foldable coffee cup

Silicone folding coffee cup: The next generation of portable beverage-holders is here!

Silicone folding coffee cup:

You may not realize it, but even though we’ve been used to drinking coffee from paper and Styrofoam dispensers for decades now, a silicone folding coffee cup is more than overdue! For most of us Java lovers, the thought of having to lug a large (500 ML) paper cup, filled piping hot with our favorite beverage, is often fraught with challenges. It was high time for a more practical solution to our dilemma. The silicone folding coffee cup is that solution!

silicone foldable coffee cup

More than just a coffee cup!

Coffee cups make great personal-use accessories. But, when engraved with corporate imagery and logos, they can also make excellent marketing props and giveaway items. Of course, the obvious question is: Why do we need yet another “gizmo” to drink our favorite beverage when we already have so many other options?

·         We could continue to use the good ole paper cups

·         We can switch to the omnipresent plastic mug

·         You could still enjoy your Java in ceramic coffee-ware

·         And what about a shiny steel or aluminum container? 

Well, there are so many great reasons why the silicone folding coffee cup is an idea whose time has come is:

·         Esthetics

·         Health

·         Safety

·         Economics

·         Functionality

But when you add to that list the two “Ps” and an “E” – Portability, Practicality and the Environment – it’s hard to understand why we’ve waited so long to come up with the perfect design for a folding silicone coffee mug!

By design, they’re foldable, so you can port them anywhere and everywhere you go. And, as a matter of convenience, being able to drink beverages out of your favorite coffee cup – whether they’re piping hot or ice cold – and not having to worry about spilling or burning yourself is a practical thing to look for in your beverage container – isn’t it?

But there’s a growing segment of coffee lovers and other beverage consumers that are cheering the release of a new silicone folding coffee cup with gusto – Members of the Environmental movement! These are conscientious people that see disposable coffee cups as an existential threat to our planet. In that context, beverage containers are more than just about serving and consuming coffee. A reusable coffee cup and containers are an idea that they’ve been championing for years now, and the latest innovation of a foldable coffee cup has finally reaffirmed their faith!

Introducing the OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup

At OYI Gift, we’ve been watching developments in the reusable beverage container industry for a while now, especially in the collapsible silicone coffee mug arena. Over the years, we’ve seen a multitude of “breakthrough inventions” hit the shelves. Each one of them has claimed to address one or all the pressing challenges that face the portable beverage dispenser arena.  And every one of them, when put through our rigorous battery of tests, has failed to deliver!

The OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup is a far cut above the competition! To start with, here are just seven great reasons why:

1)      The temperature test: While hot beverages quickly emanated outward in all of the other models tested, our latest design showed remarkable resistance to heat. Even scalding hot beverages filled inside failed to transfer heat to the outer surface

2)      The taste test: When boiling hot coffee hits the surface of any container – be it paper, Styrofoam, plastic or metallic coffee mug – it has the tendency to “unlock” some of the chemicals of the material that manufacturers use to make those containers. The result? Your coffee (or any other piping hot beverage for that matter!) doesn’t taste as it should.

The OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup doesn’t have that issue. You’ll never again have the feeling that you’re sipping liquid rubber from your coffee mug again!

3)      The smell test: When heated coffee is poured into vessels or containers, like cups and mugs, anyone holding those vessels is immediately hit with a strange smell. And, each time the cup or mug comes close to your nose, as you take a sip of your favorite morning beverage, it’s that strange smell again!

OYI Gift has developed its silicone cup with specially selected silicone material that’s smell-free and odor resistant. So, what does that mean for all you Java lovers? Well, it means that when you drink your coffee in an OYI Gift foldable silicone coffee cup, it’ll not only taste like coffee but smell like it too!   

4)      The portability test: One of the main reasons that coffee lovers prefer to have their Java to go – in disposable cups – is because of the bulk that most reusable containers impose on users. Like the traditional coffee mug, they’re too large. They weigh a lot. And they are often designed in a way that makes them too awkward to fit in most bags or backpacks. 

By taking portability to a new level, the OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup addresses all those challenges! The unfolded 165mm cup quickly and effortlessly shrinks down to more than half its original size – to 78mm. And what’s even better is that you don’t need to disassemble or take it apart – segment by segment – to give it portability. The innovative design of this newly designed folding cup gives you portability on the fly!

5)      The health test: And speaking of smell and taste – have you ever wondered why hot coffee smells and tastes differently when you pour it into and drink it from an “innovative breakthrough” foldable coffee mug? It’s because the coffee interacts with bisphenol A (BPA) – a toxic industrial chemical used to produce those cups and mugs.

This chemical has been in use since the early 1960s and has long been linked to harmful health side effects. It wasn’t until 2008 that these BPA side effects came to prominence. In fact, many jurisdictions have outright banned their use in certain products. Because we value your health – and that of your loved ones – the OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup is proudly BPA-free.

