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With OYI Gifts silicone bakeware…any season is baking season

Nice silicone bakeware…any season is baking season

Some may think that the baking season is for special holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Passover, Purim, or New Year’s Eve. Others may put their baking tools to use only on birthdays or events like Mother’s Day or Anniversaries. The fact of the matter is, with the right kind of baking aids, any season can be the baking season. In fact, with high-quality silicone bakeware on the kitchen counter, every day can be the baking season!

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Baking ease with silicone kitchen aids

The love of baking is all about letting your creative juices flow. And just like an artist with a good set of paints and brushes, good quality silicone bakeware sets are the tools of the trade for baking with ease. If your baking tools, utensils, and devices are difficult to store, retrieve and use, then you lose part of the creativity that inspires you to cook and bake.

The ease that using silicone bakeware in the kitchen delivers also influences the frequency with which you bake and the variety of baking creations you produce.  Unattractive, dull-looking, and uninspiring bakeware will dissuade your gift-receivers from frequent use of their gift. The result: The less frequently they use it, the less likely it is that they’ll remember you, your company, or your product and service.

Silicone-made products add a sense of vibrance and energy to any kitchen. They change the baking environment and uplift the mood of the baker. And any baking lover who receives such prized kitchen aids, either as gifts or as trophies from participating in special events, will testify to the comfort and ease they add to baking life.

silicone folding bow silicone bakeware


Baking is a high-stress activity, but not so much for the baker as the baking utensils are used to produce highly creative baked goods and treats. With the hectic pace of work going on in any kitchen environment, especially in a commercial establishment, bakeware must be able to withstand not just the heat of ovens and microwaves, but also the banging, clanging, smashing, and clashing of tools against those utensils.

That’s where Silicone bakeware excels:

·         Heat Resistant: As a hardy material, from which we manufacture our bakeware, Silicone is highly heat resistant. Whether you are brazing, browning, basting, or baking, Silicone baking utensils will withstand the test of high heat – up to 270C or 520F – without any damage to the bakeware

·         Waterproof: While tin trays rust after several washes, Silicone-made trays, pans, and baking molds are extremely waterproof. Even after repeated washing cycles, they’ll retain their shape, luster, and vibrance

·         Oil and grease resistant: Shiny new metal baking trays can attract baked-on grease. Each time you use one of those baking trays or pans, the grease cakes on and solidify with the heat of the oven, making it extremely difficult to remove. After a dozen or so uses, your shiny new tray isn’t so shiny anymore. It’s brown or black, encased in baked-on grease. Silicone bakeware molds and pans are oil and grease-resistant, and will never disfigure the way steel and tin bakeware does

·         Truly non-stick: The very process of baking means creating sticky gooey situations. The dough, batter, oily mixes, and greasy ingredients have a tendency to stick to the surfaces of any bakeware used in the baking process. When that happens, not only is the baking utensil covered in burned food, but it also destroys the recipe. The non-stick quality of Silicone prevents both of these issues

·         Defy ably unbreakable: If you use glass or ceramic cooking utensils, they may not crack in high heat, but if they fall more than a few feet, they’ll crack or break. Enamel, or steel and copper bakeware are susceptible to dents when someone drops them or bangs them against other dishes in the kitchen. With Silicone, you’re protected from such eventuality. Even if they fall, they’ll just bounce right back!

·         Easy to store: You can only stack glassware so high before they become a risk. And large stainless-steel baking trays and pans take up too much shelf space, even if you stack them up. The flexible nature of silicone bakeware sets means you can stack, fold or rack them into the most constricted of storage spaces, and they still don’t lose their shape and form    

So, if these reasons aren’t convincing enough for you to think about silicone-based gifts, then consider this: Bakeware made from silicone is typically lighter and easier to handle in the kitchen than heavy metal, glass, or ceramic bake, or cookware. And once you pour heavy batter or add large portions of food – like lamb, pork, or large roasting birds – handling becomes less challenging than non-silicone baking pots, pans, and trays.

The durable nature of silicone means, that when you produce gifts and giveaways for your clients, customers, and prospective business partners, they’ll treasure your gift and remember the gift-giver (you and your company!) for many years to come. Besides, a silicone bakeware set will be less costly to manufacture and sell than equivalent baking trays and molds made from other heavy metals.

And there are even more reasons that silicone is the preferred bakeware material of choice for residential and commercial use. It’s Bisphenol A (BPA) free, which means your bakeware never contaminates your baking creations with toxic chemicals. Unlike Silicone, many nonstick pans contain suspected carcinogens like perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. When exposed to high heat, these chemicals escape into the air and mix with the food.

With so much going for it, using silicone utensils for your next baking masterpiece makes great sense!

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Bakeware gifts and ideas

The great thing about offering bakeware as a gift is that it’s such a ubiquitous item that you can as easily customize it into a commercial gift as you can for household or residential gifts. And using Silicone to produce your gift bakeware makes perfect sense for a wide range of occasions, events, and situations:


·         Baking pans are always in great demand. And creating customized silicone baking pans offers so many opportunities. They can be square, rectangular, round, or any other shape. So, why not personalize a set of baking pans for individuals and groups who matter to you?

