochures, and branding materials. However, offer a custom-produced Silicone watch as part of the gift bag, that you widely publicize. This will ensure that many more visitors to the event will stop by to claim their watch, and will also receive other marketing information
  • Run a competition or lottery, focused on your company products and services, and have one of your customized watches (or, since they are very cost-effective, several of them!) as a prize. For this strategy to work as an effective marketing tool, it’s important that you tailor the competition to ensure participants get as much exposure as possible to your brand
  • Create a “silicone marketing gift kit”, which may include several items, including keychains, bags, iPhone covers, iPod cases, and – of course, Custom silicone watches. Because this is a kit, as opposed to a single gift product, you could offer it only to VIP clients or special prospective customers

The idea here is that you must always make the gift something that the recipient will appreciate and use. If the item isn’t something they’re likely to use regularly, you’ll lose the marketing and brand promotional power of the gift. Such gifts (nonfunctional ones) are typically discarded or stored away, and never seen again, depriving your company of the marketing power you thought they could unleash for you.

Making Custom Silicone Gifts Work

By now, you’ve probably realized that corporate gift-giving is a powerful way to promote your brand and increase sales and marketing of your products and services. However, they all involve working with a custom gift maker, like OYI Gifts, to create personalized gifts especially tailored to your business environment. While gift-giving is important, personalizing and customizing the gifts you use, in your corporate marketing programs, is equally critical.

The quality of those gifts also matters. You may produce a watch made from cheap plastic and imitation leather straps. Such gifts might wear off or detartrate quickly, providing only limited marketing opportunities. However, your brand will be linked to “cheap” quality for a long time! Producing professional grade Silicone sports watches as part of your marketing program will equate your products and services to high-end quality.

custom silicone watches

And why is that important?

Firstly, having well-designed, high-quality, and well-produced custom-built gifts not only shows that your company is about building a personalized brand, but it also provides you an opportunity to add unique touches, such as Thank You messages on the silicone watch band, to win over the trust and loyalty of your audience.

More importantly, the use of a personalized gift goes a long way to highlight to your audience why your company is different from your competitors. For example, if Burger King and Mcdonald’s both gave out hats with pictures of burgers on them – the same picture on both hats – how will customers know which burger to buy, and which one belongs to which company? By customizing sport silicone watches with your logo, and company slogan, or even producing them in your corporate colors, you produce a unique and memorable branding experience for your clients and prospective customers.

So, what other option is there to personalize your corporate gifts? Well, the alternative to custom-made gifts would be to buy mass-produced gift items, that even your competitors offer, and give them to your customers and prospective clients. That approach does not create differentiation; nor does it distinguish your company from a competitor. So, if you aren’t bothered about brand differentiation, why should your customers and clients?


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