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Why folding silicone tableware is selling so hot?

Folding silicone tableware advantage

In daily life, we see tableware, such as bowls and cups, mostly ceramic, glass, and these materials, relatively speaking, will occupy a certain amount of space, and a certain amount of weight. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for the convenience of life is gradually increasing. Businesses respond to this demand, many products are designed around small, lightweight to meet everyone’s needs.

folding silicone tableware

The emergence of folding silicone tableware, just to meet the needs of people for tableware lightweight and compact. Therefore, silicone folding tableware is loved by many people, especially those who love outdoor travel. Of course, the reason for the popularity of folding silicone tableware, in addition to small and lightweight there are its advantages, such as.

1, Environmental protection. Silicone is different from thermoplastic materials, a high-temperature heating process is not affected by the temperature of the material properties of the reaction and pollution of the environment.

2, Fall-proof. The silicone material is soft and comfortable, fall is not broken. Many electronic products use silicone material to do protection, and the effect is very good, so the use of folded silicone tableware, does not worry about the fall situation.

 3, Convenient. When used, pull open can be filled with food, using the water directly after washing and then folding into the pocket, saving space, when going out with it is also very convenient.

4, Beautiful. The color of silicone tableware can be diversified, the production process, adding color masterbatch in the solid silicone, or adding silicone color paste in the liquid silicone can be deployed in different beautiful colors.

5、Comfortable touch. Thanks to the softness of silicone material, silicone kitchenware is comfortable to touch, very flexible, and not deformed.

6、Good temperature resistance. In the use of tableware, there are often high and low-temperature heating or freezing, and silicone products can reach temperature resistance between -40 ° to 280 °, so within the regular temperature range, it can fully withstand, but the rubber and plastic-type products can not be steamed with an open fire.

Folded silicone meals have unique advantages, has been more and more people are aware of, silicone products are not only limited to baby products but into people’s daily life products. I believe that as people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, silicone material because of its environmentally friendly characteristics, there will be more people like it, just like now, many foreign countries have begun to put most of them into use.

folding silicone tableware


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