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Cell Phone Power Bank Promotional Products – A gift that keeps on giving

Custom Portable Phone Power Bank Promotional Products

Do you remember the days when portable phones gave you endless power – the ability to make no more than 6 phone calls? That was back in the 1940s! Today, thanks to the power of cheap custom power banks, your cell phones can, theoretically, make an endless number of calls. In fact, some power chargers and portable power banks are so versatile, that you can use them not only on your cell phone but to power other mobile devices.

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This brings us to the point we’re making: Because of the dynamic power they wield – that of enabling almost limitless mobile communication capability – corporations of all sizes, large and small, look at them as marketing opportunities. Today, companies use custom portable chargers as promotional items in ways that no one would have thought possible:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Up-selling
  • Sales promotions
  • Customer rewards
  • Free giveaways
  • Special event sales events

Many companies even bundle these promotional items as part of larger gift offerings. Because they are such a cost-effective way to drum-up additional business, companies like continue to come up with new concepts and ideas for customizing these chargers and power banks. If you can think of a shape or pattern for your company’s promotional gift item, chances are that your custom gift manufacturer can produce it for you.

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The Best Gift Deal Ideas

Let’s face it, everyone loves a great deal – and why not? They help you save money, and they often end up giving you items that, but for the deal, you may not have bought. For instance, you may already have an auxiliary power device for home use. But what about at the office? Or what about one that you could keep in your car for when you are on the road? And how about having one in your bag, laptop case or purse – just in case you run out of juice at the mall, while on an errand or on the train?

It is in these situations that custom portable chargers make the ideal gift item. Because of the undying thirst for power for our mobile devices, you can never have too many mobile power banks. So, when your customers see you offering a power bank as part of a promo deal, they’ll likely jump at such offers. Some of your clients may already have a couple of these devices already, but they’ll still thank you for offering them one more!

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But sometimes, what looks like a great deal might not actually be a deal. At other times, what someone may not appreciate as a deal might turn out to be a steal! There’s a fine line between something not being a real deal, and one that truly is an exceptional offer. What it all boils down to is some basic questions:

  • What is the product you are trying to source – Electronics? Toys? Fashion items? If the gift item isn’t something that your clients really care for, then it might not be a great deal after all!
  • Are comparable items, such as custom cheap power banks, readily available elsewhere? If they are, then why would a client choose your offer? For instance, if someone offers a smartphone charger as part of a better deal, your own offer of a gift power bank may not be such a great deal
  • Who your sourcing partner is, and what their credentials and track record is? It’s important that the gift item you are offering looks and feels like it’s well-designed and well-built. And your gift sourcing partner will be crucial to these decisions
  • What price is the “deal” offered at? Even if the products look and feel “high-end”, are you or your clients willing to pay a high-end price for them? In most cases, a power bank’s promotional value offsets the cost you charge clients and customers to take advantage of the promotion. If that cost differential isn’t reasonable, clients will reject your promotional offer in favor of a competitor’s better gift offer

Combined, these elements form the essence of any deal. But the crucial factor in getting the best gift item deal is the value that you place on the gift itself. If the product or item you are looking for is something that could positively impact your company brand, then chances are that, if the other aspects line up, you have a REAL deal.

Gift item producers, like, are especially adept at providing retail and corporate clients with some of the best gift deal items. For instance, if you are thinking of offering a power bank promotional item to your clients, then you could customize them to create the best gift deal ideas. So, instead of just offering your customers a regular “reduced” pricing deal, you could offer a 2-for-one deal:

  • If they buy two of your products within the next two days, you’ll offer them a promotional portable power bank at half price – or better still, for FREE!

Portable power banks are a great gift deal idea today. That’s because we all have electronic devices that use extraordinary amounts of power on the go.  Some of us even have more than one such item – a personal cell and an office mobile device. With so much dependency placed on these devices, no one wants to be without power for any length of time.

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So, what do we all love the most as a gift? Something that will make our lives easier to live and less stressful. And if someone offered us cheap custom power banks as a gift, that would certainly fit the bill for a great gift deal. Here’s why:

  • Power banks are ubiquitous, and they make great giveaway items for almost any promotional scheme
  • Typically, portable power chargers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and that means they are great for promoting brand loyalty and brand identity
  • Advances in manufacturing technology have made power chargers extremely versatile and dynamic to use. You may order these chargers fit-for-purpose, which means you can customize them to USB 2.0, 3.0, or micro USB standards
  • And, if your customers are on the cutting-edge of technology, you can order promotional gift power banks to even support the faster, reversible, and smaller footprint of the USB 3.1 (or Type C) standard

Custom-built portable power banks and power chargers have so many applications, that they can be the ideal gift that keeps on giving. All you need to do is come up with the overall design, shape, size, or outline of the promotional gift item you want the charger to resemble. Your custom gift manufacturer should then be able to translate your vision into a value-adding promo item.

