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The production and vulcanization processes involved in customized silicone products

Commonly seen silicone products are brightly colored, beautiful, relatively inexpensive, practical, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, and are therefore loved by consumers. There is a wide range of silicone products on the market today, but how are these products manufactured? The following is a brief introduction to the production process of silicone products, the molding process, and the vulcanization process.

Silicone products production process

1, the preparation of silicone raw materials: through the purchase of silicone raw materials plus various types of matching agent blending and becoming silicone rubber materials.

2, plastic refining method: silicone rubber itself has a strong elasticity, and therefore in the manufacturing process change to the mixing method, due to the lack of manufacturing necessary plasticity characteristics, and therefore not easy to manufacture

3、Mixing method: After passing the open refining, the silicone products in various industries of choice have different characteristics, and therefore will be in the silicone raw materials will be added in the manufacture of all kinds of the cooking agent, and then to the rubber refining machine inside the mixing method, mixing method is obtained after the manufacture of various characteristics of silicone rubber semi-products raw materials.

4、Vulcanization and shaping method: all silicone products and rubber products are in the vulcanization and shaping method stage to carry out the shaping method pressure mold, manufacturing is completed is all kinds of molding products.

silicone productsSilicone products molding process

1、Molding, that is molding. This production process is the most common and is mainly completed by the mold, the shape of which determines the shape of the silicone product. This is a simple process and is suitable for all silicone products.

2、Injection, that is, the injection process. This process is more demanding in terms of quality and is a combination of liquid silicone and plastic, and is used more in the production design of health products, automobiles, baby products, medical supplies, diving supplies, kitchen utensils, and seals.

3, extrusion, that is extrusion molding. Extrusion of silicone products is usually through the extrusion machine extrusion silicone molding, in the silicone tube in the medical, mechanical equipment field more widely used.

4, calendaring. Silicone rubber in the addition of silica, silicone oil, and other kneading and mixing into a blend of rubber, and then by calendaring out of the sheet, for the larger silicone products, such as silicone film, silicone sheet.

5, infusion, that is, the infusion of mold or infusion mold operation method belongs to the combination of solid and liquid, common items are mobile phone covers, luggage covers, etc.

6、Coating, i.e. rapid vulcanization. Strong adhesion, good fluidity, easy to deform, applied to the top of the cloth, with anti-aging effect, common silicone products are silicone gloves, rain shoes, etc.

silicone products

Vulcanization process of silicone products

According to the different vulcanization processes, silicone rubber products can be divided into cold vulcanization, room temperature vulcanization, and hot vulcanization.

1、Cold vulcanization: Cold vulcanization can be used for film products by dipping the rubber products into a solution of carbon disulfide containing 2% to 5% Sulphur chloride and then washing dry with water.

2, room temperature vulcanization: when room temperature vulcanization, the vulcanization process is carried out at room temperature under normal pressure, for example, with room temperature vulcanization slurry (blending rubber solution) for bicycle inner tube seams, repair, etc.

3, hot vulcanization: hot vulcanization is the main vulcanization method of silicone rubber products.

Through the above we can understand how silicone products are manufactured, of course, this is only from the production of silicone products, molding, and vulcanization, if the product also involves other custom requirements, still need to apply to other processes, such as the need for patterns, but also need to use the pattern manufacturing process. In general, the silicone products produced by the silicone factory are based on the customer’s customized requirements, and the specific processes used are determined by the needs.

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