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Best Silicone Plates for babies/toddlers


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Are silicone plates safe for babies?

How do you clean silicone baby plates?

How to wash silicone plates properly

Can you microwave kids’ silicone plates?

How many plates does a baby need?

What to look for when picking out silicone plates for children

●    Durability

●    Stability

●    Easy-to-use

●    Appealing to young children

●    Safety

●    Parenting in the Real World

●    The fast-paced life

Does silicone contain BPA?

Why oyigift?


When your kid is ready to graduate from eating directly off the tray of their high chair, it’s typically a good idea to get them their very own silicone plate so that mealtimes go more smoothly. When you consider all of the available options, shopping for high-quality silicone plates for children might seem like an insurmountable challenge.

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However, the purpose of this article is to assist you in filtering through the various high-quality toddler silicone plates so that you can select the ones that are most likely to be durable. We’ve sampled a wide variety of questions regarding baby silicone plates. Let’s get started!

Are silicone plates safe for babies?

The FDA has determined that baby silicone plates, which are non-toxic, do not contain any chemical byproducts and are therefore safe for human consumption. Silicone is a convenient alternative to plastic because it is soft and flexible. Silicone plates are safe for infants because they won’t shatter if they fall.

DIY silicone plates for baby

You don’t know where to begin when it comes to plating the first foods, do you? There is no golden rule to follow. Infants reach their milestones in development at various ages. Babies who are ready to start self-feeding will inevitably make a mess, but this is to be expected. Children’s fine skills are developed when they are given the opportunity to touch, smear, and much food, and they also gain the freedom to experiment with and learn to recognize new textures, flavors, and combinations of foods.

If you put their meal directly on the high chair tray, however, they will likely swipe it from side to side, with the result being that it will end up all over them or the floor. Beginning with a boundary, such as a silicone plate or a bowl with a high rim, helps babies learn to use their hands to scoop food from the dish. And when it comes to sauces and foods like peas, a deep plate is a lifesaver

How do you clean silicone baby plates?

The silicone plate is made of microwave and dishwasher-safe silicone. Prior to the first use, you can boil your plate for up to 15 minutes to ensure it is completely sterile. When using your baby silicon plate, please avoid using any sharp knives. If you want to keep your silicone plates in good condition, you should avoid using abrasive cleaning tools like scouring pads or rough sponges. If it’s broken, don’t use it anymore; throw it away.

Chicken silicone plates for kids

You should gradually increase the temperature of your food while checking it at regular intervals. In addition, before giving the food to your kid, make sure it’s not too hot or too cold. Be sure to keep an eye on your kid while they’re eating.

How to wash silicone plates properly

Oil residue can sometimes be retained on the surface of silicone products. If there is oil residue, the product will have a soapy aftertaste and/or white spots after being washed in the dishwasher. It’s best to use a dish soap free of moisturizers, antibacterial agents, and essential oils. Silicone may accumulate if these oils are regularly exposed to them.

Use only fragrance-free soaps when washing baby silicone plates. Dishwasher gel detergent is less abrasive on silicone over time (compared to tabs or abrasive powders that will slowly damage the silicone).

If oil residue builds up, don’t stress; it’s simple to get rid of. Apply the juice of fresh lemon or lime and rub it all over the silicone; then, let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Use hot, soapy water that doesn’t contain oil to rinse the product, or put it in the dishwasher’s lowest rack. Cleaning your Kiddiebites products with white vinegar is another option. Furthermore, if you have any residues or stains that just won’t come out, you can soak your product in water overnight.

Even with meals like tomato sauce, which can stain other plastic plates, these silicon plates are simple to clean, which is one of the reasons why we appreciate them so much. In addition to this, they are a material that can be safely heated in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher.

In recent years, silicone plates have developed into a highly trendy dining option. The substance is technically a member of the same family as rubber, which gives it the properties of a durable plastic that can also be recycled.

Because it is very long-lasting and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, it is an excellent option for children who are prone to spills. Just be sure that the silicone items you choose are completely safe for consumption.

Can you microwave kids’ silicone plates?

Our silicone plates can withstand temperatures in the freezer, microwave, and oven, just like the rest of our silicone baby feeding range. Food can be heated (or even baked!) and served to your toddler without the need for you to wash a ton of extra dishes. Make sure the baby’s food and plate are at an appropriate temperature.

Silicone plates for baby with microwave

How many plates does a baby need?

When the time comes for you to begin weaning, you will require a definitive guide on selecting the most appropriate silicon plates for toddlers. This essential rundown provides you with everything you need to know in order to purchase the best kids’ plates for your needs. It answers all of your important questions, such as “what are the best first foods?” and “what are the best places for toddlers?” and provides you with everything you need to know.

When children begin to eat on a more consistent basis, you will need to ensure that you have sufficient tableware silicone set for children to use for breakfast, lunch, and supper, in addition to snacks. Then there are containers for snacks that can be used while picking up children from the nursery as well as when you are out and about. Yes, you should definitely get used to finding a lot of crumbs in your cherished luggage over the next few years.