Getting Value for Your Money

One way to ensure that you get the best value for your money is to constantly be on the lookout for those deals. Some electronic product manufacturers, like makers of cell phone power banks and accessories, offer consumers amazing pricing deals during special events, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Single’s Day. In other cases, vendors, retailers and manufacturers might hold cell phone power bank promotional events or other electronic item sales when they launch new product lines.

And while you might stumble on some valuable deals as a result of new product launches, you should also keep your eyes peeled for other product-related events. For instance, a vendor of power banks may be planning to phase out an existing product line and might have excess amounts of old stock in inventory. In such cases, they may advertise a power bank promotional drive, leading to unbelievable value-for-money opportunities.

But value for money doesn’t just mean buying end-of-life products cheap, or receiving deep discounts on the latest batteries, power banks, or charging stations. Sometimes, value-for-money offers might come in the form of tailor-made solutions that fit perfectly to your needs. Custom gift manufacturers, like,  can offer a custom power bank that’s designed and manufactured for your company’s unique needs. These devices may represent a unique value proposition for you and your customers.

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One such value proposition might be in creating power banks that remind users of the product of your company. This can occur in many ways, including:

  • Placing an order for a custom logo power bank. When end-users of the device use it, their friends and colleagues will notice your company logo on the product. This will not only buy appreciation from the user but will immediately serve as a source of “free advertising” for you within the social network of those users
  • Having custom-shaped power banks designed that resemble a product that your company produces, markets, or distributed. If you are in the ice cream business, a soft case power bank in the shape or form of an ice cream cone might make great sense. Because of advances in manufacturing technologies, these devices come in almost any shape or design – from airplanes and cruise liners to pizzas, baby bottles, emojis, and fruit
  • And you can also have specially designed promotional power banks made to commemorate significant milestones in your company’s history. For example, if it’s your first successful year in business, you could easily order custom power banks and chargers shaped in form of the number “1”, marking the special significance of that number

The point of presenting these value-creating ideas to you is to highlight how easy it is to create value for your company’s investment when you are ordering custom gifts. The value does not have to come in the form of “cheaply made” products – simply because you get what you pay for. Cheaply made products typically lead to cheap pricing. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can still get value from cheap products – we’ll explain how.

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A well-designed custom-made promotional power bank, that fully represents your company’s brand and image, and is offered at a low price (as opposed to being “cheap”), will still be a valuable business proposition. That’s because custom gift makers like have perfected the art of producing high-quality products at relatively low cost to their customers.  So, when you look to source custom value for your company, make sure your supplier:

  • Has lots of experience in producing items like power bank promotional products or other electronic gift items
  • Has a proven track record of producing a wide range of fun and innovative custom-made items
  • Has the capability to manufacture customized products using a variety of materials, including ABS Plastic, PVC Rubber, and Silicone
  • Creates these items, such as custom power banks, to look like full-scale 3-D renditions of the products, images, and brands that you try to portray

More importantly, though, the partner that you select to source your custom gift items from must have the capacity and capability to scale their manufacturing abilities to meet your demand. Ideally, the perfect sourcing partner will also have its own in-house designing and manufacturing capabilities. These may be facilities that they own, rent, or lease, but where highly trained and competent staff oversee the operations.

Alternately, some partners might not have in-house capabilities or capacities. In such cases, when placing bulk orders for portable chargers in custom designs, or finalizing bulk orders for customized gift items, your sourcing partner must have a large and reputable network of sub-contractors that can deliver custom specifications to high standards.

Power your customers and prospects today!

Promotional gift items are one of the best ways to raise brand awareness and foster brand loyalty among existing and prospective clients and customers. And because power chargers and power banks are in such demand, companies are using them as the preferred promo item today.

If you have a concept for a promotional item, it’s time to reach out and contact OYI Gifts to discuss your ideas.  As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of customized gift items, it’s very likely that the vision of your promotional power banks will soon become reality. Use them to reward customers, appreciate employees, say THANK YOU to suppliers and business partners, or simply as a brand promotion tool.


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