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Paper Clip

A paper clip is a paper clip that, unlike a clip, is made by bending the wire back and forth. The paper clip seems to be the simplest of all inventions. It is nothing more than a small piece of paper with a bent wire. But the paper clip was designed many times before it became the shape we use today.

paper clips bookmark


Paper clips, or bookmarks, are small tools made by bending metal wires back and forth to help you keep files or papers in your work life.


The paper clip seems to be the simplest of all inventions. It is nothing more than a small piece of paper with a bent wire. But the paper clip bookmark was designed many times before it became the shape we use today.

People used to pin their papers together. But the needle damages the paper and can also hurt the user by puncturing the finger. A Norwegian inventor named Valle thought he could solve the problem. In 1901, he filed a patent application for a wire bookmark (since Norway has no patent application system, Valle applied for a patent in Germany). At about the same time, several inventors came up with similar designs. However, all of these early paper clips had some problems. When the clip is pushed, the protruding end of the wire sticks into the paper and punctures it, causing more damage to the paper than the needle. It is also difficult to make a machine for making clamps. The labor cost of making paper clips by hand will make the product too expensive.

Making history

William Middlebrook, an engineer at Fort Water, Connecticut, solved the problem of machine building. In 1899 he invented the machine for bending wire-paper clips. Middlebrook may also offer solutions to other problems. The bookmarks made by his machine have a double loop, so it looks like the paper clip we use. These paper clips are famous for their “precious stones” paper clips. They usually don’t damage the paper. Paper clips are made of plastic coated with different colors. Not only does this make the bookmark more attractive, but the user can “code” the page with a bookmark of a different color. No one seems to have mentioned the patent for the “Gem” paper clip, so it’s impossible to be sure who invented it. But since it was adopted in the early 2000s, it has become a standard design.


You see things from different angles, you feel things differently, you think differently, you discover the same things, you put them in different places, and they show up differently. As a result, people’s thinking is different, resulting in people being on the same thing or the same thing differently, wise see wisdom. Expand your imagination and you will find that a small paper clip can be used for many different purposes.

paper clips bookmark

Introduction to function

What are the functions of the paper clips we often use in the office? I’m sure that’s a question many people would like to know. A-inch thin steel wire becomes a bookmark after several bends. What are the other uses of a paper clip besides holding paper?

In the office, the most common use of paper clips is to folder files, paper and files together, play a fixed role. When I was a child, I saw my neighbor use bookmarks as a curtain. It was very beautiful! Paper clips can also be twisted into a variety of small works of art, including the shape of a bicycle. Break Out of Your Rut and use your imagination to see how rich it is. Let’s think about it as much as we can, and the answers will come in all shapes and sizes.

paper clips bookmark

One of the most famous examples of “creativity” training is: HOW USEFUL ARE PAPER CLIPS? I believe that the first reaction of everyone can say folder, and then a little bit of thought will say more use, string up as a chain; toothpick; binding things; fork food; Bar People; in place of the key to unlocking; grinding into a Hook to go fishing; Buttons that can be pulled up with a paper clip; sharpened to Replace Needles; curtains; Tattoos; hair clips; flowers; … a Japanese scientist claims to have listed 2,400 uses for paper clips. A scholar in Nanjing claims he can list 30,000. So many uses for a little bookmark.

People in long-term life tend to be accustomed to a fixed way of thinking about the problem, over time, the thinking will fall into a mechanical model, which hinders flexibility and creativity. Therefore, we must break through the conventional way of thinking. There will naturally be more ways for us to work. The key is to keep adapting to different people, to keep practicing, to find new ways to fit in with the numerous working methods and to keep applying them to our work and making them available to us Give yourself wings to fly and work more efficiently. Use your imagination to expand your life and knowledge.


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