blind spot monitoring

Why do so many people say that blind spot monitoring is good to use?

Why do so many people say that blind spot monitoring is good to use?

blind spot monitoring

Nowadays, there are more and more high-tech configurations on cars, some of which are designed to improve our driving safety, while others are designed to improve the car’s compelling style. One of these technologies is called blind spot monitoring system, which in my opinion is a good thing that can improve driving safety.

The so-called blind spot monitoring is the use of high technology to detect whether there are cars approaching behind the adjacent lane, and whether there are cars in the blind spot of the rear view mirror. When a car is approaching or there is a car in the blind spot, the monitoring system will alert the driver by means of sound and lights.

The reason why this blind spot monitoring system is a good thing is that it reduces the likelihood of collisions when we change lanes while driving. The reason why we are prone to collisions when changing lanes is because of the presence of blind spots in the rear view mirror. When other cars are in the blind spot, we cannot see them, so if we change lanes, we are likely to be involved in an accident.

This can be used when changing lanes, when reversing out of a garage, when driving with blurred mirrors on a rainy or foggy day, or when driving at night when you are blinded by high beams from behind. When changing lanes it is mainly to avoid collisions due to cars in the blind spot, when reversing out of the garage the view is blocked too much, when driving in rain or fog and when driving at night with blurred mirrors mainly because the rear view mirror is not effective.

blind spot monitoring

In addition, this function is particularly suitable for installation on long and large trucks. Because of the height and length of the large truck itself, the blind spot is very large. When waiting for the traffic lights, if a pedestrian is standing next to it or a motorbike is parked, it is difficult for the driver to detect it at this time and a traffic accident can easily occur. If equipped with blind spot monitoring to give drivers a warning, similar accidents can be avoided.

I have a car, but no blind spot monitoring, want to improve safety, what is the suggestion? 1. Install a blind spot mirror (small round mirror), adjust the small round mirror to the blind spot position, when changing lanes a glance will tell whether there is a car in the blind spot.

I don’t want to use the small round mirror because it takes up the view of the outside mirror, is there any other trick? 2. Install a large view inside rear view mirror. You can see out of the window, and you can see the right rear traffic with your afterglow, so you can turn and change lanes more safely.

Blind spot monitoring is practical, but not indispensable. Other easy means can be used to achieve the same preventive effect, but this requires drivers to be more attentive when changing lanes and carefully observe the surrounding traffic environment to ensure safe driving.


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