The question “how many baby plates do I need” is a natural one for every responsible parent to ponder. Along with a few snack pots and lunchboxes, the majority of parents find that having anywhere from four to eight bowls and plates appropriate for toddlers is sufficient to meet their needs.

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It is important to keep in mind that you may require various kinds. For those challenging lunchtimes, for instance, you could need plates designed for finicky eaters, and when they are dining with friends or siblings, you might need silicone plates with suction cups.

The frequency with which you use and clean the goods also affects the number of toddler plates you will require. For example, parents who regularly use dishwashers may be able to get away with paying a lower amount.

In conclusion, weaning is a fun time, but it goes by far too soon. Before you know it, your eager beaver infant who couldn’t wait to eat may suddenly transform into a mealtime monster who throws more food on the floor than they put on their kids’ plates of food.

What to look for when picking out silicone plates for children

It wasn’t always this complicated. Back in the day, all you had to do to choose a plate for your meal was enter a store and make your selection. When it comes to the topic of children’s nutrition, of course, we are much more evolved and knowledgeable today than in the past, and there are a variety of kid’s plates available for purchase on the market.

Whales design silicone plates for baby

Keeping this in mind, the following are a few things to keep an eye out for when buying plates for children:


You should get used to eating off of your toddler silicon plates frequently throughout the following few years. As a result, it is in your best interest to invest in dishes that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, that can withstand being knocked over, and that can be handed down to younger siblings.


Young children are highly sensitive to their surroundings, thus it is essential to provide them with a silicon plate that will not move around. Silicon plates for toddlers are an excellent idea for the very early days of weaning before they learn how to take them off. Find a plate for your child that has a base that won’t slide about. This is perfect for giving a firm surface, which is a quality that is needed from the time of weaning till the toddler years.


Silicone plates designed for babies are an excellent purchase during the first few months of their lives. These plates make it easier to scoop food out of the bowl and prevent it from spilling. If your child is concerned about where their food goes, kids divided plates make fun choose plates and are handy.

cartoon silicone plates for baby

Appealing to young children

As parents, it’s all too easy to be tempted to the crockery geared toward children because of the attractive colors and aesthetics that are associated with it. In the end, though, they need to be appealing to toddlers. Therefore, you should make an effort to look at things from the perspective of your child, such as fun plates that make mealtimes more enjoyable.

Does it inspire children to have fun while they eat, does it excite your child about dining, and does it have vibrant inviting colors that children find attractive?


These days, children’s silicone plates go through thorough testing to make sure they are safe for food contact, but you should still check their certification just in case. The toddler silicon plates that are the most reliable will have undergone third-party testing and will comply with the British and European Safety Standard EN14372 (there are different regulations in the US, Australia, and the rest of Europe).

In order to make an educated decision, it is essential to seek plates for children that do not contain BPA and to familiarize oneself with the relevant information regarding melamine.

Parenting in the Real World

As busy parents, we do not have the luxury of time, so children’s silicon plates that can be cleaned in the dishwasher are an added advantage. Let’s be honest about this. When thinking about the useful qualities of an item, you should also consider how easy it is to maintain it. For instance, the majority of kids’ bamboo plates need to be waxed on a regular basis.

The fast-paced life

It is likely that you will spend a lot of time away from home, so you should look for plates for babies that can be easily transported and stored in your nursery bag. In addition, you should get them a fun plate that they can use to occupy their time while you are dining out or visiting friends’ homes.

building blocks silicone plates for kids

Does silicone contain BPA?

The simple answer to that question is no. Sand, which contains silica and carbon, is used in the production of silicone rather than man-made polymers, as is the case with plastic. Because it does not contain BPA, BPS, latex, or any other harmful chemical additives like regular plastic does, using food-grade silicone plates is a significantly more prudent choice than using regular plastic containers.

Why oyigift?

You are really going to like the options that are available at oyigift. If you are interested in personalizing tableware for your children. We have two of their plates, and despite the fact that they are rather large for a meal intended for a young child, we think that they are absolutely adorable.

When considering the durability of silicon plates for children and infants, the most important factors to think about are how well they hold up to being washed repeatedly, whether or not the material can potentially absorb flavors from food or soap (as is the case with silicone), whether or not they are easily scratched, and whether or not they can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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Our list of suggestions is culled after our trusted and experienced parenting journalists spend hours studying each product category utilizing multiple sources to determine which ones are the best. We evaluate the items’ recommendations on review sites like Which? to ensure they are of high quality.


We analyze online reviews on stores to make sure the products are up to snuff because we know that you, the customer, are the true experts. We take into account both favorable and negative comments to improve the product’s quality, safety, value for money, and additional features.

When deciding which items to suggest, we also consider whether or not they have won any relevant awards or recognition from reputable organizations.

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