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Silicone gift

Silica Gel jewelry refers to the Silica Gel jewelry produced by using Silica Gel as the raw material, the essence of Silica Gel jewelry is the decoration. With the development of Silica Gel jewelry, the function of Silica Gel jewelry is more and more powerful but it can’t hide its beautiful and dazzling appearance.

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The Silica Gel gift belongs to the Silica Gel product in some uses as the Gift Promotion Silica Gel gift general designation. Silica Gel using 100% environmental protection silica gel raw material production of various Silica Gel jewelry, Silica Gel daily necessities, Silica Gel Electronic Peripheral, Silica Gel promotional gifts, Silica Gel kitchenware. Common Silica Gel promotional gifts include Silica Gel Bracelet, Silica Gel Watch Silica Gel mobile phone cover, Silica Gel key bag, Silica Gel change purse, Silica Gel Eyeglasses Bag, Silica Gel pad, Silica Gel U Disk, Silica Gel Cup cover, Silica Gel Jewelry, Silica Gel ice tray, Silica Gel cake mold, silica Gel sets, Silica Gel doll, Silica Gel electronic gifts.


Its service main object is the female Silica Gel jewelry which loves beauty divides into the small decoration, receives the decoration, the function decoration. Trinkets are simple Silica Gel trinkets, which are characterized by their small size and beautiful appearance. They have no other uses except for decoration. However, they are very popular as commercial printed advertising gifts. Common: Silicone Bracelet, silicone bracelet, nameplate, and so on. The collection jewelry is taking the packing container as the original intention, designs the beautiful appearance, the popular modeling. This kind of adornment volume is small, carry convenience is loved by female consumer very much, even a lot of celebrity celebrity celebrity celebrity gives up LV for it. Common has the printing Silica Gel Wallet B], the Silica Gel Business Cardholder, the Silica Gel makeup bag. The function-type ornaments take the electronic digital product as the carrier, mainly plays the protection beautification, the convenient operation function, this quite has the pertinence one kind, needs the special custom, along with the product development decoration effect is more and more strong, a variety of exquisite shape to promote the popular trend, but functional is also a valued aspect of the product quality, the better the cost-effective. Mainly to ] SILICA GEL mobile phone cover B], tablet computer cover, Silica Gel u disk. Mostly silicone watches. Silica Gel jewelry is gradually developed and popular in recent years, its advantages are always inseparable from the Silica Gel raw material environmental protection and safety advantages. At the same time in the production process is more convenient than other materials, the price is cheap by many merchants of all ages. And to the consumer, popular style, exquisite appearance, the practical function is also by the consumer. Color, the color of silicone gifts, is in the raw materials to add a certain amount of color than the column paste and high tension to match. In theory, Pantone color card number on the color can be adjusted out, in practice, because each color paste factory paste will have a slight difference, so there will be a certain degree of color.



Silicone gifts are 100% environmental non-toxic, heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof moisture resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-scratch, anti-slip. The products are unique in design, diverse in style, diverse in color; unique self-adhesive smooth surface, good anti-slip stability, bright color, and luster, rich in decoration; healthy and environmental protection, no odor, shockproof, anti-mildew, anti-sun; elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable, can be placed at will, can Be regular contact with the limbs; sound insulation, easy to cut and lay, easy to replace, easy to clean; good resilience, high tear strength, good flatness, high-temperature resistance; Environmental non-toxic, wear-resistant slip-resistant, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, durable.


Industry application

Because the Silica Gel gift has many fine characteristics and a comfortable feeling, the product is novel, the color is bright, the creative design, the product durable promotion effect is good, the product is deeply loved by the general consumer and the promoter, therefore, silicone promotional gifts are widely used in the industry, large-scale Mall Promotion, brand promotional gifts, electronic peripherals, automobile, electronics, electrical appliances, furniture and equipment, toys, machinery, medical equipment, sports equipment, audio, lighting, automotive, chemical, and other industries can see silicone gifts.

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Product process

Silicone gifts according to product production needs, 90% of the silicone promotional gifts are molded. According to customer needs can choose three-dimensional surface glue, concave word color, convex word color, concave and convex engraving, surface spraying, back printing, digital printing, water transfer printing, heat transfer printing, plating + laser cutting, a sputtering process, TPU + Bottom Silica Gel, PC film + Bottom Silica Gel, steel sheet, IMD + Plastic, IMD + Silica Gel, Co-moulding, UV transfer printing, and other production processes.


