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Plastic Gifts – The gifts that keep on giving!

Imagine the ideal gift. What would its characteristics be? Unbreakable when dropped. Portable, with no real need for “handle with care!” warnings. Low maintenance, easy to clean and care for. But most of all, the ideal gift would be one that comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. That way, you could present a truly ideal gift to anyone, of any age, and for any corporate, commercial, or personal occasion – and they’d still love it!

Plastic gifts fit all those characteristics…and more! And here at OYI Gifts, we’ve got a range of plastic gifts for you to choose from.

An amazing array of plastic gifts for every occasion

Our silicone gift selections are limitless, making them ideal for all occasions. Whether it’s for a sales promo event or a customer appreciation drive, you can have us produce them in a range of items, colors, and gift items to promote your brand.

Our selection of plastic gifts is simply the best available at any online store. We’ve especially curated and manufactured our plastic gifts so that they can easily be personalized and tailored to fit almost every occasion that you can think of. Whether it’s for the event of a sale, a new product launch or a marketing event that you’re planning to hold – our plastic gifts will steal the limelight: GUARANTEED!

Here’s just a sample of some of our plastic gift ideas for your consideration:

  • Soft case notebook: These plastic soft case notebooks come in all shapes, sizes, and forms – from popular household items – like cookies and edibles, to anything else that you can imagine. Ideal for kids to scribble notes in, but also very practical for business people in meetings and discussions to jot down key thoughts.

Made from flexible PVC, these notebooks feel like rubber. They make a great gift to reward students, or as giveaways at company events. Customize them with your school or company logos and make them your very own!

  • Shoes Buckles and Accessories: If you want to impress a child – or even a parent or grandparent – then you’ll do just that with our colorful, decorative shoe charms and shoelace charms. These convenient shoe accessories can transform “ordinary” shoes into something magical. Easy to install – they can be pinned onto the holes of any type of shoe in seconds – they’ll encourage kids to put on their shoes and get on the go!

If you are in the shoe business, add our shoe charms and shoelace charms as add-on accessories to your shoe lineups. Or, if you run a business of kids' wear or school accessories, have us customize plastic shoe charms and shoelace charms with your brand and add them to your selection of kid’s items. Almost any business that caters to kids – baby shower gift stores, back-to-school accessory suppliers, kids sporting goods stores – you name it, and our plastic shoe buckles and accessories are the perfect gift item to carry!

  • Custom Plastic phone case: Who doesn’t own a smartphone today? The answer – is probably no one! Our custom plastic phone cases are not just stylish and cost-effective, but they are truly practical gifts to give anyone. They not only add to the beauty and appeal of an otherwise dull-looking cellphone, but they also protect the phone in case it falls or is accidentally bumped or slammed!

If you have a business that supplies phones and phone accessories, then our custom plastic phone cases will make an ideal addition to supplement your existing lineups. We can produce them in an unlimited array of colors and designs. Even add your corporate logo and motto to these cases. That way, anyone using one of your customized phone cases will be a traveling advertisement for your brand. Or simply use them as giveaways at corporate functions and sales events.

  • Custom Soft PVC fridge magnets: Our fridges are the center for the whole family to rally around – and that’s a place where reminders of all types are revived. Whether it’s for plumbing service, and landscaper, or an appliance sales outlet, custom fridge magnets serve to keep these products and services on everyone’s mind.

Our custom soft PVC fridge magnets are ideally suited for any gift-giving event. Whether you plan to hold a marketing conference, a sales event, or a new product launch – just have us inscribe your company details, like contact coordinates and address – these little handy gifts can be distributed for mass appeal to your client base.

Why choose our plastic gifts?

Our clients choose us to produce some of the most memorable plastic gifts available anywhere.  Made from non-toxic materials, custom plastic gifts at OYI Gift are not only practical but very cost-effective and attractive. We embrace the highest design and manufacturing standards in the gift manufacturing industry. That’s why we’ve earned the reputation of being the most reliable maker of custom gifts on the planet!

If you have the need for a specific commercial or corporate plastic gift, then why not contact us and tell us how we can help you? And if you’re just looking for plastic gift ideas for a corporate or personal event, we might be able to help you there too! We’ve designed and produced so many customized plastic gifts, that our engineers and designers are bound to have an idea that might spark your interest.

And remember - no order is too large for us. We’ll be happy to assist you with any size of your order

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