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What are the silicone products

The silicone products introduction

Silicone is a highly active adsorbent material, is an amorphous substance, many silicone products, are chemically stable, can withstand high temperatures, the feel is also very good, hand ink to very smooth. So the silicone material quality performance, get the majority of people like. The following OYIGIFTS give you the answer to silicone products.

silicone products folding cup

 The characteristics of silicone products

1, Sealing: this should be the greater advantage of silicone products, silicone material because of the greater expansion and expansion, so in the sealing of this aspect has very outstanding advantages, such as red wine, white wine, etc. after opening due to sealing performance is not very good, then there may be a “leak” so that the original wine fragrance or alcoholic flavor Will be evaporated, and with this silicone gifts do not have to consider this aspect of the problem, it has very good sealing.

2, High-temperature resistance: this is also silica gel is more prominent a big advantage, silica gel is a highly active adsorption material, is an amorphous material. The main component of silica gel is silicon dioxide, chemically stable and non-combustible. Silicone gifts after high-temperature vulcanization processing, because they can withstand high temperatures at 200 ℃, used as boiling water silicone products is the most suitable!

3, Easy to clean: Making silicone products produced with silicone material, after repeated use, with wash rinse can be, want to simply disinfection treatment can be directly cleaned with boiling water, and will not be deformed, not like the fabric, wood, and other plugs it is not easy to clean and they are also easy to deformation.

4, Long life: silicone material chemical properties are more stable, the products made from it compared to other materials have a longer life, wooden silicone products may not take long to deformation and other problems long down the need to replace, while silicone gifts have a longer life, a long time to accumulate down will also save a lot of costs.

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5, Beautiful color: silicone raw material itself for the crystal milky white, after adding color masterbatch can do a variety of colors of silicone products, and long-term use will not lose color, always maintain this beautiful color, more people love, a beautiful product with an item will make people love!

6, Feel good: traditional silicone products generally have wood, plastic, iron, etc., the hand does not feel at all, while silicone products have a very soft feel, are very flexible, not deformed in the impression will also be better, which is mainly reflected in the comparison of wine or health products!

7, Convenient: red products are generally wood, you need to use special tools to dial it out, but silicone products do not need special tools, only need to use hand force can be removed, the same is true of the mug, and now many mugs also use silicone gifts or even silicone cover, and do not use plastic cover. No thread twist, direct plug, the dial can be, very convenient!

8, Plasticity: this aspect of silicone is very advantageous because its design and the material itself have strong plasticity, but also the silicone gifts can be shaped above themselves in a variety of shapes so that people very much like.

Silicone products Airpods case

In summary, silicone products with high-temperature resistance, long life, easy to clean, and feel-good characteristics, get a lot of people’s favorite. I believe that after reading this article silicone products have been understood, I hope this article can help you.


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