What’s Blind-spot monitoring system in Car?

What’s a blind-spot monitoring system in Car?

77H H1 BSM set

A blind-spot monitoring system is a system that provides reassurance in heavy traffic. It uses a backwards-looking digital infrared camera mounted in the door mirror to monitor traffic on both sides of the Car. When A car enters the blind area of your rearview mirror, the system alerts you via A warning light on the inside of the A-pillar. This system, along with the rearview mirror, allows you to assess the line changes’ feasibility quickly. The system is activated at speeds of more than 10 kilometres per hour and can respond to any vehicle above motorcycles. Day worked as well as night.

Cars are equipped with this system to prevent collisions with blind-spot vehicles or pedestrians while turning.


Why use a blind-spot monitoring system in Car?

Because there is a visual blind area in the Car’s rearview mirror, the vehicle in the blind area can not be seen before the lane change. If there is an overtaking vehicle in the blind spot, the lane change will result in a collision accident. In heavy rain weather, fog weather, dim light at night, it is more difficult to see the rear vehicles, then lane change faces greater danger, blind-spot monitoring system in Car is to solve the blind area of the rearview mirror produced.

Blind-spot monitoring system and auxiliary system and lines, or English BSM BLIS, was a safety car class high-tech configuration, the primary function is to remove the rearview mirror blind spot, by microwave radar vehicle rearview mirror on either side of the blind area of overtaking vehicle, the driver to remind, to avoid in the process of change lanes because of rearview mirror blind spot and accident. At present, many models on the market have the function of blind-spot monitoring configuration.

24G S6 BSD set blind spot monitoring system


blind-spot monitoring system in car

Basic Introduction of the blind-spot monitoring system

Blind-spot monitoring uses technology to detect if a car is approaching from behind an adjacent lane or is in a blind spot in the rearview mirror. When a vehicle is approaching or a vehicle in a blind zone, the monitoring system will alert the driver using sound and light.

This blind spot detection system is sound because it reduces the likelihood of a collision when we change lanes while driving. Lane change is prone to collision accidents because the rearview mirror has a blind area. We can’t see other cars when they are in a blind spot. If we change lanes rashly, accidents are likely to happen. Lane change, misty days when driving the rearview mirror blurred, driving at night by the back of the high beams dazzling, will be used. Lane change is mainly to avoid collisions due to cars in the blind area, rain and fog, and night driving because the rearview mirror’s effect is not good, more need, blind-spot monitoring system to provide auxiliary role, to prevent the occurrence of danger.

blind-spot monitoring system in car

The basic principle of the blind-spot monitoring system

Through after the car insurance check two 24 GHz radar sensors installed in the bar, the vehicle speed is more than ten km/H, automatic start to about 3 meters behind the 8 m range, real-time signal detection and microwave, analyze the reflected microwave signal processing system, is behind the vehicle distance, speed and direction information, such as through the system algorithm, excluding fixed object and away from the item, when detected near the blind area in the Car, the indicator light flashing, at this time the driver can’t see the vehicle in the blind spot, but also can know the rear coming vehicles by lights, change lanes are in danger of collision, If the driver still does not notice the flashing indicator light, hit the turn signal, ready to change road, then the system will issue a beep beep voice alarm, to remind the driver again at this time is dangerous, should not change the road. Through the whole driving process, uninterrupted detection and reminder, to prevent driving process due to bad weather, driver negligence, rearview mirror blind area, novice road and other potential dangers caused by traffic safety accidents


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