Is blind spot monitoring useful?

What does blind spot monitoring mean?

Blind spot monitoring system and auxiliary system and lines, or English BSM BLIS, was a safety car class high-tech configuration, the primary function is to remove the rearview mirror blind spot, by microwave radar vehicle rearview mirror on either side of the blind area of overtaking vehicle, the driver to remind, to avoid in the process of change lanes because of rearview mirror blind spot and accident. At present, many highly equipped models on the market have the function configuration of blind area monitoring.

BSM blind spot monitoring
Why should the automobile blind spot monitoring system be installed?

The traffic administrative department of the national survey in 2016, road traffic accident death toll of nearly 270000 a year, seventy per cent from lane change caused by the death toll of the world, change lanes of dangerous, the dangerous driving blind area is extensive, easy to drive traffic accident, the blind site must be real-time monitoring, prevent range ahead, a proud way blind-spot monitoring, effective in preventing safety accident a lane change. There are no blind spots in lousy weather.

The blind-spot monitoring system plays an essential auxiliary role when it rains, snows, fog lights and vision is seriously obstructing lousy weather and night.

bsm blind spot monitoring system

Is blind-spot monitoring useful?

This is the safety system inside a car, and it is the most practical because it can reduce the possibility of collision when we change lanes while driving. And the reason that lane change prone to collision accidents, because the rearview mirror has a blind area. When other cars are in the blind zone, we can’t see them. If we change lanes rashly, accidents are likely to happen. Lane change, misty days when driving the rearview mirror blurred, driving at night by the back of the high beams dazzle, will be used. Lane change is mainly to avoid collisions due to cars in the blind area, rain and fog, and night driving because the rearview mirror’s effect is not good, more need, blind-spot monitoring system to provide an auxiliary role to prevent the occurrence of danger.

bsm blind spot monitoring system

How to install blind spot monitoring?

The original car’s rearview mirror, the original car’s rearview mirror lens, is not with the blind spot monitoring system! Upgrade blind-spot monitoring, first of all, to change the original car lens, blind-spot monitoring unique car lens; the rearview mirror will be removed after the initial car lens to replace the lens with a blind spot monitoring system, it is evident that the blind-spot monitoring lens with LED indicator icon and the original car lens is not! The LED indicator icon is the LED indicator on the rearview mirror that flashes when a vehicle approaches the blind area from the side. Replacing the original car’s lens can achieve the purpose of non-destructive installation, convenient and fast, without damaging any lines of the actual vehicle, quickly realize lane change warning function.

BSM 77G H1 installation manual Link

BSM 24G S6 installation manual Link

BSM 24G V3 installation manual Link

BSM 24G V2 installation manual Link

The Blind-spot monitoring system can be upgraded for BMW, Benz, German, Volkswagen, Japanese and Korean cars.


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