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Silicone Watch


A silicone Watch is one of the categories of silicone gifts silicone watch is made of a solid silicone watch band that is molded after vulcanization and pressed into the watch head and is generally made of plastic watch head is generally made of metal or plastic material silicone watch band itself has a certain tension and soft feel comfortable color bright environmental protection on the skin can be arbitrary late deformation and immediate recovery is more popular promotional gifts in recent years

silicone watches

The Silica Gel Watch has wear-resisting, high-temperature-resisting, non-deforming, non-toxic, non-odorless to the human body and soft, non-cracking, long service life and non-irritating to the skin

Classification of silicone watches

There are three main categories of silicone watches currently on the market

Jelly table

The JELL-O watch is a large square or round head with a thick silicone strap inspired by the shape of the JELL-O. The color of the Jell-o is bright and individual. The manufacturer also adds LED lights to the dial to add movement to the Jell-o Watch

TAP The meter

The band is made of an elastic steel plate by the technology of packing in the silicon rubber industry. The Band is pressed in the curing press. The band has the elasticity of the steel plate and the soft feeling of the silicon rubber

Negative-ion table

Negative Ion table is the use of negative ion powder titanium powder and other ions added to the raw materials of Silica Gel mixed with Silica Gel micronutrients with a small amount of radiation to promote blood circulation

Points to note and maintenance

Take your watch off when you touch the water to avoid damage to the silicone watch as a low-cost fashion watch it doesn’t usually have a highly water-resistant movement

Do not put the watch near the fire or in a dark and humid place pay attention to moisture battery aging

3 if the watch has dust to meet the water when take the fine dry cotton cloth to wipe

silicone watches

The advantages of a silicone watch


Performance, silicone products, similar plastic products

No poison/smell. Most of it

High transparency

Physiological inertness / good chemical stability

Is it Green/biodegradable

Does Not Fade/turn yellow

Anti-aging / Long Service Life Is


Cold / Brittle, Cold-40 °C will not become brittle, cold-40 °C Brittle

Combustion performance 330 degrees, 100 to 150 degrees

High-temperature resistance, non-flammable will not produce harmful substances, flammable produce harmful substances

Good Abrasion resistance

Excellent insulation


Good skid resistance

Good or bad elasticity/shock resistance

Easy to remove mold / easy to clean

Superior performance coupled with the fact that Silica Gel is a non-petroleum product that does not rely on increasingly scarce petroleum resources, making Silica Gel products an alternative to similar plastic products has become the trend of the Times where Silica Gel products can be used in areas where many plastic products can not be used, such as baby pacifiers, human organs, and other application prospects are very broad with a complete and mature product design and manufacturing supply chain products for domestic/international markets Foreign Trade exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Hong Kong and other countries and regions have been widely recognized by the majority of consumers and praise silicone household products have become a bright scenery of people’s fashion life

silicone watches

Factors affecting the properties of Silica Gel

One viscosity

A term used to describe the resistance of a liquid to flow as a liquid or as a solid, i. e. , the internal friction or resistance of the molecules as they flow under an external force, usually proportional to viscosity and hardness

Double hardness

The local resistance of a material to being pressed into its surface is called hardness silicone rubber has a shore hardness range of 10 to 80 which gives the designer sufficient freedom to select the required hardness to best perform a specific function. Mixing Polymer fillers and additives in different proportions can achieve various intermediate hardness values. Similarly heating the curing time and temperature can also change the hardness without destroying other physical characteristics

Tri-tensile strength

The tensile strength of fluoro silicone rubber is between 4.0 MPA and 12.5 MPA. The tensile strength of fluoro silicone rubber is between 8.7 MPA and 12.1 MPA. The tensile strength of liquid silicone rubber is between 3.6 MPA and 11.0 MPA

Four-tear strength

Resistance to notch or notch enlargement when the applied force on a notched specimen. hot-vulcanized solid silicone rubber can not be torn even after being cut and placed under extremely high torsional stress. hot-vulcanized solid silicone rubber tear strength ranges from 9-55 KN / m to 17.5-46.4 Kn / M. Liquid silicone rubber tear strength ranges from 11.5-52 KN / M

Five elongation

It usually refers to the ultimate elongation at break or the percentage increase in elongation relative to the original length when the sample is broken. The general elongation ranges from 90% to 1120 %. The general elongation ranges from 159% to 699 %. The general elongation of liquid silicone rubber ranges from 220% to 900%

Six operating hours

The operating time is calculated from the moment that the GEL is added to the curing agent. There is no complete limit between the operating time and the later curing time. The Gel has been vulcanized from the moment that the curing agent is added. The operating time means that the product can be vulcanized for 30 minutes without affecting the quality of the finished product

Heptaculcanizing time

In some places, it’s called curing time, which means that after a long period of time, the curing reaction of the silicone is basically over, which means that the product is already available, but in fact, there is a very small part of the curing reaction that is not over, so products made with silicone rubber, such as silicone molds, usually have to be left for a period of time before they are put into use

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