What's the blind spot monitoring mean

Blind spot detection system for safe, confident lane changes

You see no cars in your rearview mirror

When you hit your turn signal to change lanes

A sharp horn blasts from behind the car

How did this happen?

blind spot detection system

Due to the structure of the body

The blind spots in the outside mirrors are difficult to eliminate

You can’t see the vehicle in the blind spot before you change lanes

In heavy rain or fog

in dimly lit road conditions at night

and at high speeds on motorways

It is even more difficult to see the vehicle behind you

Changing lanes at this time is very dangerous

When a car is approaching or there is a car in the blind spot

The detection system alerts the driver by means of lights

prevent accidents from happening

You can change lanes safely and confidently

blind spot detection system

Blind Spot Detection System

This blind spot detection system from Zero Line

The radar sensor

when changing lanes or turning

detects the distance between the left and right lanes of traffic behind

through indicators in the rearview mirror

Alerting the driver to

Reduces accidents and improves driving safety

When the Blind Spot Information System detects a vehicle behind you

approaching from the left or right lane

The indicators on the mirrors outside the doors on the same side of the car

The sign on the mirror outside the door on the same side will automatically illuminate as a reminder

The safety distance is not sufficient to change lanes

Zero-traffic blind spot monitoring system

Provides you with total safety when driving

Advantages and disadvantages of the blind spot monitoring system

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