Factors affecting silicone gifts

Viscosity. Liquid, the quasi-liquid or quasi-solid material flow resistance of the volume characteristics, that is, by external forces when the flow of the internal friction between molecules or flow resistance. Usually, viscosity is proportional to hardness.

Hardness. The local resistance of a material to being pressed into its surface by a hard object is called hardness. Silicone rubber has a 10 to 80 shore hardness range, which gives the designer full freedom to choose the required hardness to best achieve a specific function. A variety of intermediate hardness values can be achieved by mixing polymer substrates, fillers, and additives in different proportions. Similarly, the time and temperature of curing can also change the hardness without damaging other physical properties.

Tensile strength. Tensile strength is the force per unit range required to cause a sample of rubber material to tear. The tensile strength of hot-vulcanized solid silicone rubber ranges from 4.0 MPA to 12.5 MPA. The tensile strength of fluoro silicone rubber ranges from 8.7 MPA to 12.1 MPA. The tensile strength of liquid silicone rubber ranges from 3.6 MPA to 11.0 MPA.

Tear strength. Resistance to the extension of a cut or nick by applying force to a cut specimen. Hot-vulcanized solid silicone rubber is protected from tearing even after being cut and subjected to extremely high torsional stress. The tear strength of hot-vulcanized solid silicone rubber ranges from 9 to 55 KN / M. The tear strength of fluoro silicone rubber ranges from 17.5 Kn / m to 46.4 Kn / M. The tear strength of liquid silicone rubber ranges from 11.5 to 52 KN / M.

Elongation. This is usually referred to as “limit rupture elongation” or the percentage increase in length relative to the original length when the sample is fractured. The general elongation of vulcanized solid silicone rubber ranges from 90% to 1120 %. The average elongation of fluoro silicone rubber is between 159 and 699 %. The average elongation of liquid silicone rubber is between 220 and 900 %. The elongation can be changed greatly by different processing methods and the choice of hardener. The elongation of silicone rubber is closely related to temperature.

Operation Time. The operating time is calculated from the moment the vulcanizing agent is added to the GEL. The operating time and the later curing time are not a complete limit. The Gel has been cured of the moment the curing agent is added This operating time means that the product 30 minutes of curing reaction can not affect the quality of the finished product. Therefore, the more time-saving in the operation of the product, the more beneficial it is to the finished product.

Curing time. Some would say curing time. That is to say, after such a long time, the vulcanization of Silica Gel is over. This basically means that the product is ready to use, but in fact, there is still a very small part of the curing reaction is not over. So products made with silicone rubber, such as silicone molds, usually sit for a while before being put into use.


Performance, silicone products, similar plastic products

No poison/smell. Most of it

High transparency

Physiological inertness / good chemical stability

Is it Green/biodegradable

Does Not Fade/turn yellow

Anti-aging / Long Service Life Is

Suppleness / pliability

Cold / Brittle, Cold-40 °C, not brittle, cold-40 °C, Brittle

Combustion performance 330 degrees, 100 to 150 degrees

High-temperature resistance, non-flammable, will not produce harmful substances, flammable, produce harmful substances

Good Abrasion resistance

Excellent insulation


Good skid resistance

Good or bad elasticity/shock resistance

Easy to remove mold / easy to clean



Superior performance, coupled with the fact that Silica Gel is a non-petroleum product and does not rely on increasingly scarce petroleum resources, makes Silica Gel products become a substitute for similar plastic products has become the general trend, and Silica Gel products can be applied to a lot of plastics Products can not be used in the field, such as baby pacifiers, etc. , the application prospects are very broad. All Silica Gel products can pass FDA certification, SGS certification and LFGB certification, foreign Trade exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions, has been widely recognized and praised by the majority of consumers. Silica Gel daily necessities have become the bright scenery line of People’s fashion life.


Development of Silica Gel gift market

The traditional silicone gift is nothing more than a silicone wallet, Silicone Business Card Bag, silicone cosmetic bag, hot sales, and then a large number of businesses poured into online stores, supermarkets crazy sales. With the market full, sales bottlenecks, a large number of missing orders, the silicone gifts market needs to develop a new path.

So many Silica Gel products manufacturers began to find football clubs, catering giant cooperation, Silica Gel doll printed LOGO, as souvenirs and promotional products appear in the market, Silica Gel gifts market has been a good development. Inspired by a lot of household supplies, stationery has been developed a large number of new styles, not only practical, beautiful appearance, environmental health, new modeling, silicone gifts finally found a new market. Opened up a market for services from all walks of life.


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