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Silicone Cup



Silica Gel Cup, the material is: Environmentally Friendly Silica Gel, non-toxic, is made by more than 300 degrees high-temperature molding, is a new type of environmentally friendly beer cup, suitable for the needs of Advertising Cup, can be printed on the company’s logo

For the PROMOTION OF GIFTS OR GIFTS! A Silicone Cup is a soft gel


With heat insulation, anti-radiation, high temperature up to-80 to + 320 degrees, with anti-fragmentation! Unlike glass, silicone cups can be made in many different colors

If transparent, similar to glass transparent, but also can be made a little bright color, can also be made into a fluorescent cup!

Production process

Silica Gel Cup: is a high temperature vulcanized Silica Gel as the main raw material by molding the vulcanization molding process and the production of Silica Gel products.

A finished Silicone Cup goes through the following steps:

Preparation of raw materials (also called mixing, preparation, etc.): including mixing of raw rubber, color matching, weight calculation of raw materials

Curing Molding (also called oil pressure molding): high pressure curing equipment through high-temperature curing so that the Silica Gel raw materials into solid molding

Three, Pifeng (also called processing, to Burr, etc.): from the mold out of the silicone products will be accompanied by some useless Burr, hole chips,

need to remove; in the industry, this process is completely completed by hand, some factories also have to complete the punch.


Four, printing, cleaning off the smell, Coquilles!

  1. According to the material: Ceramic Cup, Glass Cup, Plastic Cup, Stainless Steel Cup, Silica Gel Cup, Cloisonne Cup, etc.
  2. According to Function: Daily Cup, the Advertising Cup Promotion Cup, Health Cup, etc., can be divided into Hehuan Cup, Couple Cup, husband and wife Cup, etc.
  3. According to the structure and technology: single-layer Cup, double-layer Cup, Vacuum Cup, Nano Cup, Energy Cup, Ecological Cup, etc.

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