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What are the cleaning methods of silicone phone case

How to Cleaning silicone phone case

What are the cleaning methods for silicone phone cases? In recent years, the silicone products industry gradually emerged. More and more people for silicone products into an approved attitude. Among them, silicone phone cases belong to one of the silicone products loved by the public. The silicone phone case is a new material relative to the solid high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber phone case, the original material is liquid silicone, with good fluidity, fast vulcanization, more safety, environmental protection, and other advantages, is a class of phone cases can fully meet the requirements of food grade. So is a silicone phone case safe? Today OYIGIFTS for you to fully explain the next.

straberry design silicone phone caseSilicone phone cases have better protection ability and a softer texture. Therefore, it is also particularly easy to get dust or stained with dirt.

1, clean water cleaning method: direct dry rag soaked in water once, and then fully wrung out the water, to be almost water when the phone case inside and outside are cleaned once, this method is suitable for use in the case of the bottom degree of the dirty phone case.

2, eraser method: this method is also applicable to a low degree of the dirty case, it is not only in the erasure of paper objects on the handwriting but also can erase non-smooth material phone cases, so use it to erase silicone phone case is not lost as a phone case cleaning method.

3, toothpick dip toothpaste cleaning method: If there is dirt or dust on the phone case a small toothbrush sticks some toothpaste to clean if it is stuck on the oil stains a toothbrush stick some detergent to clean it.

4, wind oil cleaning method: If the phone case, glue, and other sticky stains, the use of cotton swabs stick on a little wind spirit evenly coated in supplies, in the small toothbrush to clean, so you can go to the stubborn stains.

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Is silicone phone case safe?

Silicone does not cause harm to the human body, that is, pure silicone, there is no damage to the human body! But there is no guarantee that poor-quality silicone is harmful to the human body! In your purchase of a silicone cell phone maintenance cover, if there is a pungent breath, then you should pay attention, such silicone products should be substandard, its application in the cell phone cover is also indifferent, as long as you can tolerate the smell, your body will not form damage! Silicone phone case waterproof performance is excellent and can be directly rinsed, but also has a good anti-drop performance, through which, once it is listed, it quickly harvested a large number of enthusiasts, in the competitive cell phone case market to stand firm.

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Do silicone phone cases work well?

Is a silicone phone case good to use? At this stage, the most number of metal surface treatments is spraying tactile oil, so that it can be better for the phone case to touch the touch. It is a very simple metal surface treatment. Silicone rubber products in general are very easy to absorb the dust in the air and have certain stickiness. A thin layer of tactile oil is sprayed on the surface of the silicone case, which can prevent dust and ensure a tactile feel.

This process is only used in some silicone cover goods with a pattern design on the surface layer of the silicone cover, gray and black cell phones on the silicone cover, in order to make the customer convenient to actually operate the function keys, which usually must be in the relative parts of the screen printing ink and cell phone keyboard matching the identifier. Or the surface layer must enhance the beauty and generosity printed on some beautiful patterns.

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What is silicone? What are the good and bad of silicone covers?

Silicone cover: There are many types of silicone covers and different sizes, so you can pick the right silicone cover that is comfortable for you to wear and comfortable for you to listen to and choose to remove and replace. In the case of removing and replacing the silicone sleeve, the mouth of the earmuffs and the mouth of the cushion block should be placed at an inclined angle and stuck in after hitching one side.

In the uneven prosthetic manufacturing industry, if the disabled basin friends do not understand the silicone covers, it is difficult to properly make a selection, so what is meant by silicone rubber? What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone sleeves? What kind of people need to install silicone sleeves? What kinds of silicone sleeves are currently on the market? It is important to grasp the handicapped basin.

Silicone rubber can be divided into two categories: organic chemical silicone rubber and inorganic silicone rubber, imported silicone sleeves are generally used organic chemical silicone rubber. The organic chemical silicone cover itself also comes with mineral oil, Lu Vera factor, etc., which can reasonably nourish the skin and produce a protective film on the skin surface, with emolliency, anti-itching, avoiding allergies, and assisting the basic metabolism of the skin, and its excellent physiological plasticity, very resistant to microbial embrittlement, such as artificial blood vessels are also manufactured with organic chemical silicone rubber production.

What are the cleaning methods for silicone phone cases? In short, when buying a silicone phone case choose a regular manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed! Remember not to be greedy for cheap, the price is too cheap for silicone cover often quality is worrying. Good quality is really good, and effective protection of the phone is the king. At present, most of the good silicone cases are priced at a few dozen to a few dozen dollars, there is no need to lose a lot for the sake of cheap.

How much does a bulk custom silicone phone case cost?

How to make your own design custom silicone phone case order?

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