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Custom AirPods cases: A highly popular corporate gift idea

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Globally, marketing-oriented companies continually look for highly popular promotional merchandising ideas. The strategy is to identify what products are the most sought-after by consumers to whom the company markets its own products and services. Well, custom AirPods cases are precisely that – they’re extremely sought-after the world over. And, with the help of a custom design AirPods case, marketing companies are creating very successful merchandising and marketing gift programs.

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A 2-Step Strategy that Works

Gift-giving, whether it’s as part of the sale, or whether it’s part of a sales promotional move, is a highly effective idea. Customers and prospective clients, who receive “free” promo items, tend to remain loyal to a company’s brand when they receive a freebie. An AirPod case customized with your company logo and marketing slogan makes a great “freebie” gift to entice that brand loyalty.

But how do you successfully implement a corporate promotional gift-giving strategy, especially in today’s highly competitive world? Well, there are two critical steps in using corporate merchandising as a good marketing tool. And once you understand how both steps work, you can implement the strategy as part of your own corporate marketing program.

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Step#1: Know Your Merchandizing Products

This step involves making gift item choices based on various merchandise ideas. This is where your understanding of your own customer base plays an important part. Let’s look at a custom AirPod case. In 2019, Apple sold over $6 billion worth of AirPods.  So, how many AirPods did that translate to? Well, the company estimates that it sold over 60 million of them in 2019 alone. That’s on top of roughly 35 million in 2018, and between 14 million and 16 million units in 2017. So, the answer to how many is “lots!”.

With so many individuals owning AirPods, and with Apple firmly committed to innovating and enhancing the functionality of their hot-selling product; it’s fair to say that these listening accessories will be around for many…many years to come. As a corporate marketing executive, it would make good business sense to have an AirPod case cover custom-designed to represent your brand. With so many AirPods in use today, you’re branding and marketing pitch is likely to have a broad viewership – thanks to your AirPods custom case.

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Step#2: Choose your Custom AirPods case Manufacturer

Now that it’s clear to see that, because of how widely they are used, a custom AirPod cover makes a great corporate marketing gift idea – what’s next? Well, it’s now time to select who will manufacture your customized corporate gift. This decision is as critical as the decision is as important as the one you made to have an AirPod case custom-made for your corporate sales campaigns.

The question now is, how to make such an important decision without risking the success of your marketing gift ideas. And the answer is simple: Make sure you ask a lot of questions and consider all the facts before deciding who will manufacture your custom AirPod case cover. Here are some of the key things to evaluate when choosing your AirPod case manufacturer.

  • Ask how long they have been in the corporate marketing gift-making business. If this is a company that’s been supporting corporate marketing merchandising efforts for less than 5 years, then you probably don’t want to do business with them. Few custom gift makers have the experience like OYI Gift – so check their credentials before making your final decision.
  • Your orders for corporate gifts are important to you. So, when you work with a vendor to design a custom AirPods case, you’d like assurances that they (and not some 3rd-party) will be manufacturing your products. Make sure that’s the case by confirming if your supplier has in-house manufacturing facilities. If they say they use outside contractors to do the manufacturing – that should raise a red flag for you.
  • What if you place an order for custom design AirPods cases, they are an instant hit with customers and sales prospects. Can your manufacturer expand that order and produce additional quantities of similar gift items? If the manufacturer you are negotiating with can’t accommodate large batches, then you must consider other vendors in the industry. Smaller batches often cost more, and you’ll pay extra in shipping more orders. Fewer large orders, on the other hand, cost less to manufacture and ship.
  • Finally, it’s important to realize that, although you are placing orders for AirPods with your custom AirPod case manufacturer today, your requirements might vary tomorrow. It’s important that your supplier has the necessary capacity and expertise to support you with designing and manufacturing a broad array of corporate marketing gifts. Custom gift manufacturers like OYI Gift specialize in electrical, electronic, silicone, and plastic gifts – and much more. Choosing a supplier like them means you’ll have a broader variety of marketing gift ideas to include in your sales campaigns.

Before you enter into an agreement with your Custom AirPods cases manufacturer, it’s vital for you to understand why both steps above are necessary and critical for a successful corporate marketing strategy. When you launch your merchandising marketing strategy, consider what will happen if you get the right product, but have the wrong manufacturer. Even though your Custom AirPods cases’ custom design might be a hit with your clients and prospective customers, the manufacture of the product determines whether gift recipients are satisfied with their gifts. If you work with an AirPods custom case maker without experience or expertise, it’s likely that your gifts won’t reflect the high standards to match your brand. The result:

Recipients of substandard marketing gifts will not hold your brand in high regard. And existing customers, who receive custom-designed AirPods cases of poor quality will probably no longer have brand loyalty to your company’s products or services. So, for a custom corporate merchandising strategy to work well, it’s vital that you not only get the product right but that you also select a custom AirPods case manufacturer of repute.

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Use Your Custom AirPods Cases for Marketing Success

Once you’ve decided on your product (for example a custom AirPod cover), and selected the manufacturer for the merchandise, how do you use those products to conduct an effective marketing or PR campaign? Well, corporate gift items are extremely versatile in their use and effectiveness. Here are some great ways to leverage marketing merchandise to your advantage:

  • You may have custom AirPods cases designed with your company logo and corporate branding, and offer it as a “Thank You” to all your staff and employees. It is through your team’s success that your company succeeds, so offering them Custom AirPods cases may be a great way to say Thank You!
  • Most marketing merchandise programs are aimed at soliciting new business. To do this, many organizations participate in sales events and marketing fairs. One way to make the best of such participation is to have an AirPod case customized with your contact details, and offer them to visitors at these marketing events.
  • Not all marketing giveaways are “given away” for free. One strategy is to offer custom AirPods cases to customers who buy a certain threshold of goods or services from your company. This may be a dollar value (“Orders greater than $300 will receive a FREE gift!”) or a quantity-based incentive (“Buy 4 and get a FREE custom AirPod case cover”).
  • You can also tap into partner networks to leverage corporate gift merchandising opportunities. What do we mean by that? Well, your suppliers and distributors have sales channels of their own, which you may tap to drive sales for your products or services. One way to do that is to give those partners an inventory of your company’s custom AirPod cases and have them offer the “freebies” to their customers. Because your company name and contact details are on the AirPod covers, you’ll receive “free” publicity as well.

These are only a few marketing ideas that you can implement by using corporate gift items to drive sales for your company. But giveaways aren’t only great for driving sales. They help with brand recognition and are important for driving customer loyalty. These latter aspects are vital for longer-term market penetration.

For example, if someone receives a free AirPod case cover custom-designed with your marketing message today. He/she might not buy your product, or opt for your company’s services immediately. However, down the line, because they use these cases frequently, your company will be top of their mind when they’re shopping for products/services in your niche.

It Makes Perfect Business Sense

Using corporate merchandising to promote sales just makes good sense. And, using popular custom AirPods cases as a gift idea taps into the popularity of an item that’s in great demand. However, to successfully implement your corporate gift-giving strategy, you need an AirPod case manufacturer like OYI Gift, with plenty of experience with business gift manufacturing. Working with an unreliable gift item maker not only risks a financial loss but if the products manufactured are sub-standard, you’ll risk damage to your company brand.

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