6)      The regulatory test: Because of the high risk of serious health concerns, manufacturers of many products, including coffee cups and food containers, need to adhere to strict guidelines before releasing those products for consumption by the general public. One of those premier regulatory bodies is the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

OYI Gift has gone to great lengths to meet, and even exceed, the high standards set by regulators for its products. Our collapsible silicone coffee cup is made from components and designed under standards that pass every regulatory hurdle out there. So, the next time you sip your morning coffee from one of our silicone mugs, know that the regulators have approved it for broader public use!     

7)      The environmental test: Because these are durable, long-lasting, and reusable cups, when you buy and use an OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup, you’ll likely be using the same vessel for a long time to come. So, what’s that got to do with the environment?

Well, let’s first look at some environmental factors that you could influence with an OYI Gift foldable silicone coffee mug. You’ll:

·         Reduce the number of trees that are cut down to produce those disposable coffee cups

·         Save approximately 4 billion gallons of water, used each year to produce paper coffee cups

· Cut down on the amount of fossil fuel used to generate energy to power the paper-cup manufacturing process. That’s more than enough energy to power more than 54,000 households each year

Each time you use a paper or Styrofoam coffee cup to have a beverage, you throw it away into the landfill. And when another one is produced to replace the one you disposed of, it adds carbon to the environment. Now, multiply that by 16 billion – which is the number of paper cups used each year – and you can appreciate the magnitude of the environmental impact! An OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup can help you do your little bit in preventing a potential environmental disaster that future generations will need to deal with.

More than what meets the eye!

So, if you’re still not convinced that the OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup is the perfect answer to your yearning for an ideal folding coffee mug, then here’s something more for you to think about. These cups deliver more than what meets the eye:

8)      They handle well: The contoured and curvy design means that your fingers wrap around the center of the cup, giving you perfect grip and a steady hold. This means that you’ll never want to gulp down your coffee quickly so you can get rid of your coffee mug – like you do when you use other reusable or disposable containers!

9)      They’re beautiful to look at: They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but when OYI Gift designed their latest folding coffee cup, they created a thing of beauty that all – not just the beholding few! – can admire. The sleekly designed cups have been built to not only make them functional, but aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  

10)  They lend themselves to mixing and matching: If you are like the “average” user of disposable containers, you probably have several of them. They’ll be at your office, in your gym bag, in your hiking backpack, in and around your home. And because these dual-colored cups come in several color combinations, you can mix and match them with the environment where they are used:

·         Is your handbag Gray? Why not carry a silicone folding coffee cup that matches your handbag?

·         What about the color of your décor at the office? If it’s quartz pink, then you’re in luck! Choose a similar colored folding coffee cup and place it in your desk drawer. Now your coffee mug and office settings are color-coordinated. How cool is that!

·         Do you have a favorite wheat-colored jacket or winter coat you typically wear on cold or chilly days?  A wheat-colored OYI Gift foldable coffee mug will compliment your wardrobe when you walk into your coffee shop to ask for a refill!

There are other colors too – Red, Army Green, and Black. Each of them is designed so part of the cup is in the dominant color (Gray, Pink, Wheat, Red, Army Green, and Black), and part of it is in off-setting white/dark gray/black.

silicone foldable coffee cup mug

This color arrangement means you have a broad selection of color pallets to play with when matching your silicone folding coffee cup with various aspects of your life.

11)  Bacteria-free design: Speaking of things that don’t meet the eye – what about bacteria? Traditional foldable/portable coffee cups and mugs have sealing rings to prevent leakage and spillage. Over time as those seals age, they tend to warp and get out of shape. Not only does this increase the likelihood of harmful spills of piping-hot liquids, but it also heightens the risk of breeding bacteria among the cracks and crevices of the seals.

With the OYI Gift foldable silicone coffee cup, these risks are completely eradicated. Why? Because the no-sealing ring design means there is no component of the cup to house harmful bacteria. Problem solved!  

12)  Damage resistant: Unlike metallic coffee mugs, which bend and dent if they experience bangs and falls, silicone is a hardy, durable material. Even if the folding coffee mug falls from a high distance, or experiences pokes and prods from external forces – like pens, pencils, or other sharp-edged devices found in many bags and backpacks – it will not break or get punctured!

It’s your move now

If you want your employees, customers, clients, and business partners to remember your company, its products, and services for many years to come, move away from using or giving away metal or plastic gift items at corporate events. Instead, switch to an OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup, appropriately styled and engraved with your company’s message, and see what that does to your bottom line!

As individuals or corporate users, a reusable, portable, durable, foldable coffee mug is not only good for your pocketbook – it’s great for your health! According to one highly well-regarded source:

“- the FDA expressed “some concern” about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, and prostate glands in fetuses, infants, and young children”.

So, why would anyone be willing to take a risk with their health by using coffee mugs and food containers containing BPA? Made from food-grade silicone, a BPA-free OYI Gift silicone folding coffee cup protects you and your family from those risks once and for all! Contact us today to discuss the possibilities to help you move away from one-use mugs to foldable silicone cup

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