Silicone car key cover

Silicone car key cover role and customization notes

The silicone car key cover is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, which is comfortable to the touch, flexible, and not easily deformed by stretching. The structure of the silicone car remote control cover is relatively simple, which is used to avoid the occurrence of scratches and damages caused by friction between the car remote control and other objects.

Silicone car key cover role

1、Specialized protection: it can effectively resist minor impacts to prevent damage and prevent small mistakes from bringing unnecessary trouble.

2, custom silicone key case, completely in accordance with the original car key design, the package effect is stunning, leather side basically cannot provide a good package.

Silicone car key cover

3, silicone key cover keys per key shape, very coincidental set, just like the phone cover effect, more beautiful, safe.

4, reserved key chain hole: silicone key bag, according to the silicone products factory key appearance design and reserved key chain hole position, the key chain can be directly hung on the original car keys.

5, silicone key bag back to reveal the original car key car logo, the overall shape, and the original car key the same, while the leatherback is all wrapped, in order to fix the key, increased the press button, no silicone key bag fashion simple.

Silicone car key cover custom notes

1, selection of materials. The quality of the silicone protective cover and the raw material of the rubber material has a relationship, such as organic silicone material of rubber material purity is not enough, silicon molecular purity cannot reach a certain characteristic of the situation of over-range stress, there will be force extrusion after deformation, or stretching does not rebound.

2, choose the manufacturer. Silicone cover processing factory production and processing conditions are not up to standard, there will be products not cooked, the product is too brittle, and other problems. Silicone key sets will basically exist at right angles, as silicone products manufacturers in the processing of the mold did not do a good job of chamfering the right angle, it is easy to tear the broken phenomenon. In addition to the structural problems that lead to the breakage of silicone sets, the high-temperature vulcanization process is also very important in controlling the vulcanization problem and the length of processing time.

3, generally speaking, the car silicone cover under normal circumstances will not appear soft phenomenon, unless the product hardness is too low, the processing time is too short, and the production and processing process to enhance the product to reduce the vulcanization time, resulting in silicone products out of the mold in advance of the phenomenon of soft. Therefore, the silicone car key cover surface appears soft phenomenon, which is the silicone manufacturer’s processing problem.

From the above, we can understand the characteristics and role of silicone car key cover, however, although silicone car key cover has many advantages, in the process of customization, there are also some considerations, which is very important as the choice of silicone cover custom factory. If there are problems with the product, many of the reasons may be in the manufacturer, so it is recommended that you do a good job of screening the manufacturers in the process of customizing silicone products, such as choosing an experienced manufacturer with relevant qualifications.

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