·         Baking trays are great for baking large batches of delicious treats. Instead of using steel or aluminum baking trays, and then lining them with tin foil or baking paper, Silicone baking trays are a better substitute – oven-friendly, washing machine-friendly, and high-heat friendly without the need for parchment paper or aluminum lining

·         Baking enthusiasts love using molds to produce unique baked products, like cookies, cakes, and pies. But once the creations are all done, the molds are hard to clean and even more challenging to store or put away. With Silicone bakeware molds, you’ll never have that issue. Think of a shape or design, and we’ll create a silicone mold for you. If you can dream it, Oyi Gifts can create it for you

·         Unlike some hardened materials, like stainless steel or aluminum, you can use Silicone to produce a whole range of complimentary food-safe bakeware items and kitchen aids.  Oven mitts and mini mitts, brushes, trivets, and pop items, all of which make baking and cooking all that more enjoyable and stress-free

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·         Christmas or New Year parties are a great time for bakers. If your company is running a promotion or special sale, why not have us produce customized bakeware items made from Silicone to commemorate the special event?

·         Are you holding a customer appreciation event? Why not create a whole theme of Silicone-based kitchen aids and bakeware, and present them to your customers and clients? It’s a great way to say “Thank You for your business!”

·         If you are in the food wholesale or retail business, such as selling baking ingredients or food items, then adding a line of personalized Kitchenaid silicone bakeware to your offerings might not be such a bad idea! When your customers drop in to buy baking supplies, you can tempt them to pick up your well-designed lineup of Silicone utensils and baking tools too. It’s called cross-selling and up-selling

·         And how about appreciating your employees? Almost every household has a “hidden baker” in its midst. So, why not say “Thank You for your service” to loyal employees on their 1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th, or 15th anniversary working for you? A well-made Silicone baking pan, tray, or customized baking molds is a great way to show how much you appreciate your employees and their families

·         Do you have a group of people belonging to a special profession – teachers, sailors, aircrew – whom you routinely serve? Well, how about creating special silicone molds that represent their profession, and offering them to them? A boat mold, an aircraft mold, or something resembling books for teachers? Not only will this be a great gesture for appreciating large groups of your customer base, but it’ll also earn their loyalty for many years to come

·         If your clients come from a specific market segment, like pet care store owners, then you could produce pet-themed silicone household baking molds or baking trays to offer them. For example, a bone-shaped silicone baking mold for dog owners? That’s a great way to earn their favor and let them know how much you care about them and their business

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You really don’t need any “special” occasion or event to give a gift. Gifts are meant to say “Thank You”, and you can create your own occasions to show appreciation and gratitude:

·         An upcoming birthday

·         A wedding anniversary

·         A commercial anniversary – 5th years of business, 50th store opening, 100th customer signing up for your product or service

·         Achieving or exceeding a sales target

·         Launch of a new product or service

·         Give away gifts at trade shows and marketing events

And for each of those occasions, there’s a baking pan, tray, baking mold, or silicone bakeware set that you can offer that’s appropriate to households, clients, and business partners alike. One of the great things about using Silicone to produce household cookware and baking tools and utensils is that there is so much flexibility in designing and developing the products you wish to give as gifts. The possibilities are limitless!

You can even give your gift receivers a truly personalized gift-receiving experience by customizing the colors of your pans, trays, and other Silicone household cooking and bakeware. Unlike many metals, glass, or ceramic dishes and pans, our Silicone-made bakeware is available in a wider range of vibrant colors and hues. The reds are “redder” and the blues and oranges can make a baker’s day!

And when it comes to appealing to the sentiments of your audience or gift receivers, like loyal clients or prospective customers, you can personalize your bakeware gifts to almost any shape, design or size. For example, if you have a unique idea for a new product you are about to launch, why not share your thoughts and artwork with us, and our experts may be able to provide you with some suggestions on customizing bakeware to match your own ideas. There’s no obligation and certainly no charge!

You can even personalize your bakeware by having us add custom-designed corporate logos, slogans or other marketing inscriptions on them. Think of offering a range of unique silicone bakeware sets, each with a different set of inscriptions or motivational slogans for your baker audience. A single word or one sentence that inspires creativity in bakers is all it takes for your audience to always prefer you as their “go-to” company to do future business.

So, get baking today!

Why spend a ton of money buying costly branded kitchen aid silicone bakeware, when you have a perfectly viable, and cost-effective alternate waiting for you? At OYI Gifts, you’ll find a range of durable and highly innovative silicone bakeware products for multiple uses. Go online and check out our vast catalog of silicone household items now, get inspired.

We guarantee that your customers, clients, and gift-loving business partners will be thrilled with your choice of colorful kitchenware sets as gifts. Get baking today, and get your gift list out and contact us with your orders! 

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