What does Blind Spot Monitoring System mean?

What does BSM(Blind Spot Monitoring System) mean?

BSM(Blind Spot Monitoring System)

When a car changes lanes, it is easy to cause an accident if the driver fails to notice a tilted vehicle behind when it does not appear in the rearview mirror.

BSM(Blind Spot Monitoring) system, when the vehicle speed is 15Km/h or above, the radar mounted on the inside of the rear bumper detects a vehicle approaching from the side of the rear. The sensing direction indicator light will be lit and displayed in the rearview mirror, reminding the driver to pay attention to the vehicle in the end. If the turn signal is operated in this state, the indicator will flash and issue an alarm, warning the driver to stop changing lanes.

* BSM(Blind Spot Monitoring) may have limited functions under the following conditions, so it should be operated reasonably and used with caution: bad weather (rain, snow, etc.), close to the vehicle (no approaching intention, long time parallel without speed difference, etc.), road (too spacious or narrow road).

* BSM(Blind Spot Monitoring) is a safe driving based system that aims to reduce accident injuries and the burden of driving. Therefore, each function has its limitations, can not be relied on too much, should never forget safe driving.

* BSM(Blind Spot Monitoring) may be limited in some functions under the following conditions, so it should be operated reasonably and suspended:

There are light sources (street lamps, signal lights, etc.), bad weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, etc.), and poor road conditions (continuous curves, unequal road level). Do not rely too much on the system; always pay attention to the surrounding situation and always drive safely.


BSM Blind spot monitoring system detection area

BSM(Blind Spot Monitoring) simulation diagram

RCTA(Reversing Warning System)

When reversing out of the warehouse, if the driver ignored the left and right sides of the approaching vehicles, it is easy to slam on the brakes.RCTA(Rear Cross Traffic Alert) Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system, flexible use of BSM system, when backing out of the warehouse, since the Rear left and right sides of the approaching vehicles and issue an alarm, to ensure safe driving.

* When the vehicle recoils and senses the approaching vehicle, the indicator light in the rearview mirror will flash and sound an alarm.

* The function of the reversing radar is different from that of the RCTA. It is a system that senses stationary objects at close range and gives a cue with an alarm sound.

BSM Blind spot monitoring system RCTA SHOW

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