What's the blind spot monitoring mean

Introduction to active blind spot monitoring systems

Introduction to active blind spot monitoring systems

car blind spot monitoring system
As we all know, cars have evolved through more than a hundred years of development, but there is one problem that has always troubled automotive design engineers, and that is the existence of a visual blind spot in the rearview mirror of every car. The existence of the blind spot makes it impossible for the driver to predict whether there is a vehicle in the adjacent lane when making a lane change or overtaking maneuvers, or whether there is a danger to the lane change and other maneuvers they are about to make, resulting in frequent Collisions occur when vehicles change lanes or overtake and other maneuvers, resulting in traffic accidents. In special weather conditions, such as heavy rain, foggy weather, and dim light at night, it is even more difficult to see the vehicle behind you, when changing lanes is even more dangerous. In recent years, thanks to the development and application of microwave radar technology, there has been a perfect solution to this centuries-old problem. That is the Blind Spot Monitoring system, which was created to solve the blind spot in the rearview mirror.

car blind spot monitoring system
The blind spot monitoring system is a product based on microwave radar sensor technology, most manufacturers are currently posing as microwave radar or even ultrasonic radar, or buying board solutions for crude assembly and putting them on the market for sale, very few are doing their own research and development testing and production, and even fewer are reaching the vehicle specification level.
Blind spot monitoring system, BSD for short, is a new high-tech configuration on the car to enhance driving safety, the main function is to eliminate the blind spot in the rearview mirror, through the millimeter wave radar detection of vehicles and moving people or objects in the blind spot in the rearview mirror on both sides of the vehicle, the driver is alerted by sound and light, so as to avoid accidents in the driving process due to the blind spot in the rearview mirror.

Blind spot monitoring system in the current market are mostly based on lane assistance or coupled with door opening collision warning functions, the actual high-end cars (such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, etc.) top models equipped with blind spot monitoring system many not only limited to these functions. In addition, some high-end cars also have reverse collision warnings and active overtaking warnings in their original systems. The implementation of the active overtaking warning function and the reverse collision warning function is extremely demanding for the hardware and software design of microwave radar products, and the technology is basically in the hands of Germany and Japan. However, there are also domestic products that can compete with these foreign brands.

car blind spot monitoring system
Most manufacturers of blind spot monitoring system products choose to work with companies that have the ability to develop their own branding or use the immature solutions of program companies to produce and assemble their products in order to seize the explosive period of the market, which leads to unstable quality of products out to the market, resulting in customer complaints and returns.

One of the few domestic manufacturers whose products can be benchmarked against BBA’s original car systems and Germany and Japan’s millimetre wave radar. The microwave radar developed is designed in full accordance with international standards, and the functions and technical performance have been brought in line with international brands in order to be truly reliable and truly play a role in guarding driving safety.

As a manufacturer must focus on automotive safety intelligent driving and assisted driving system product development, production, need to have a technically competent development team, mastering automotive bus technology and active safety driving assistance system core algorithm technology, body safety warning module, and many other key core technologies, with sensors as the core, develop and provide leading automotive electronic safety driving overall solutions.

Microwave radar production requirements are also relatively demanding, need to use production equipment, processes, and automated production lines that meet international standards, managers need to focus on and continue to ensure product quality, only then can we ensure the stability of good products, to avoid the late in the market batch of poor quality problems, to do manufacturers and customers are at ease.

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