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How to Wholesale Custom AirPods Case

Benefits of Wholesale Products

If you run a business, host an event, or manage a team or group, you most likely have run into the problems of figuring out what to buy in bulk that is affordable, customizable, and most of all useful. Marketing through promotional gifts is one of the premier ways to create brand awareness and connect with your current and future clients. Promotional gifts, though, aren’t just designed to develop an audience, rather, they can be successfully used to create a sense of community and identity within an organization.

Think of your business or group. Do you have uniforms? What about hats or coats or backpacks with your logo on it? Is there a mascot or image that is associated with your branding? All of this can be used to create a promotional gift for not only your customers but also your employees. Custom AirPods case covers from China are not only affordable but also highly unique. Your clientele will be impressed by the relevancy of the item and its novelty.

Wholesale products are also the best way to capture a revenue stream when marketing new products. Customized wholesale silicone custom AirPods case covers make perfect shelf purchases in physical and digital stores. Because they are customizable you can create an image that fits the genre of your store, whether its Anime, sports, food, clothing, comics, Superheroes, or books. Plus, because the custom AirPods case from China are bought at wholesale prices, you are able to significantly increases the price and benefit from the markup.

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Benefits of Customized Products

·         Why Buy Custom AirPods Case From China?

There are a lot of different ways to buy goods for promotions, gifts, sale products, or raffles. You could buy pre-made items off the shelf in a retail store. This isn’t a good way to go for a couple of reasons. First, you will overpay. Retail prices are always worse than wholesale prices. Second, you won’t be able to customize them. AirPods case covers don’t come as blank sleeves that you can alter. If you want a custom AirPods case from China, you need to buy them from the manufacturer, like OYI Gift. Third, you can’t guarantee that you will be able to even buy all the items you need. Retailers don’t have an unlimited number of shelved goods. If you need a large amount then you need to buy them directly from the manufacturer in bulk and at a discount, like from OYI Gift.

If you want to ensure quality, quantity, and discounts, purchasing a custom AirPods case from China allows you to control all of the variables. A manufacturer like OYI Gift can work with you to create the custom image you want to improve your branding. All of the negatives for retail purchases are turning into positives when buying straight from the manufacturer.

·         What is a Custom AirPods Case Cover?

When you buy an AirPods 1 / 2 / Pro case, you get a bland and oversized pill pack that you can keep your earbuds in. It is convenient and can be charged for extra battery power as you listen to music throughout the day. But what does this mean to a marketer? As a brand looking for an audience or a way to build brand identity, you need to find outlets that the general public actually uses. So, let’s look at some numbers.

Your demographics use smartphones. As many as 94% of people aged 18-29 have smartphones. Upwards of 70% of all web traffic happens on mobile devices. An average individual with a smartphone spends almost 5.5 hours each day on their phone either talking or on the web. Apple has a firm hold on the US market with 41% of the smartphone market. Worldwide iOS holds fast at almost 23% of the market. Mobile phone ownership is only growing in numbers.

Use is also just as heavily oriented to listening. People don’t use their smartphones for just reading. They talk, and more importantly, they watch videos and listen to music all day long. This means that they will be tied to their AirPods and their AirPods case. For easy access, they will want it to be highly visible, instead of blending into the background. Uniquely bright accessories are not only fun but useful for the absent-minded.

You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to reach people every day. If they have an iPhone, then they will most likely have an AirPods case. If they have an AirPods case, then they are highly likely to want to cover up the boring white exterior with a little bit of personality. They don’t want to look like a drone, but an individuals.

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·         What are Custom AirPods Cases From China Made Of?

When you order a custom AirPods case cover group from China, like from OYI Gift, you are buying straight from the manufacturer that supplies all of the larger markets and stores with their custom products. Each item is digitally developed for uniformity and 100% silicone. This silicone material is naturally durable, soft, and flexible, and will fit snuggly against the standard AirPods case.

How OYI Gift can help you with your marketing

What are your goals? Are you a local brand looking to develop a larger local audience? Are you a digital brand looking to offer a physical promotional item? Are you a larger corporate business or a small mom-and-pop shop that needs an employee gift or sale item? Or are you just looking for something to sell in your physical or digital store?

Marketing is not only required, but it is the lifeblood of a growing business. Marketing keeps your brand name on the client’s mind and on the tip of the tongue of potential customers. Capture their attention before they need you, so, when they finally start looking for a business in your industry, they already have your services in mind.

What are you wearing? Do you see any logos? How about the screen on that you are reading this? Is there a name? Almost everything has a name from the business. This is how the world works. If you want to be recognized and be relevant in your industry, then you need to make people feel a sense of familiarity when they see your company. Nike is ubiquitous in sports apparel. Wanting to be the Nike in your industry isn’t shooting for the moon, it is recognizing a goal. How do you achieve it? Make your brand a household name. What is the best way to get into households? Give them a product, like a custom AirPods case that will be carried around everywhere. If you get your name into their hands, you will get into their memory.

OYI Gift can help you with your brand marketing by offering you the highest quality, 100% silicone, custom AirPods case from China at the best wholesale price. When you work with OYI Gift, you aren’t buying from a retail giant. You are partnering with a wholesale distribution and manufacturing company that is focused on delivering you exactly what you need and are looking for, every time.

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Marketing Your Brand with Custom AirPods Cases From China

Don’t rely on standard wholesale promotional products to meet your needs. Be different. Be unique. Proactively show the public that you choose to actually think about the relevancy of your offerings, no matter how small or obligatory. How many pens with company names do you have? Do you even remember what they say or who they are from?

Don’t compete with people and groups slapping names and logos on pens. Don’t do it because it is hard, because it isn’t, rather, don’t do it because it is boring. You aren’t boring, right? No, of course, you aren’t. Stay relevant by developing a partnership with a production facility that can develop 100% silicone products for all of your sales and promotional needs. OYI Gifts offers the highest quality custom AirPods case covers on the market as well as a plethora of other household and personal use silicone products. This isn’t your one-off shop. OYI Gifts is a full-service production facility that can develop custom-manufactured goods in just about any size and shape.

When you are looking for a promotional gift, think big by thinking small. Custom AirPods Case covers are a big promotional item because they are useful. How useful is a poor-quality pen? How fast do you think people lose them? How useful is an ill-fitting hat or broken frisbee? Just because it has your name on it, doesn’t mean it should be given out to the public. Associate your name with only the best in quality. If your potential customers, current clients, or employees are gifted poor-quality goods or buy things that don’t last, they will remember that. People are more astute and aware of quality than most businesses understand. Instead, impress them and change their minds but offering a gift of something fun, exciting, and colorful. Custom AirPods case covers from China, manufactured and sold wholesale from OYI Gifts.

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